: To all the crybabies
Can and will are two different things. Just because Vitality did do something doesn't mean you can. Remember to FF at 15 boys and girls, stop wasting peoples time.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Answer these questions
1. This is hard. For now I will just say Yasou and know that there will be days I wished for something else to be deleted. 2. Spirit Guard Udyr 3. Lux. Elementalist lux if I could pick a skin. 4. Diamond 3 5. Rast, asuming I'd win the power struggle. 6. Ivern, would make staying out of trouble easier 7. Axe, he would make a beast jungler. 8. Brewmaster Monk Gragas 9. Eye of Killrog Ward 10. Good, although tired.
: Why are people so angry all the time in this game?
People are angry because to many %%%%%%s exist in this game. Literally every other game I encounter someone I seriously deserve death. No %%%%ing joke, life is not a right, and if you are a certain level of stupid you shouldn't be allowed to have it.
Four Star (EUW)
: Season 9 Turret Design leaked
What did you honestly expect? Good game design? It's a free to play game (it's still making millions) that is being treated as a free to play game by it's developers.
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Mattheos (EUW)
: What would of made it useful? Feedback appreciated so I can improve my videos :)
Not any usefull gameplay at all. I wanna see how you fight against enemies. Exploiting weaknesses etc. Match ups, where is nida good, where is nida bad? Not showcasing multiple starting options in the jungle Lacking proper builds depending on what you play against, and not just armour vs AD and MR vs magic damage. But what synergyses with your own team as well as most efficient damage depending if you are playing against tanks / assassins / mages etc. Tips and tricks. Like, do people know about the W cancelanimation?
Mattheos (EUW)
iSneez (EUNE)
: League of Legend guide for banned players!
I've also won games with incredibly bad players, doesn't mean I hate them any less. Criticism is an important aspect of improving, even though I don't like to admit it I learned more from people that flamed me than those that were nice. Problem is anything is flaming these days, and you can't tell these people anything because they will instantly start trolling or stop focusing on the game. Bad players are a goddamn scourge in ranked, for some inexplicable reason no matter what division you are in there is also some damned fool that always makes his way into the game when he should be playing with people 2 division below. Just yesterday I played with a malphite that didn't land a single ult, this was in silver 1 on one of my smurfs. Someone that literally cannot land one malph ult in a game should be bronze 5 period. I don't care if he got autofill. If autofill is going to have a bigger factor on who win games then it should simply be removed. You'd have to be an idiot to not give people an option to disable it. Bad players are the worst thing that exist in this game. They are the origin of every single toxic behaviour that exists.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Flaming should never lead to a ban when people are to stupid to mute others. shooting should never lead to arrests when ppl are too stupid to wear bulletproof vests what kind of sick logic you have there?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Comparing clicking a mute button to avoid reading chat vs wearing a vest in order to stop yourself from dying. You most certainly are flawed in your logic thinking capabilities.
: Make the System more Serious against Flamers and Toxicity
The mute button should already solve flaming. What we really need is ways to ban trolls. Flaming should never lead to a ban when people are to stupid to mute others. If anything people that flame and people that report players should get banned equally.
: If Riot was to make a movie about LoL, what should the plot be about?
If you ever wanna make a movie about a game, don't make a movie that involves the story of the game, that won't ever work. The Warcraft movie would have worked way better if they just made a story about one of their dungeons, like Sunken Temple, instead of trying to make a movie about the lore. If anyone ever were to make a League movie it should only contain a few champions as well as not take part in a major even of the lores story. Like, make a movie about Draven / Darius brothers or something like that.
: Smurfs ruining every single game.
Smurfs don't ruin shit. Bad players do. I would rather play with the most toxic person in the world, wishing cancer, death etc on the entire team than the most friendly person in the world, as long as the former is a better player than the latter.
limaoduro (EUW)
: i added u, let's play some bots?
I got added literally 5 minutes after that post and been spammed with friend invites for the past 7 hours.
: Add me if ur under 15 Kappa
I'm under 15, and got the quest. Feel free to add me.


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