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Ne3Me4Sis (EUW)
: LF duo mate in season 9 - high silver or better and + 50 % winrate
so you are looking for challenger csing in high silver ok
: I'd just like to point out that Vayne top is a viable pick, especially in Low ELO where junglers are very predictable.
voyboy plays vayne in high elo :D
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: Looking for people to play with >.<
you forgot to mention diamond+
: Bye
bye, hope some other game can bring you happiness
: Rankets in Iron
you people dont come here looking for advice you just come here to complain how you cant get out of iron/silver and you are the ultimate carry.. guess what. you are not
Darwinion (EUW)
: I wish people would stop eating this Riot food, it seem you are unable to think for yourselves. On papir yes, mathmatical probability says you are right, but anyone who understands the probability theory will tell you, that to achieve this statistically you need an infinite number of games.., something that simply does not work in this game due to obvious reasons.
ok my friend stay in silver
: Although I do understand how you feel since I'm facing the same. But statistically speaking, the enemy team is gonna have as much bad players as you do. And if your team feeds the enemies in a game, the enemies are gonna feed your team in the next game. It's not like the matchmaking system puts bad players only in your team because he hates you. So if you are still stuck in an elo, it's because you can't make a difference so you deserve to be there. PS : I'm silver 4 and I'm facing the same problems. But BlueEziboy is right in must cases
actually the chances of them having bad players is more (5 players) vs your team (4 players), if you consider yourself the ultimate silver carry
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