: I contacted the support right away thx for your advice but will most likely have to wait for like a week for a response since they have to redirect me to player support specialists. I just am currently on a tilt becasuse i have been winning like 6 games out of 7 and i obviously wouldnt make that much if i was flaming /trolling and plat was just 2 wins away for me to reach it :(
You seem pretty genuine in your post. It's nice to see people realize that not flaming is actually helping them play better, and enjoy the game more. I hope you get some clarification ^^
: ''Drophack''
As stated by Abysmal, drophack affects the entire game. Not seperate players, and it doesn't cause lag, it causes the entire game to disappear into the void. ^^
nillos (EUW)
: I'm new to the game. Why do you have a problem with that?
I am gold ranking, decent, kind, helpful, and I have a few smurfs. Play a few with me if you like, perhaps I can give you a few tips. ^^
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The mail you speak of is currently only available for 14 day bans, and permabans. Normal chat / ranked restrictions still don't get reform cards yet.
Ohh, I see. I didn't know that as I've never had any of these measures taken against me. *cheers* Thanks :) Anyway, I just wonder if this person might have any clue himself as to why he got restricted. Perhaps he is being offensive without even noticing it, or meaning it that way.
: Ban on chat AND ranked games! wtf ?
Did you receive a reason in mail as to why you got restricted? Have you flamed/gone afk in any games recently? Usually there is a reason. :o
: Drophacking
Same is happening to me as we speak. We were actually losing pretty hard, suddenly 'Attempting to Reconnect'. I've been trying to reconnect for the past 20 minutes, but I'm never able to get in. The game probably won't show up in my match history, so it prevents me a loss. It also prevents the rightful winning team a victory, which is really really lame. Something definitely has to be done. Additionally I am unlikely to be able to play another game for the next 2 hours.
ZéHappy (EUW)
: bad players that mess rankeds for others. unfair
So you believe your opponents don't have the same issue? Some are worse than others. They will eventually end in bronze, while you will end up in gold+. You can't win every game, but you can win the majority of it :) Look at your own plays and behavior before pointing at others. As others said already; placements based on KDA are completely horrible. ^^ EDIT: And looking at your personal kda (4.8 8.0 11.6) you could make some improvements yourself. I understand Bronze V would be very difficult to get out of, but álways look at your own mistakes first. If you are good, you will carry games, and win more than 50% - which is enough. You should consider that when you are put up against team of YOUR LEVEL, and you win less than you lose, that maybe, just maybe, it might have something to do with yourself as well. :)
Expiation (EUW)
: "I want to redeem my behavior" here is how the anti-afk system will make me play next time
Even though I fully understand your situation - and forgive me if I should harsh - your connection problems are not Riot's, or the problems of your team mates. That is all on you, and your connection. The system is unable to deviate between you purposefully leaving for a very legit reason, or you leaving out of rage. It is of course regrettable and understandable that you had to do this because of your connection. The system however punushes every afk equally, since it is pretty much impossible to filter out deviating motivations for leaving the game. :/
Noriqt (EUW)
: so riot went to far with all their overreacting tribunal aand banning?
You can't list players by name on this forum. It's advised that you remove the names.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Agree with Shiwah here. Definitely a 14 day ban. Chill out next time, and don't play on bad days :(
Croch (EUNE)
: Some of the build like 3 RoA on lb were with a friend trolling kinda like SivHD not acttualy playing,and yes i get it with the thinking its the first season for me ranked and when i get to s6 i dont want to climb al lteh way to gold 5 again ,with Draven i know im a shity cser and im always triing to get better,and when i do thers people blaming me for everything,take this example on a normal game, i was jungle evelyn and i was doing good nidale was top agains a wombo combo {{champion:157}} {{champion:54}} and she wasnt that good,mid was first time yasuo did well,and i was 5/1 and starting babysiting top,after i got about to min 20 thresh,of course a polish dude with a premade lucian were starting mocking me and calling me a noob even tho i was 7/2 and i gangked their lane 3 times by then while babysiting top,after a while the mocking starting to be blaming and then abusing becouse of their own mistakes of going solo agains the hole team,and that starts killing the game of for me. And yes im always looking at guides trust me,my friends say its not good at all,even tho it helps A LOT on a new champ.
