: Jhin can have something like 800+ AD by late game. His E has a 120% AD scaling with a 260 base damage, which deals magic damage. Sounds possible. Could he have placed 2 traps on the same spot?
i doubt it since it was after they took our bot inh, and i died in the golem bush, so unless he has some TF fortune telling abilities .....
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Sightburner (EUNE)
: Floppy disks! I had tones of those! I even had a floppy disk reader for my SNES :P I also had games on tapes for my C64! :D
yea , you would by then in cases of 10-20 at a time at the end of floppy era :) i remember my first PC had CD-ROM and floppy drive, still don't know why both tho :)
Hhamar (EUW)
: I actually enjoyed this (: Nice job!{{item:3070}}
not my creation , i'm just a messager :)
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: Unusual Large rod (DFG)
that's a pretty bad idea mate since it would limit your build , and anyways they have a 120 AP item coming next patch i believe.
: This has been considered and spoken about before. There are actually negatives to doing this however - The set backs for the 'Big' items like Hourglass and BT/IE is that they have an expensive single component that you need to save up for. When you buy it, its a spike in power. That becomes a lot less meaningful when you can just buy a longsword or pickaxe, (Or Amp tome -> blasting wand) knowing it will become the item you want. Regardless, Riot will make a decision about this at some point if not already.
Well yea i know those items liek BF or Rod are big spikes in power , but my point was if u are snowballing and u get that item, your enemy gets snowballed even more and has very little chance to trade with you and just gets bullied to death. Ofc it has it's ups and downs,but seeing how defensive items already have had this implemented and this basically helps only top/junglers who usually buy them, while mid/carrys have to wait for that spike in power, and if their behind might even never get a chance for it
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Celebloth (EUNE)
: Why would you want to change Malzahar? Why does every champion be an assasin or really mobile. Why does every champion have to be the same?? This makes no sense. Why should they poke a champion that is good already? So that they will bring him to the LCS and then every guy would be playing him on mid, and then eventually he would get on the ban list? Do you really want that? He is my favourite mage, really goes with my play stile, I am loving his E. Yes he is tricky, and can be really voulnerable when he is ulting someone, but that ulti is really powerful. You can play him safe, you can go agressive, tricky against assasins, but could be managed, you just have to practice. He can have slow- buy a Rylai's, then with the E the slow will tick.
I have prob more than 500 games with him , so practice is not the issue here mate :) And i'm not saying he needs over the board/kit remake changes. When you go up against opponent who has a bit lower skill/does not know malz mechanics you will wreck if he is not camped by his jungle. But meet some as good as you are and you won't ever sneak that tricky E for the last range minion and you can forget that about going aggressive or pushing a tower. Malz was always 50% mage 50% assassin . But currently he can't do the later due to other assassins being far more mobile than he is. TL;DR; don't make him 2nd Master Yi considering speed, but give him some increase while taking some of his damage/cc.
R Sayo (EUW)
: Nerf Kalista on Jungle
ofc u can contest it , be there in time and not the last second and get her off objective, as any adc she is squishy as hell
: His ult is a 1v1 thing or to lock himself and the enemy mvp out of the teamfight. His main control is actually his aoe silence that lasts for what? 3 seconds? Hitting multiple enemies with that silence can on its own win a fight.
Well yea 1v1 there are only few champs who can beat him. But unless someone dives into your lanes u can't really ult them w.o killing yourself . Silence is strong yes , but it is that long only because once again his only hard CC is his ult that CC himself so... And to catch someone to ult with no SS or buffs basically impossible. All i'm saying is malz has not slow or stun(that does not stun himself ) so giving him that a bit of speed would bring him up to the level of other assassins. Don't me wrong malz is still strong, but not on the competitive level
: The point is that you're trying to take away his identity. Malzahar is a control mage with a lot of damage and a lot of crowd control, giving him mobility would be going over the top and taking away something in return would ruin him. You simply do not pick Malzahar or Lux or Anivia or Vel'koz or Swain or Viktor or Veigar, (need i go on?) when you want mobility like Ahri, LeBlanc, Azir, Ziggs... Heavy hitting control mages wait for the opponent to come to them and then they bring down the pain, otherwise they provide backline suppressive fire similarly to long range poke champs just not as effectively.
I'm not saying that malz needs dashes and teleports. All i'm saying that he is out of date and lacks the mobility of other assassins in the game, giving him a small boost in that area would not ruin him or make him op, and as a compromise he would get some small reduction in damage. He still does well on controlling his lane and it is impossible to push out malz, but he needs just that small kick in the but to make him a bit more mobile PS. Is the cc you are talking about is the one that pretty much stuns him for 2 secs?
: I think Malzahar is just fine the way he is. Currently he's one of the few older champions who is still very strong and reliable, luckily Riot hasn't started dishing out suppression breaking effects on every other champion the way they did with dashes, jumps etc.
Well yes malz is old champ and never received any update besides tweeks on his pasive and a few quality of life changes on his ult and W. But since his release (was he original i don't remember? ) League has changed and mobility became the key. There is no more shooting across the river in mid for 5 mins trying to hit enemy team. Assassins became more mobile in those years , and he is slow and has 0 mobility in his kit. y t I'm not saying he should get over the board jumps and dashes , just some small speed boost to help him close gaps or try to escape ganks
Greger93 (EUW)
: His q is too risky since you can Dodge it without boots. And if you are in range to use e on an enemy champion, you don't need the extra movement speed
His Q is risky not because someone can dodge it , but because u need to get in close range cast it properly. See E would be better cast on minions to get its stacks rather than on champion . After thinking about it for a bit your idea actually was pretty good on speed buff on his W , it would work if u get like instant speed boost for like 2-3 that would slow down as it goes on. No cast time should still remain.
Greger93 (EUW)
: well i dosen't agree. His e is already the strongest spell in his kit. Besides doing some extra dmg to his ult his w does nothing, this would be a way to change that. Besides his q is hard to land since it got a cast time and is so thin, if it put Down a wall it would help him against ganks, where he really falls behind
His strongest spell in the kit is his Q actually because if landed properly can instantly deal tons of damage to half of enemy team and silence them forever. It is a high risk high reward skill since u need to get into front lanes to land it. Giving speed buff on w would work it you get buff stacking up for every person in it , or ramping up the longer some1 is in it. Another idea is to put speed buff on his Q when u land it u get speed up but then again it already has silence so that would not work... I think E is the best idea here for his mobility.
Greger93 (EUW)
: Yes he definately could use some love. I also always loved playing him but he is just a too risky pick since he got no mobility. I would say give his w a buff so that when enemy champions stand in it he would get bonus movement speed. And either make his q wider or make that q leaves a wall for 2 seconds and enemies that pass through get dmg and silence And then they could reduce his dmg a bit as you said
Nah i think his W is good as it is, with no cast time u can w+e+r almost any carry. His gate is also in good position with some good anticipation it is very easy to land it and damage is incredible on it (half hp on any carry at full build )
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