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: Well you could change to the low spec client version in options to fight the lagging. weird with such a setup. Any other games also have such problems? Because you should update drivers if thats the case.
Funnily enough the low spec version made it worse, unless that pre-lobby was just exceptionally bad. This is the only game I have an issue with and it's only pre-game lobby that it happens with. I'll give the repair tool as suggested below a shot but I'm not holding my breathe.
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: I was a Darius main before 5.16 and I've got a message for you riot.
I feel like I need to go for a wash, I just played Darius after reading this thread. Not only do I need to not actively last hit (thanks Q), I do a shit ton of dmg from my dot even at low levels
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: Greetings depends, if in the 6 months you barely played a few games its not surprising.. However, after 5min there is a 10min x5 games "tier" and you seem to have skipped it? That sounds odd to me :o LeaverBuster can apparently reset, if you play a large amount of games without any afk/leave or similar issues. But the amount of games needed imo seems to be a bit insane :x
Hi, 100% never had a 10 minute ban, the last was 5 minutes as I mentioned. I've not played loads and loads of games, however still probably more than the average individual.
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