You've gotten some decent feedback from Crispstorm up here. Try not to ignore that, or argue with it. Wise words.
: Account suspended
I'm sorry to say this but; you probably deserve it. My advice would be to simply make a new account, and not make the same mistake. Cut your losses, and move on :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kakiyau,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ql06TczA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-05-14T19:18:40.386+0000) > > add me in game and I will see if i can give you some tips I can see how thats gona go down .. UR NOOB "well thanks this champ is definitely my main"
Just take his help. The majority on the board here is really 'humane' and helpful - contrary to what you might sometimes encounter in game.
ali5425435 (EUNE)
: I Am Good at Playing But I Stuck With Feeders..
Typical. x) I'm sure it's all them, and not you - heck. If you had good teams once in a while you'd be playing LCS right now! ^.^
: "OMG Tryhard"
Maybe you should 'try less hard' next time, so the opponents have a chance to win. Or something. I hate the saying and I don't get it either xD
Exponadal (EUW)
: You play ranked to win, if he dc's is not your fault and you'll kill him to try win the game...
Even if you decide to spare someone that has obviously disconnected - I doubt the enemy team will spare you the same courtesy. x)
: Riot plz
I understand your frustration, but the problem you state is present on your team as well as the opponents. This means; if you are better than where you are right now, you will eventually end up where you belong by playing well. The players that 'fuck up your games' now will probably be forever in the league they are now. So go on, make a change :)
Greum (EUW)
: On the other hand...how am I supposed to call katarina if she's not a noob champ?
An assassin that you should be shut down with cc - while not running around with 100 HP providing her with a reset. She's very strong, but like any other champ can be shut down when played right. It's just more difficult for some. :)
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ZyvvlesFluffles,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EU0ymXTg,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-04-21T13:58:03.404+0000) > > Yeah. Well. I like to believe every champ has its own way to shine, with their own specific weaknesses. The game is arguably sort of balanced, and by this logic I don't believe anything like a 'noob champ' even exists. If they don't know how to shut down a Nasus for example - whose fault is that? x) Nasus is pretty gross :-P I've been playing him recently and even if you are able to keep him fairly harassed, his sustain + inherent damage wreaks havoc :-P That's not to say he's OP - I don't believe there's many champs out there you can consider "OP", but some of them definitely have more utility than others. Then again it's all about playstyle too - I'm not great with Riven despite everyone proclaiming her OP - she just doesn't fit me well for whatever reason.
To confess; I mostly ban Nasus as a first pick :x
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ZyvvlesFluffles,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EU0ymXTg,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-04-21T13:44:55.625+0000) > > *whispers* I'd take it as a compliment. I find it amusing. I play champs that fit my playstyle, if they're "noob", so be it - they should be able to wreck these noob champs :-P
Yeah. Well. I like to believe every champ has its own way to shine, with their own specific weaknesses. The game is arguably sort of balanced, and by this logic I don't believe anything like a 'noob champ' even exists. If they don't know how to shut down a Nasus for example - whose fault is that? x)
Eambo (EUW)
: Lol I've been getting that a lot with Malzahar recently. "OMG noob no skill champ". "Yeah, he's fun ^_^" :-P
*whispers* I'd take it as a compliment.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Can this '' noob champ omg '' guys just stfu ?
Noob champ is just a thing the losing people say when they're feeling salty :) Ignore it.
: There's no such thing as attitude-skill.
Attitude is definitely very important. From a subjective point of view - I've won way more games playing in a team with a positive attitude than in teams with flamers and blamers. Luckily I don't encountered the latter all that much anymore. Teamspirit, and the will to win in general (even when behind) are a very important aspect in this game imo. If a few are negative all the time, QQ, blame, flame it will in many cases demoralize your team. So yeah. From personal experience I can conclude attitude is actually a very important aspect of the game - however completely seperate from skill.
Kurokage (EUNE)
: I'm sick of playing in Bronze with kids and stupid people!!!
