GX Draxeid (EUNE)
: I dont think that thats a bug as its practicly a spell ya know Magic damage? From what i know things that do magic damage dont proc those things...
You might be right but the description sais the following: ACTIVE: Mordekaiser's next three hits are empowered, the first deals x bonus magic damage, each extra strike deals 2 times the bonus damage of the last, up to 4x. So it's a basic attack dealing bonus damage, similar to xin zhao's q, except xin's does bonus physical damage... still if it's a basic attack it should trigger on hit effects unless stated otherwise.
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Bralon (EUNE)
: Do you think this is bannable?
Glad to see the majority of people don't think this is ban worthy :-) I've read a few of the comments that thought it was ban worthy as it only makes the person doing something reportable more angry. This might be the case but I think it's not more than fair that you let someone know you reported them and why, instead of going behind their back. If you wan't to phrase is eloquently you could type: "I experience your behavior as verbal abuse which I do not appreciate and hence I have reported you". But who speaks that way on the internet? By saying "You're reported" you will still let the other person know you do not appreciate their behavior. If everyone does this it will get through to flamers etc. eventually. Think of it this way people can't change if they do not know their behavior is not appreciated by others. Banning people who openly report others is like punishing people for openly reporting a crime. Imagine seeing someone being beaten up and you shouting you called the cops and then being arrested by them. Or the people who leaked information about illegal practices getting arrested for this... It's the justice system upside down if you ask me.
: I think Riot wants the season 3 back
I disagree, tanks were in a bad place, they just couldn't tank well. Now it's indeed better for tanks. If a tank gets to a carry he should be able to take the carry down (though not as fast as an assassin of course). If he is no threat to carries he can just be ignored.
: Feeding-Bot appeared in ranked
It's not a bot mate, just someone intentionally feeding, look at his game history, he actually has some good games... Only thing you can do is report...
: Healer balance in ARAM
Meanwhile Varus has a winrate of 58 percent but you are fine with that? Personally I think both are fine as they are, it's random, healing is indeed strong but so is varus' poke. It's a random matchup that's what makes it fun. I would be rather more worried if you did not lose with kata afk. Remember that the heals + damage of one of their champs is already less than that of varus so if anything varus should be nerfed for aram not heals. Nerfing the heals would just make them irrelevant. ps. I don't want varus to be nerfed either, I just try to make a point.
jana (EUW)
: stop insulting. i basicly only told that you think to mutch about borders, as a 5o5 boarder means to mutch for you personal, these teams are starting to play together while you and your friends play together several games so you should basicly easy be able to outplay them, when not in individual skill then as a team. your problem only exist couse you are nearly on the bottom of the ladder(starting rating), and therefore on these ratings you have to show that you can actualy play as team and win games, thats what makes the diffrence. and tbh i never had problems facing higher devisions in nor 5o5 or 3o3, it is all about your team and you, but basicly more about individual skill as there are only 2 other players who can make up for your mistakes, else then 4, but also vice versa one can mke up for alot. and if the chance of getting a higher team is the same as getting a lower its fine, and to be real the big playerbase is in bronze/silber/gold, so you are playing agains these players every single game, and only have some highers from time to time if you think about it statisticly, so the chance of getting higher devisions are by far lower then you try to make it. i guess you dont want to hear that, so do whatever you want, blame riot for matchmaking, for placements/etc. but pls dont actualy learn the game, start insulting me again if you feel to, i dont care but i will for sure report you to riot if you do so. so good luck.
