: It needs some time to update, chill
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: the idea isn't bad but hard to implement and was unfair for one tricks who just want to play their champion so you can't just take LP from them cuz their champion has a high win rate
no its easy to implement, and its not unfair to one tricks
: How are you even allowed to have that name
abusing is the danish name of my child please dont judge
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Cypherous (EUW)
: It is a valid response to what you said, you asked a question, i gave you an answer of sure, its a perfectly valid response to a yes/no question So by all means try again :P
>It is a valid response No it is not. The discussion ends here
Cypherous (EUW)
: > And? Do I really still have to tell you what the issue is? Sure, because as it stands, the issue is you not reading You Can Make Assassins Which part of this 4 line concept is too complicated for you to understand? Hence the bonuses scale to 9 as you can HAVE 9 on the field to trigger the bonus Rocket science, this is not
>Sure Sure is not an appropriate answer to what I have said. Try again.
Cypherous (EUW)
: And? They aren't required to tell you if there are more and like i said you can MAKE ASSASSAINS So its entirely possible to have 9 assassins on the field and max that bonus
>And? And? Do I really still have to tell you what the issue is? Did I not just tell you? Do you not acknowledge the fact that I was speaking? Do you not understand it? Exactly what makes you say "And" ?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I'm pretty sure that means we'll get 2 new assassins soon
Soon is not now
Cypherous (EUW)
: Yes and? They do this before the new champions are added, you must be new here Also, you can make assassins with items
>Yes and? What do you mean by "Yes and?"? Do you not see the obvious? They let the players falsely believe there are 9 Assassin characters.
: cough cough definitely didn't get to the end of the game and then sold all of his items and bought recurve bow cough cough
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: I cant get into my account
u were hacked. format c:
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Most disappointing skins you've bought?
stop giving riot games money
: They can issue a permaban for replying to a flamer. It's complete bs. They just want us to use that juicy disable chat button. It helps focus onto the game tho, I advise you trying it out on your new account.
>They can issue a permaban for replying to a flamer exactly. has happened to me many times where I was punished for simply replying. Its like i cant even defend myself when im being attacked
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: All Malzahar abilities ignore wall
Lux ult also ignores windwall
dino0 (EUW)
: Will the system flagg him ?
>Will the system flagg him ? and >: u shitt eater stfu Yes
: That was a lot of reading, and a lot of trash talking your teammates. How about this, instead of looking at your teams death, how about you look at your own mistakes, stay calm and avoid playing more than 2 game each day. I know it's frustrating, but everyone had bad games. You might just have simply been unlucky. Just take a step back from the computer, drink some water, take a headache pill and keep going. I have been in elo hell once as well, but even if my entire team was 0/20, I still held my own and won the game by getting a huge Baron steal with Blitzcrank and won the game by simply keeping my calm.
>How about this, instead of looking at your teams death, how about you look at your own mistakes oh god its this "argument" again. i dont give a shit about my own mistakes if my teammates are 100% inting/running it down. if i play the game i expect to integrate my skill in such a way that it is built for a 5vs5 situation, NOT a 4vs6 situation. its the same thing when you play against cheaters. the skill level you have to build up to win against cheaters will not help you at all winning against players who do not cheat. my goal is to play a 5vs5 in this game and nothing else


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