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: Being offensive towards him won't change it either tho. :(
Looks like getting tilted/frustrated is not a human emotion tho
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: Tbh, "relieving the pressure" by taking it into the chat just adds to the negativity and only "feeds" the trolls/inters. It doesn't do anything good, not for you and not for anybody else in that game. Not even from a psychological point of view. People usually think that "relieving the pressure" this way is good for them, but in fact, it just fuels the anger one accumulated. That anger leads to destructive behaviors even more for that person itself and the ones surrounding them. The more the anger grows, the more destructive it is. Instead, one should think of other ways to use that energy, in a more constructive way. Now, there's no general thing that one can do for that, so everybody should find the thing that would be constructive for themselves and the ones that surrounds them. For me for example, cooking something quick works. Whenever I'm pissed off, I cook something really fast and invite some friends over to enjoy it with me. That way, I release that built pressure and relax. And hey! I make my friends happy too. :D I dunno what works for other people, but imo, this is the way to go and I encourage anyone to find their own way to release the steam, instead of contributing to the negativity and toxicity in the game or even in their real lives. Hope this helps. This is just my opinion.
The game was already lost when the guy started inting :). Being nice to him won't change it


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