Saying you are patronizing is not an insult but that is besides the point. If it came across as an insult this was not my intent, I just wanted to let you know I did not appreciate the way you treated me. Back to the point at hand, you still fail to grasp what I am trying to say. You say, and I quote: "basicly (it's) more about individual skill". I agree and this is why one platinum or one diamond can carry so easily against three silvers. 1v1 I'm just not on the same level as they are and I am not ashamed to admit that. This is the whole problem... You also say "these teams are starting to play together", this is just not true for a lot of them. Just because they started a **new** team does not mean they haven't played together before. Let me phrase this as simple as possible: players can create new teams to infinity just to keep getting matched up against low level teams. As an example: three players (gold, plat and diamond) start a team named "we stomp noobs" they play 5 placement matches, win all 5 because they get matched against bronze and silver teams. Then they get placed into silver league, play another 5 matches and also win these. Now they might get promoted to gold and be more on the level they should be at. However, that is 10 matches that aren't fun for their opponents. Now it gets worse, they abandon "we stomp noobs" and create a new team named "we stomp noobs 2" they play another 5 placement matches, win them all, get into silver again and play another 5 to get into gold again.. Then the whole story starts over again with them creating yet another team. Unless you are one of the people doing this I can't imagine you don't see my point.
jana (EUW)
: a good 5o5 player is not a strong 3o3 player, so basicly dont complain about a plat play agains you, enjoy and get better, for a player it shouldnt matter what oppenend he faces, the whole "mimimimi i lost to a XXXX devision player, how can this be possible", tbh, my 3nd account got placed silber befor season ende and therefore has a silber boarder and now after view games i didnt see any bad comment on my silber boarder even if i am matched with platins/low dias. so this devision talk is just meaningless, go iproove thats what everyone should, get better, win more and have fun at the game. 3o3 challanger is one of the easyer to achive goles, if you rly need it, you at least only need gold/plat skill to get there, as the map is so diffrent, and with some map specific knowlage you can exploit that. soo gooood luck :)
You are missing the point and are being really patronizing for someone who has so much difficulty with the English language... I'm fine with facing plats that are bad in twisted treeline and thus indeed belong in 3v3 silver (as I said we occasionally win). However, like I also said these teams usually just started, so they are not placed in the right division yet or not placed at all. These teams are a whole different problem, I hope you can see this. Next time, please read before deciding to type something....
: Katarina is officially *the* most broken champion
I actually don't have that much trouble with her (I can't play her myself either). In lane I pick mordekaiser against her I always push her under the tower at lowish health. If she decides to roam she'll do so at low health, I ping and get the tower (usually she just stays under tower and I watch for jungler). This way kata doesnt get ahead and kata needs to get ahead. If I can't be mid I pick a champion with cc no matter what position I am in and safe it for kata's ult. In teamfights if she gets in cc her ult and focus her as a team. I don't think she's broken. If she gets ahead she is indeed hard to deal with but so are a lot of champions... she is also great at cleaning up and getting penta's this way. A lot of other champions are less good at cleaning up so kata gets a lot of penta vid's. One thing to keep in mind with these vids is: what's kata's level and the opponents level and how many kills did she already have.
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Eilyre (EUNE)
: The flame against RIOT for the RP price increase
They actually state in their explanation it is not because of inflation. I thought this was the case too as inflation was about 2% the past 10 years explaining the 10% over 5 years. However, this apparently was not their reason. I personally don't understand it from a marketing perspective as this might end up causing people to spend less money on the game. Nonetheless, I agree with your point that people shouldn't flame over it :-)
Karmoon (EUW)
: The second you start acting in such a way and blindly muting everyone, is the second you give into the darkness. Making a 'movement' out of it. Getting wrist bands for it. Getting Atheist religious figures to tweet about it...it's all irrelevant. From the sounds of your post I like your attitude and I empathize with a great many of your points. Like you I also try to encourage good behaviour, and honestly, I've been pretty successful with it. The fact is, what you're doing here is being passive aggressive. Passive aggressive became kinda 'cool' recently, but all it does is serve to get on people's nerves. Muting people from the get go IS a legitimate way to play the game in peace. But turning it into a political movement only cheapens your stance. You are basically calling someone a poop head from a moving car so they can't respond. That's what being passive aggressive is. Getting in a cheap shot that no one can respond to. If you're gonna mute people I suggest the following message instead: > "Hey guys. I find it really difficult to concentrate in a match, so I'm going to mute all so I can focus. I will be paying attention to pings and the minimap. GL HF!." It's basically the truth. Flaming and toxic chat is an utter waste of APM. I need to focus on CSing, not the emotional needs of my 14-year old LeBlanc. There's also no judgement there. You don't begin with any attack. You're talking about what you need to do to play better for them. But if you want to stand up for something - stand up for it properly. Stand up for it with your head held high and your back straight. You aren't alone, that I promise you. So if you want there to be a difference, you kind of have to make one. And yeah, sometimes that means getting your hands dirty.
