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Zonazz (EUW)
: Honor system progression
Ok, apparenly i was 3 honors away from honor 3 at the time of posting this thread xD
GLurch (EUW)
: Your honor progress is mostly tied to the amount of games you play. That's the biggest factor. However, it's also tied to the amount of honors you receive, if everyone in your team honored someone and if you are toxic (even if not toxic enough to get a punishment by the system). These factors are only small compared to how big of a factor the amount of games you play is. There may be even more smaller factors as well, but what I listed are all publicly known factors to influence the honor system (as long as I didn't forget one). Climbing to honor level 5 is supposed to take the course of a whole season, so you shouldn't expect to climb very fast unless you play *lots* of games. The time it will take is also longer compared to last season, since the honor system was introduced in the middle of last season, so the games and all of that stuff it took were actually set lower than they are this season.
Aight, was just wondering since its been for awhile in all checkpoints completed
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klarmino (EUW)
: Chat is not working!
Same here, chat isn't working
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: Can we have ONE hot new female champ? Please?
Aww did you run out of fapping material in loading screen?
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