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: If i play tanky champ like {{champion:89}} or {{champion:12}} i will try to leave kill to my adc even if im not sure its lets say "secure" BUT if i play my main {{champion:25}} i will take kill if i see they cant make it because i know if i get few kills on {{champion:25}} i can take enemy adc or mid laner solo . I played so many games with {{champion:25}} (585k.) and i can easy outplay enemy champ. because i mastered {{champion:25}} and i know how to help my team to get win.
This sounds totally right! I'm always surprised when adcs assume that all supps are all rounders and can stay bot by themselves so they're super reckless, and when they're gone they get mad that the super squishy supp doesn't push by themselves...
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: Killcams
That sounds really fun! I'd love a match highlights feature (I mean since it's done by the program, it won't necessarily be the **best** parts of the match, but it would still add an element of fun to see what turns up on there), like a top 3 moments of the match. Sounds like it would be a lot of work, and probably wouldn't get added, but it would be a lot of fun if it did! Final killcam sounds more doable, but also in surrender matches or matches where the other team completely invades and just kills off the whole team it might be annoying to watch...
: It's difficult to do the right thing and avoid flame at the same time. For example, if you are anywhere other than mid lane at 20 mins in silver or bronze, you will get flamed. If you focus anyone that is not the ADC in silver or bronze, you will get flamed. See the pattern? It is inescapable!
Wow, that sounds intense o.o The first match I had someone watch me instead of play their role, I thought it was a 1/10000 thing, just this person being bossy, but it sounds like it only gets worse... I guess the trick is to have guts of steel, not let the flames get to you, and have fun regardless of the outcome!
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: > I guess my question is, if you're playing support, are you really supposed to just let the enemy get away with low % health instead of doing the final strike when nobody else can take it (just to please your bot that you didn't "ks")? No. If nobody else can take it, and you can, just do it. Some might scream KS because they have misread the situation and think that they would have gotten it, but that's not your problem. I try to leave the kills as often as possible. However, if I think that nobody else will get it, I don't hesitate to last hit. A dead enemy is still dead, no matter who got the kill credit. Don't fight over it with your team, just ignore them. They will forget about it soon enough anyway. By the way, it's ADC, not bot. xD From my experience, the more you focus on your own game, the more you improve, the better ADCs you will get paired up with. Just hang in there.
Hehe thanks, I wasn't so sure if they were all considered adc. I've gotten some really tanky, low range, more suited for jungle or top "adc"s, so I wasn't sure if I should say adc or bot :P Thanks for the nice encouragement and input ^^ I guess I'm a bit soft for this game. I try to treat everyone with respect, because behind that champion there's a human being playing, but some people have said some terrible things that stick with me for the rest of the day after a game...
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: I won my last game 7-2-12 with {{champion:89}} and my adc {{champion:67}} 5-6-12 , i trying to leave kill but after i use all combo and still my adc cant make kill and get killed then you must just take kill . I dont have good adc in most case and if i make ks its because i save my adc not because i try get kill on purpose. Im main supp and i make ks in every game because i played so many games as supp and i know situation and the outcome.
Thanks, it's a relief to hear that more experienced players also have this and that it's not really something that can be completely avoided! Yeah, it's such a shame when you save them and they only focus on the kill instead of the fact that you saved them... If the your adc and the enemy are both super low on health, and your adc isn't taking a clue and pulling back, and you've already exhausted/stunned/done everything you can, would you strike the enemy to make sure they die before your adc, or would it be better to leave it to your adc and if your adc dies (because you've already done everything you can, heal, shield, stun, etc...) then kill? (Or a third option?)
: The ADC getting the kill is the most ideal result but it isn't a flame worthy offence if the support gets it instead. It's war on the rift and not everything can be predicted. If the support accidentally secures a kill that was well within an ADC's power of taking, the ADC should just be happy for the assist and free lane time. A win's a win. I constantly remind my lower ELO friends to take the kill if they can when they're supporting me. As long as they're dead and I'm alive, progress has been made.
Thanks for the input, I was really curious if I was in the right line of thinking with "a kill is a kill" or if I was naïve, since I'm newer to the game. > As long as they're dead and I'm alive, progress has been made. That's what I figure when I play adc as well! If I'm low on health and my supp killed the enemy when healing me, I'm so grateful that they saved me! Whenever I do that as supp though... My adc accuses me of stealing the kill instead of thanking me for saving them (not that I need thanks, but I don't want to be flamed either!)
: Honestly, so long as you're not purposefully taking the kills, it doesn't matter if you get kills either accidentally or when your teammates aren't in range to get it. And if you do get raged at for it, just apologise. Even if they wouldn't have gotten it, apologising tends to placate most players. Also, a little something from me to you; you aren't the ADCs bitch. You're the team's bitc...I mean, support. You do what you think is best for the team.
Thanks, yeah, that's true. I do try to be very calm and polite in chat and it does work to calm people down. Honestly I haven't talked back to anyone flaming, but I'll try apologising, hopefully they'll understand... It's just hard as a newer player to know whether the bossy person actually has your team's interest at heart and you don't know it, or if they're just greedy and want to get the best build for themselves and feel like a hero.
: I'm not high elo but anyway..(if I'm wrong someone correct me) In a 2v2 bot lane fight, always leave the person with 5% health for the adc to pick off unless they're escaping, and start attacking or stunning/slowing the other person so the adc safely gets 1 kill and you focus the other. Always give your adc the kill unless they're getting away and you're uncertain. Oh and the adcs that treat you like a servant, mute them and play exactly like you were playing. I've had a Vayne sit at base and afk because she died twice. Literally waited at base and flamed the whole time. At the end of the game(I was Tahm) I W'd her and threw her to the enemies, best feeling ever watching her die.
Thanks for the advice :) Yeah that's what I try, I'm going to try harder to back off more when the damage gets lower. For me it's a challenge to keep my adc alive when they're being greedy and running under the enemy turret or ahead of the minions **and** trying to avoid killing the enemy when it's low health. Like when I've exhausted and (for example with {{champion:37}}) done W on my adc and they're still getting away, the enemy jungler's coming and my adc is dying, so I have to resort to R all the enemies so my adc can make it out alive and they start raging over me having done a kill...). That sounds like a rare occasion but I often get adcs that play so risky :P The shame is my whole point was to make sure they'd make it out alive, but they seem to take it personally like my goal was to steal their kill... Hahaha awww, I'm so sorry it had to resort to that. I'm sure the whole team must've cheered! Luckily I haven't had anyone rage quit like that but I have had the "EVERYONE REPORT x" which scared me because I was honestly trying my best...
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