I actually think you have a good point so I tried this a few matches: > Hey all, I find it difficult to focus on a match with chat on so I'll mute everyone after the game starts. I will pay attention to pings and the minimap. Hope you understand. Good luck and have fun! This sometimes made my teammates worry about my abilities as a player, making the flaming start from the beginning. On the other hand the original message gave mixed results as well so maybe I'll just go back to muting everyone and not say anything about it... It does feel a bit weird though, I somehow feel like others have the right to know why I mute them... And without announcing it upfront they won't have the chance to ask...
: Though I certainly understand where you’re coming from, I personally kind of disagree with the action of muting everyone . I believe people deserve a chance. I only mute people when they really go too far, trying to leave them unmuted and not let them bother me. Most, in my experience, are only frustrated and still give out information. Also I feel that , though the ping system is very versatile, it is still limited compared to the chat option. It’s true that the current system is very lenient when it comes to punishing casual toxicity, only targeting those who are very consistent in their toxicity. I think that once the Tribunal is back, things will change for the better.
I've never played while the tribunal was up (at least i think), so I don't know if it was better back then. If it will get back I'll definitely give it another try though, so I hope you are right :-)
: If this works for you, fine. But I don't think it's the best option for everbody. I enjoy the chat and would not want to miss all the cool things that happened there. Of course there is also a lot of toxicity in chat, but I don't really have a problem ignoring that. But i guess thats depending on the person, maybe some people have a hard time just ignoring stupid people. In this case, muting everybody is a viable option.
I don't think it is the best solution either to be honest. However, just ignoring it didn't work for me...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Actually, I've had a teammate who said approximately this a while ago which made me check if this is allowed. I understood him completely so all I replied was "thanks for letting us know". I don't want to give people the idea from the start that I think they are toxic, so again how would you phrase it? As a side note I've also had a few games where my teammates replied they thought it was a bad idea and that they would not be toxic. In these cases I always gave them a chance with mixed results.
Bazzo (EUW)
: Being nice in this game is absolutely pointless
As an alternative to stooping down to their level, here is my solution: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/EkHFlXpb-decency-why-i-started-muting-everyone-from-the-get-go You might wanna try it out, really made it more fun for me again.
Sanguifer (EUW)
: "I just painted all of You with the broadest brush possible, implying You are all scumbags, flamers and generally shitty human beings, while at the same time asking to work together for a common goal and saying 'it's just a game, olololol' and then I DARE to speak of **DECENCY**!" Yeah, no. go away.
Thank you for giving a great example of why I started muting people... I started announcing beforehand that I would mute everyone because this same issue has been raised a couple of times in the past on the old forum. In those forum discussions people generally said they would appreciate the heads up, so that's what I try to do. However, there are probably more people like you who might feel offended by a message like this. Do you have any suggestions to change it, so it won't offend you but will still get the message across?
: its better not to mute since it makes communicating, there isnt really a ping to say, enemy shaco is doing our blue, ult up in 10 or drake up in 20
I don't agree completely with you but that is why I waited a year with doing this. If you ping near blue I will look what is up and see shaco doing blue, If you ping near drake I will look to see when he is up, ult up in 10 is one I will definitely not receive through ping, but I can live with that.
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