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Arsiann (EUW)
: 5v5 ranked, casual hours with a serious focus on strategy and team work
Not sure if Gold V qualifies but I do work hard at games and have focused on improving for months since I quit solo que and carried multiple games that were against players with a considerably higher elo than mine. I'm from the UK and 17. I've been looking for a serious team for a long time now so by accepting me, you add a serious member to your team. Available everyday as well.
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: Making a team (Gold+, looking for every role but top)
Age : 16 IGN: FNC Doom Rank: Gold V Role- Mid/Jungle
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TheTomeyh (EUW)
: You had Faith in Rito? Idiot. ;)
> [{quoted}](name=TheTomeyh,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=T7HVayXv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-31T17:05:54.704+0000) > > You had Faith in Rito? Idiot. ;) So damn true. :(
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BraveOne (EUW)
: New Ranked TeaM
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: Recruiting for 5v5 team
Name (optional): Dan Age: 16 Rank: Gold V Working mic yes/no: Yes Preferred Role: Jung Other roles you can play well: Mid roles you simply will not play: Support, Top
CptToasty (EUW)
: [Ranked Team] Gold + UK SPEAKING
Sounds perfect Age: 16 IGN: FNC Doom Nationality: English Role: MID>JUNGLE>ADC>TOP>SUPPORT (I play mid and jungle) ELO: Gold V (Haven't played solo q for the same reasons but improved over the year) How often are you willing to play: On league every day 12-13 hours on weekend and 4-5 hours on weekdays Will you stick to this team long term: OFC Why do you want to join: Sick of league players who quit teams when shit goes wrong and being in a team is an awesome idea
: Gold 5 ADC EUW looking for serious team!
: Login Error
Essentially a few people had it (A.K.A Me). Then my mate got the issue aswell. GG RITO. But seriously, after all this time about this server nonsense and nothing has been fixed. It's a bloody joke. EDIT: Just realised how much money they're making and to be honest it seems they either can't afford SOME DECENT SERVER RUNNING MACHINE THING OR idk im mad
Exactly, I've been waiting literally all night (9:00 PM ---> 6:30 AM) and i've literally done everything on the support page they recommend and does anything work? Nope. Really sensing the lack of communication riot has for their players. Riot employees saying "We do everything in our power..." inc. And also players who say "RIOT IS THE BEST THEY DO EVERYTHING FOR THEIR PLAYERSDEMIDMEMD!!!!!!!211121!" Players are getting {{summoner:3}} of your shizz.
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abracadan (EUW)
: Custom UI Legal?
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