I find it rather hard to believe that this ónly happens on your team - while you're playing against teams with supposedly the same level and attitude. Since you're already filling one of the spots in your team (and don't flame nor leave the game) the chance this happens on their team is actually slightly bigger. Right? I can understand the attitude of players in general (not just bronze) can be rather infuriating. I do believe however that if you are good, you will eventually win 55% of your games. Which is enough.
gambow (EUW)
: Should people AFK if there are DC player(s) without being punished
No. I believe even 4v5 you stand a chance. It will happen in your disadvantage at times, sometimes in your advantage. I've won 4v5 games, and since you're playing the game anyway - might as well try, right? :)
: I am having the same black screen right now, i can't buy champions :(
I still have it on occasion, even after resetting my router/modem. Session expired/black screen/infinite loading times. Don't really know what to do about it still :/
Zerelous (EUW)
: You bring up the exact point I am trying to make. Where do we draw the line? Noob, idiot, retard - Clearly all of those things are way past that line and should be reported. But when we start reporting people for saying "Easy" we move the line into the realm of non offensive words and to be honest, that line keeps moving more and more until eventually, we wont be able to say ANYTHING in chat with out risking being reported. "Hey, ADC, you were too far into the front lines last team fight and that is why you died, try standing back a little bit next time." "Stop telling me what to do, reported." Stuff like that already happens, you can't help people, you cant joke, you cant do much already. I just think it's pathetic and it keeps getting worse. Next it will be - "GG WP everyone." "It wasn't a good game and my team didn't play well, reported." And knowing this community, they will probably all agree with that.... It's also pathetic.... Where will the line be drawn?
I agree that if the above things would be reportable, that would be ridiculous. I couldn't imagine the community (or Riot for that matter) agreeing with those being bannable offenses x)
Zerelous (EUW)
: I don't think that being civil is a bad thing at all. In my opinion, the bad thing is that yourself and others report things that really don't need reporting at all. Saying "easy" at the end of a game to me, is completely pathetic, if someone says it, I just ignore them because to be honest, what some random stranger says at the end of a game doesn't effect me and I can not for the life of me figure out why it effects other people so much. Why do you care? You are probably about to go and queue up for another game, that one word has no effect on you unless **you let it**. So in my personal opinion, **you** are the person at fault in that situation, for letting yourself go on **tilt **so easily. If you can not deal with just that **one** little word, you should really go and seek some help, because you are the kind of person who is highly likely to become easily unstable. Also, about the whole "I don't understand how you people can be perfectly happy with the fact that I want to put an axe into your skull" thing, it's true, the whole reason I personally play violent video games is because I have violent tendencies and I have no other outlet for them, I want to kill I don't care who or what, I just want to indulge myself in that blood lust and have **FUN** doing it, so am I taking it literally? Yes I am, I want to kill you all and there is nothing wrong with that.
I am all but unstable, and it's not like it 'affects' me that much. Of course - I will move on and queue up for another game. But how far should that logic go? Should I let people call me 'retard' 'noob' 'idiot' etc. too then? I mean - who cares what anyone says, right, they're just strangers insulting me. I don't stop smiling, I mute them, keep playing, and report in the end. It's really not about being able to deal with it or not, it's about sportmanship. If I'd follow your reasoning all the way I should never report anyone - since hey, it won't affect me unless **I let it.** I do agree with you on the fact that some people are offended amazingly fast, even when you're trying to give them tips, or criticise any of their actions. If people would get offended over a courtesy like saying "gg wp" - sure, that's another thing. I guess all in all to me saying something like 'gg easy' after sometimes a long and difficult game, is just bad sportmanship. :) On your edit: No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you wanting to do that. And trust me - it takes a lot to say anything so bad that it would reach me personally. That doesn't mean I can't report someone when I feel they are being out of line. I suppose in the end it's to the rest of the community to accept or not accept how and where you stand in this game. :)
Shiroe x (EUW)
: no its not :D assisting the enemy is either telling them where your team is at /going for baron-drake. just giving information out abotu your team. not ending the game because you want it to end.
ok, I get your view. So if 3 playing in your team openly state they don't want the game to end, but just kill people in the jungle, and act on this - this is in no way in favour of the enemies? It could easily cost you the game. Even if it's not a reportable offense, it is a rather inconsiderate thing to do.
Zerelous (EUW)
: The league community is a bunch of cry babies.
