Frozen379 (EUNE)
: Hate to burst your bubble of hope: - System only takes your chat; - Does not care about overall chat; - It's decided only on YOUR chat what YOU typed and not overall chat; - Don't believe me? Why you get only your own chat log?
Iknow, just wanted to try everything i could you know.
: Normaly you can't get a Perma ban. You should have got much bans in the past year. Or else you can't get a perma ban without getting any other chat bans. And yes Perma bans are very rarelyy to get. Im sorry for you man. Next time just mute them ;)
i got one 14 day ban 2 months ago i think, since then i have been trying to improve myself interms of self control.
armaniko (EUW)
: Perma-banned for self defence.
Yes guys, i flamed back. Well i know now it isnt self defence, but retaliation. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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