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: aah sorry man dan kan je niet mee doen het moet minimaal high gold high plat zijn :(
bloodhore (EUW)
: ur bronze 3
now i am bronze 1 and in promo's to silver
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: toplaner en jungler gezocht
ik kan wel junglen maar ben wel nog climbing van b2
: Your Predictions for the next victorious skin?
i would love 2 see nautilus but thats just cuz i main him
: New Champion : Minion King
i like the whole minion control idea but i have 2 problems with it 1 it kinda looks like Yorick and malzahar 2 it gets A LOT weaker late game when there is almost no turret around but indeed a sort of mage who controls minions would be very cool
: Level 7 champ rewards
it would be a awesome idea cuz people would be more motivated to play league
ehaugw (EUW)
: Grievous Wounds for AP
why dont u use {{summoner:14}} ?
bloodhore (EUW)
: ADC LF SUPP (Diamond V)
hi i am a mystery 7 {{champion:201}} and {{champion:111}} main and know some tricks with {{champion:432}} as well wanna play 1 game to try out?
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aprhod1te (EUW)
: It sounds cool
: D5 support main lf duo
u mean u support or u want a morgana/thresh/blitz support?
: Master Yi main LF Kayle main
hahahaha omg if u do this i think u get banned cause {{champion:20}} support was also banned cause taking a role and playing another role
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