Gengchen (EUW)
: I can not log in
Wtf is the problem ?! Hurry !!!
amfos (EUW)
: When is the next game mode ?!
Yeah its ok i understand that most of the people don't like URF, but they can make permanent modes and people will chose why stop playing if i don't like playing normal i will play some mode if don't like mode i will play mode .. i don't understand why people stop playing if they don't like urf play normal ..its ok to give us a chance to choose :D
: Just google stuff a bit before posting stuff Here's a small FAQ Q > Why don't they keep gamemode ups permanently : A > Queue times go high Q > Why don't we see urf often ? A > It's been observed that people stop playing the game a few days after urf comes on Q > Why did they make the thresh game mode ? A > Cause small mini games like that are exactly what you'd want as a rotating game mode, just a simple fun addition to the normal modes Q > But it sucks so why ? A > That's just your opinions, I personally liked it very much
I googled everything .. and i also asked riot and they all the time sent me link that i already see .. or post that don't say when will be .. if u know what i mean..look its not the end of the world.. who wants to play normal/ranked he will play and maybe he will wait a little longer for game and who wants to play urf or other mode he will play that.. i mean i hate dota2 don't wanna play but there u have 10 modes that u can play 24/7 and they are permanent ..why cant urf be like that ?! :D
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