I agree that people get offended pretty easily, especially when you'd just be trying to give constructive criticism. However, the 'easy' issue you present has been discussed over and over again. If one says easy after close to an hour of intense playing - even if joking - this could easily be perceived as an insult by the team that lost. I think saying 'easy' at the end of the game is a needless slap in the face, and yes - I will report you for it. Also, in my humble opinion you take the game as an aspect a bit too seriously. I don't understand how you people can be perfectly happy with the fact that I want to put an axe into your skull, ^ Well. That is the game. (heh, really, you're going to compare that with people killing each other irl?) What you say is a tiny bit seperate from that. I really don't think it's that uncivil to still have some sense of sportmanship while bashing each others head in.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: haha, good one , doing dumb stuff is not report able! even if you are winning. people get cocky and mess up , deal with it.
If your teammates would intentionally not finish when the clear opportunity is there to do so (score 50-10, w/e) - or a select few in your team don't want to - this could be seen as assisting the enemy team in their victory, and has very little to do with mistakes and/or messing up.
Gualeb (EUW)
: i dont want to play with premade anymore
Newsflash; Not every premade is like that. You're just really salty and biased towards them because the bad experiences you've had with them stand out more to you. There are duo trolls, as well as solo trolls, and they exist on both your team and the enemy teams.
Medraho (EUW)
: Getting matched with a player you just reported
After I just reported someone, or someone leaves in the champ select - I always leave the queue instantly. If someone leaves on the enemy side, I expect there to be a troll in the rotation, and I want to dodge that. Same goes with people you just reported. Just wait 30 seconds before clicking Play Again or starting in general.
tnt16 (EUNE)
: trolls
Eventually over a bigger sample of games - since you are facing the same level of opponents - these disadvantages should balance out. it's not just your team that 'always' has the trolls or afks. You can have sprees of bad luck, but it should happen on both sides. I get your point though, and it's probably worse in bronze than it is anywhere...
: Hahha players who cry over one or more players feeding.
Note; people playing this game are by all means not infants. Therefore your way of constructing your sentence can really only be perceived as condescending.
LurdakCloud (EUNE)
: report a player
You shouldn't accept players that just flamed or insulted you anyway. Reporting works fine, if someone was flaming in a game they will most certainly be punished.
DatZartic (EUNE)
: Well, gold 3.
You think all that doesn't go for the teams you're up against?..
: > [{quoted}](name=lewski,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=82ATHEsK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-12T10:18:39.851+0000) > > How do you think we can help you? Send a ticket to the support. I did, but asking in the forums never hurts.
Hm, the fact you are still logged in here should give you an advantage though..
InLook (EUNE)
: Miss Fortune or Caitlyn or Ezreal (Who to buy) Please quick replies , Thanks !
Vxyne (EUW)
I think your shift key is stuck. But on topic, yeah, it's an issue that does need attention. Then again - doesn't the above scenario sometimes happen in your favour? People tend to conveniently forget that at times.
: Does mental fortitude improve in higher divisions?
I think the attitude you present is present in a way in pretty much every division. In Bronze it might be slightly more since roughly 90% of the players there don't feel like they belong there (no offense ^^). Also, do not mix 'taking the game seriously' with 'crying over a game'. I get your point though, but I can assure you that the people that this applies to are a minority - especially from gold and above. (I am gold, and can say with certainty the teamspirit is slightly more positive than in siler) Keep playing, and keep a clear mindsest. Bettering the community starts with yourself. :)
: Why does this always happen to me? (THIS DISCUSSION IS ABOUT PEOPLE)
Hey :) I can understand very well - as I've been there (though not regarding LoL) - that you want to know why someone would just remove you rather than talking to you. I am also a person that would like to know why. I would have no problems if someone wouldn't want to play with me - maybe because they think I'm not good enough, not a nice person etc., as long as they would just tell me. Just removing someone out of the blue after (I saw both your match histories) you played a fair amount of games together is pretty rude. Yeah, you probably shouldn't have started the conversation in a manner that could be interpreted as negative, but I don't think it would matter much what you say. My advice would be; don't waste your energy on people like that. Some people are simply who they are, I guess o.O
Mirkizos (EUW)
: It wasn't about "having fun". Those so called "feeding" teammates liked to run into the enemy jungle, trying to assassinate a target stronger target than them and then going down because they're just not strong enough. Instead of sticking with the WuKong that is strong and defending the objectives, they literally played like little children trolling all around, pinging crazily and then just blaming it on the "Full AD comp" that was never going to win the game. There wasn't even a chance of convincing them to keep playing, to work together. They were just... done with the game. Like children are done with their toy. This makes me think: why am I supposed to be losing LP because of this mentality?
