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: Yes, when they gonna fix this?
I honestly have no clue, i hope it's soon
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DaWolfer (EUW)
: last whisper needs a buff
what if a tank builds a lot of armour? How else are you gonna be able to hurt him if you dont have armour-pen?
: It's like french people on euw?
Dude, i've played on EUNE, now i play on EUW - and the polish people are way worse than french people
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: Drophacks are getting ridiculous
Riot is trying to fix it, a rioter have already posted about it here on boards. I too hope that they will be gone too. But then again 2,3 games is a lot, and i am not running into that many. I guess you're just unlucky, playing with these douchebags.
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Its here sicne zed release just dont move while casting shadow ^^
Thank you, this might help me. :)
: Connect Problem
This is a phenomenon that might occur when riot games updates the server, not sure tho.
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: Something about Mordekaiser's new skin texture
Now that you're making me see it, i'm almost getting pissed watching this picture. Please Riot Game(s), put more effort into these bundle skins. I know that they are cheap, and they are being produced at a short fuse, but still. Put more effort into small details.


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