: No more, Smerk. New client replaces the old one.
but is there anyway to get back the old one becouse in a report riot quoted that if u wanted back the old client for the time the new one is in open beta u could get it back but they didnt say how
Smerk (EUW)
: There should be two separate launchers for old and new clients, you can freely choose which one to use right now
i had both clients and i was playing on the old one and after i decided to switch to the new one, but when i opened the new one it replaced my old one and now it is gone
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Firkin (EUNE)
: Not very pleased with the new chat system
they need to make the friends list minimazible, definetly. as an old player i feel like it is disturbing and kinda unmeaningful, it doesnt offer you anything special so why would u want it open all the time and about the chat i feel like the chats should be separated like the are in the live client.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Didn't get an S rating for this...
u need to also have 60 cs/10 min to get an S rating. ur farm is too low over all and that leads to low gold
: i think u can but not with over 60 fpsi think ure gonna be able to play at only like 30 and low-medium settings
but not that sure over all
LuisGoem (EUW)
: Can i run lol with this laptop
i think u can but not with over 60 fpsi think ure gonna be able to play at only like 30 and low-medium settings
: Need 1 RP
i think u should write a letter to the riot support system and they can give u 1 rp if u complete a task they give u like for ex: draw sth about league, no matter how bad it is u just have to do sth and they give u the rp
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: {{champion:223}} i ate them
XD u deserve an upvote sir XD
abzorber (EUW)
: Ranked rewards?
this happened to me but only 75 games chat restriction without the ranked ones. im in such a dilema too. does this mean we wont get the loading screen borders or the victorius skin too? :c
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TeiX (EUW)
: yes its part of the "package"
ty for the information buddy :D
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: would u accept me?
: Main adc/mid looking for duoQ m8 (~gold)
: From Silver to Diamond - LF duoQ partner with same vision - might be streaming
would u accept me? i have all the attributes except the silver2+. im currently placed silver4 :(
Nukerelia (EUW)
: ***
ty so much rubentew. i really appreciate this buddy
Fiora Mid (EUW)
: [Just Google it. It's really not that difficult.](https://pbesignup.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/pbe)
i cant find anything. I find the pbe server but whenever i try to change from NA to EUW it changes to the nomal lol page
: How can i join PBE?
if u guys know how i can do it pls help me
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