Just try to convince yourself that those games are maybe 1/10, and you will have them in your advantage too :) That's something most people tend to conveniently forget - your disadvantages also go for the enemy team in many cases. Just take a short break, and start fresh. I get your point, of course I do. I would never surrender unless our inhibs are down, nexus towers, and all lanes are pushing ^^ As in many cases it just takes one small mistake by the enemy to still win the game. Even if there's a 10% chance of winning you won't see me surrender. Anyway, vent here if you like, good luck with your next games.
Ramyskie (EUW)
: End of my endurance of this type of ranked games.
Yeah, I'm sure many here will know exactly what you mean. Don't forget there are still nice people out there - even in this game ;) Good job taking a break, I would probably do the same. Best of luck ^^
Rhosta (EUNE)
: It is also sad that people still react and respond to these kids.
It is. Just give them a hug or a cookie, and be off. Don't éver take such behavior seriously.
SKT Apathy (EUNE)
: I dont believe it.
I hate the term 'tryhard'. The opposite team sometimes brings it up when they are losing. "So Tryhard" - What do you want me to do then? Should I reply "We are extemely sorry, we'll try a bit less hard next time so you have a chance of winning"? heh. I think we all 'try our best' in every game. x)
: A new way to deal with leavers
I believe this has been answered a few times. This will not work, since it will create LP inflation (winning team still gets LP, losing team doesn't lose it). The system you are suggesting is very easy to take advantage of. You see you're going to lose? - One noble team mate will simply afk/leave and your entire team is saved from LP loss :) If players would pick up on this eventually nobody would lose LP anymore. No. This will not work, it will break the ranking system. I do suggest intentional leavers should be punished hard with either restrictions or 3 extra LP loss (like leaving in champ select).
AndyDizzel (EUNE)
So do you seriously believe that you are simply álways unlucky and the opponents never have this? ... I understand leavers/intentional feeders are an issue, but if you take a sample of 1000 games played, it will happen maybe 50 times in your disadvantage, and also 50 times in your advantage. If you are good then - even with the given flamers/afkers/feeders - you will eventually win more than 50% of your games. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=LivingBehind,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8LgmAm4h,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-04-11T12:36:15.334+0000) > > Then why should they get reported for unskilled ? Why is that an option ? Just to be there ? > We all can have bad games but 0-8 is not a bad game.... Yes it's a bad game for them, it's an option so you can vent some frustration although nothing will happen. They climbed the ladder just like you you're the same skill level some people have off games.
Reporting for unskilled should somehow affect the reported persons MMR slightly. If they would get too many unskilled reports, they will be paired with lower ranked people - besides you not being paired with them again.
Sèbelon (EUNE)
: and here is a inside info for those people who going to read all this and try here to defend Zyvvfluffles here the game i played i was 2/1 top lane i had a 0/5 jungler 0/6 mid laner and a 0/16 bot lane and bot started feeding 4 min into the game and i diden't get my kill until 8 min into the game so don't even try to tell me to carry that game when later on the enemy vayne 4 shooted me
> [{quoted}](name=Sèbelon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Ec5Rwepi,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-04-10T15:19:53.895+0000) > > and here is a inside info for those people who going to read all this and try here to defend Zyvvfluffles here the game i played i was 2/1 top lane i had a 0/5 jungler 0/6 mid laner and a 0/16 bot lane and bot started feeding 4 min into the game and i diden't get my kill until 8 min into the game so don't even try to tell me to carry that game when later on the enemy vayne 4 shooted me Again, I was defending you -.- Calm down. What I clearly meant with my comment, is that it's common amoungst LoL players (them), to shift the blame on someone else (you). I thought that much was obvious. I just said - clear your head, take a break, and start again fresh. :)
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