Siddy639 (EUW)
: LF Duo partner to reach diamond Plat+
you will never reach it :) Kappa
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joaner7 (EUW)
: Coaching
pay to get fked :) xD coaching has to be free do
: ;_; That sounds kinda kappa pride dude ;_;
UthZer (EUW)
: ex dia high apm draven machine LF duo supp plat+
i play base afk maining khartus im currently b5 wanna play?
: But... but i have trust issues ~-~
: ahhn, still dont understand O_o
: First of all, ill assume the "(coz bad teams ofcs)" its just a joke... Because if its not... I must desagree with you... i Got B2 this season *crying inside* And not im in promos to S1... It has been a really up and down... I was in promos to gold, 3 weeks ago... Saying its your team's fault?? Yeah, sometimes you cant really do anything to win... But its not always... Imma give you an example... My Last Ranked (since im not with my duo friend i go for the Toplane)... My team scores: SUP: 4-10-8 ADC: 6-11-8 MID: 9-12-10 Jungler: 4-6-13 (the only one who didnt feed) Me: 6-3-9 So, if you deserve to win, you will win, no matter what... That beeing said... Having someone to duoQ with is really nice, i also love to have a friend who i can trust... But you are really low, low elo... its better for you to try learn hyper carry champs because noone will want to duo with a bronze 4 (sorry, but its the truth)... Learn something like {{champion:55}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:114}} And carry yourself to Silver 4-3 After that you will find a good team mate to duo with... Trust me... GL On Your Climb Anyway :P
: I lose all games I play correct and win the games I play bad. It's my team. When your lane is always good, but at the lane phase your team is feeding, you cannot leave your position so early, its your team. If you say go back and they go in 2v5, its your team. If you ward objectives and they stay farming lanes while enemy team is taking them, its your team.
still if u want to win u need to get better in the game xD. i played against a dia bard that dude was a god he roamed all over the map and got alot of pressure and snowballed the game. if u get that well you can solo carry games. definitly is lower elo is easy to get ahead and win games than in higher elo. just take late game champ cuz games take longer that also has pressure in early game. examples: bard,tahm kench thresh blitzcrank leona even fiddlesticks. and try to perform better
: LF smurf: Dia Rush
question main acc rank?
Vaatî (EUW)
: ***
dont do it xDD he i just to make money...
: Main support Bronze-Silver (coz bad teams ofc) a platinium skilled ! xD
please dont say its my team its my team. its you! you lose cuz you played wrong. that is what you need to learn.. otherwise u never get out of bronze/silver/gold. so stop talking shit and train ur mechanics macro play or even combo's. than u will be better play for you to carry you're team.
: Silver support main looking for smurfer duo
i have a great tip! pick fiddlesticks he is a broken support atm
Blekmedel (EUW)
ahh sad child? :(
: Looking For dutch jungeler to play tournament G+
: If you had such "insane mechanics" you wouldn't be plat 3.
ZapperCat (EUW)
: Aetas eSports LFP DUTCH
Team player Naam: Nightfly Elo: Plat 5 s5-s4 dia Leeftijd: 17 Mains: Top/Adc/Jungle - Talon/gp/lucian/nidalee/graves/leesin/etc Reden: Fun beter worden vrienden Comptetive of academy: ? Laneable? ? Ervaring: Had team s5 waarmee we dia haalde. ps: als je alleenmaar nederlanders neem dan maak je ook gwn een nederlandse post! xD
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MickenCZ (EUW)
: I started this articale because i have knowledge and no mechanics, after you all reach plat i dont think I will have enough advice for you but I think I will still be a good caster.
MickenCZ (EUW)
: Free coach looking for gold/silver/bronze players that need some advice
Check out our Post
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Pathless (EUW)
: Hey man, I am looking forward to join your "community", but the discord invite link has expired :\
: Il fix it right now!
: Team Night [more than a team!]
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: Team Night Looking for more Gold+ for ranked team! [Age 16+] [Active] [Discord]
: Team Night Looking for more Gold+ for ranked team! [Age 16+] [Active] [Discord]
-Where are you from? - im from the netherlands got a belgium ukraine 2x portugal -Which roles in which teams are already taken? all but need more! -How do you prefer me to contact you? Add nightfly and we talk further
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: Creating Ranked Team EUW - Team Night Gold+
wae1 (EUW)
: Why there are low elo players in medium/higher elo ranked matchs
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