: She can go top, but it's not a good champion to main. Pick her only when the enemy top picked first and you know you won't have a terrible matchup AND your teamcomp allows you to pick a squishy. Since you have an ADC background I recommend {{champion:150}} and {{champion:126}} , they're both ranged.
I've played Gnar already and I really liked him, but I was still waiting for the new free rotation before buying him, who knows if I'll prefer another champ. Still waiting for Jayce to go free. Thanks for the recommends.
: I would consider her more of a top champion than bot since her marksman rework. She is the most marksman related champion to play in toplane so it would be a good champion for you to start playing top. Additionaly is she a huge lane bully which makes the laning phase a lot easier. I would recommend however to only play her to get used to the lane and then switch to other champions.
Thanks, I'll wait for her to come up to the free rotation, for now I'll keep on trying others.
ZoverX (EUW)
: Since you are new, I suggest you trying all the champs just for lols and giggles. Then look at youtube clips especially montages to see what people do with different champs to kill, learn what they do if you find one you like. Cause you clearly don't know the difference between burst and DPS.
Yep, I really don't know the difference. I've been trying out new champs but I have to wait for free rotation to change, but eventually I'll find one I really like. I watch some youtube videos already, but for ADCs mainly. Thanks for the advice.
: {{champion:133}}
Wait, isn't Quinn an ADC? I thought she's a bot but I can be wrong..
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