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: What you don't get is that randomness does not mean "I won't play X champ more than once or twice" this kind of shit is why Apple had to rework their shuffle function, because when it was ACTUALLY random people complained about some songs coming more often than others the only reason for the perceived repetition was people's brains looking for a pattern and going "well after X times of shuffle this and this came more than this therefore that's how it always is" I mean heck if you want once I get home I can write a number generator script which has X possibilities (X is he amount of champs in league) and then have it count how often the same number comes up.
You don't understand. The point of AR URF was so that you wouldn't see the same champions over and over again, yet we still do PLUS we don't get to choose our own champion so we have no chance of beating them. I feel bad about playing URF since I know that I'll get a champion I don't even like playing, so it doesn't matter who I'm against. My friend got Garen two more times on that Monday, and it is just ridiculous since he didn't even have LVL 1 mastery with him, so their algorithm is messed up
Torgeir (EUW)
: It has never been more boring to play URF then with this so called AR. I see the same champs allt he time, and the majority of the time the enemy team gets the upper hand purly from an op champ select. By removing the picks and bans, riot just made this mode all the more unbalanced. At least the games used to be quiet even for the most part, because everyone played a champ they knew. Now the games are, at least the 15-20 ive played so far, decided during the first 5 min based on what you get in championselect. There is absolutley no fun anymore, cause you either get totally crushed, or you crush the other team. Still havent seen a balanced game yet.
I completely agree! Wouldn't it be great if we could play URF in custom games and on whatever map we wanted + choosing how many bans etc. If we ourselves get to decide what we want to play, we have only ourselves to blame if it becomes boring. But then you'll just have to try again, with other options!
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Yes because people expect a completely balanced URF, that's never gonna happen, but at least with All Random Urf I don't have to see the same champions every single game.
But yet, I still see the same champions every game, and playing a champion that i hate makes it suck even harder, not being able to do anything against the {{champion:5}} or {{champion:23}}
: URF has some broken overpowered champs. More than the 6 banslots we have. Give people a choice and they will pick the overpowered champs 19 times out of 20. Random (with the reroll system) makes people at least try out new champs so you don't see the same all the time. I had like 5 games so far and there was NO ZED and only one Nidalee. Bless this game mode.
I'd rather have everyone play their favorite champions, and have fun, than leave the fun to chance. Most people have fun as long as they play their main, no matter who they're up against. Also, I have seen like 5 xin zhao's and equally many other "op" champs, even if it's "random".
: I still dont get why it's a random queue now. Ofc there were always only the op champs picked/banned but now u are just playing random against them instead and bans are not possible...why doesn't rito just nerf the op champs in urf and let you choose which champ you want to play? (maybe i'm understanding the reason of random picks wrong)
I don't really know if champions need balancing in URF, I mean, It's supposed to be unbalanced and crazy.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: AR URF is The Most Fun I've Ever Had in League
I've had some fun games, but I really care more about what champion I play, and less about what champion my enemies play. I have fun when I play my favorite champions, and champions that have high mobility to spam. When I get someone like Kayle, I don't have fun, I don't like the champion and even though we win the game, I still had a boring time and wasted 20-40 min of my life. TL:DR I care more about what champion I'm playing than what champions I'm against.
: I don't know if it's just me, but I've seen a really disproportionate amount of Kata/Varus/Zed/Morgana/Caitlyn in a lot of my games and friend games. Caitlyn is good on ARAM but she's not great on URF unless you go full penetration and try one-shot with your ult so I guess people are using their ARAM accounts.
I don't think there should be any restrictions, since, that would make it impossible for newer players to be able to play AR URF at all. Maybe all champions would be unlocked for AR URF? Like in One for All? Or just not have URF as matchmaking, and focus more work into the custom game lobbies, which would let players have more control over their games.
: Better luck than see/face the same OP/unfun picks over and over and over again.
I'd rather have everyone play their favorite champions, and always having fun, even though you're losing. Then playing a boring champion, or a champion that you dislike, and having a bad time, even though you're winning.
: in this case everyone will play mage...
I think he's got a good idea! Perhaps if you were to choose in priorities, like how you choose your role in draft mode, but with mages or bruisers Amumu, Malph, Zed, blitz etc. are all not mages, yet still very popular in URF. What you say didn't happen in normal URF, -where you can choose whomever you want-,so why should it happen here?
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