: 2019 World Championship Ticket Information
WOW Riot...this is just sad I mean i know, you cant be guaranteed to get tickets and all that...but three of us were waiting in front of our pcs at 15:30...at around 15:50 one of us realited, that if he treid to access the ticketsite he would get put in some virtual queue...so we all went there...at 16:10 the first of us finally got to the ‚selling‘ site, just to find out, there were no tickets available...hopi g there was a delay we spent about 30 minutes refreshing that site just to realize that the tickets are gone...sold before they should have been... Really looking foreard to the trip we booked to paris just to watch the finals... What incredibly poor organization
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: 60 CS wont do! Also your average KDA is calculated by Kills + Assists divided by deaths So if you have 0 deaths and 10 kills your KDA is 10. If you have 2 deaths and 10 kills your KDA is 5. So having no deaths is a huge advantage to getting an S
well...actually your kda would be ERROR if you divide your 10 kills by your 0 deaths...just saying
Malighos (EUW)
: Toxic "EX - LCS" Player
well..that slip in the third collumn surely isn't nice of you and imho you could have easily taken the high road seeing how this guy is making a clown of himself without needing any help from you ;)...no offense here...i know it's not always easy to stay calm... i really hope that he is not actually an ex-lcs player...and i really hope you sent that report so he get's what he asked for.
: Why no women!?
i like op's question...as i have asked myself the same a lot. i mean it's not like esports are the only field where women face no obvious disadvantages compared to men but still don't compete at the same level. take dart for instance, or curling to name just two... i think in the end it comes down to the same reason why there are less women in middle to high management positions (given there are no quota). Women seem to be less likely drawn to competition which leads to less women playing league which makes the pool of women in which you could find those extraordinary talents that are needed to compete at pro level very small. another reason may be that gaming still is seen as a "boy-thing" so to become a pro player a woman has to first overcome the hurdle of being laughed at and ridiculed for being a woman in a man's domain...then she has to be extraordinarily competitive (compared to other women) and last but no least she has to be really freaking great...well... what i'm trying to say is, there will surely be women in the pro leagues in the not so distant future. the generations that are being raised right now are far less set in the whole gender bias stuff as the ones before and i hope this will lead to a greater acceptance of women playing computer games... whatever...my english sucks but i hope you catch my drift. also...i love cooking...my wife never does it and it's better that way believe me ;)
aetschgen (EUW)
: sent you a friend request... i'm b5 and i suck though ;)
plus i'm gmt+1 so we can talk until 01:00 in the morning :P
: Looked for people to play with (any elo)
sent you a friend request... i'm b5 and i suck though ;)
aetschgen (EUW)
: 30y old B5 jungle/top main is looking for duoQ partners...
oh yeah...i'm swiss so my english is not that well...if that's a no go for you...don't bother writing me ^^
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KokalePoika (EUNE)
: garen
stun, slow, exhaust, kite. also: vayne. Problem solved. you're welcome


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