: There's a problem with a working ELO system? How else were you planning to do it?
Redesign it so it's less toxic.
: AN ELO SYSTEM WILL ALWAYS GUIDE YOUR WINRATE TO 50%, BECAUSE THAT'S HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK. I'm not typing this shit out again, but read this for my opinion. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/vToEzl9r-how-that-forced-50-winrate-myth-really-works-detailed-explanation
I know and that's the problem.
: or you just suck
Having AFKs Trolls and inters doesnt make you bad at the game.
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: Asked someone for a duo partner and then..
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: Daily reminder that matchmaking needs to be looked at
: I have twice more defeats than victories in ranked games.
It's small amout of games. The more you play the closer you get to 50%
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: IFS - incredible %%%%up system?
How are they supposed to know?
Hajictan (EUW)
: Just a rant of frustration
> Soooooo my issue is that if you are in a losing game, where side lanes can't win and team fights are a lost cause, because your team has no engage adc has 70 cs. Team still does not want to give up and keeps you hostage in a game that is 100% lost No game is 100% lost. Anything can happen like their ADC may go AFK or they can make some huge mistakes. With that attitude it will be really hard for you to climb. Just had a game where our Master Yi went AFK after 10 min into the game. My friend just wanted to surr and start next when I told him League is not about the games you win it's about what you learn and how you improve from them. Really if you play like silver don't focus on getting gold, try to get better in every game and thank your bad teammates for making the game more challenging.
iaapvper (EUW)
: i downvote every post so u lost the game
I think Ive won.
: What is your rank on main?
I used to be plat 4 in season 6 I think, then I stopped playing.
: Yes! I still want it to be random of course, but to make all characters available. :)
It wont be fair, lucky picks will decide a lot.
: Add TFT games to match history+Replay function
I'm sure they are working on it.
: ARAM Ranked? All characters unlocked?
As soon as you remove the random champion pick it stops to be fun.
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: [GOLD/PLAT] SUPP Looking for ADC
Yo, I play Jhin/MF and this is a new account you can add me so we can play later. I have 6 games till placement though.
: i got permabanned
1. They can ban you. 2. As their policy says "You don't own any skin or champion in the game" in other word you don't own anything. 3. It isn't helpful to listen to you in the chat. 4. I think you can get unbanned. 5. Next time disable the chat.
: Nothing works in the client
Does the settings menu works?
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Nolfinisko (EUNE)
: Zilean Jank Build
Thanks for keeping LoL fun, I'll try it.
: just played mundo jungle and it was probably the craziest thing I've ever seen
: Phantom dancer should be removed or changed.
Phantom Cancer, but I don't agree.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Change the name of the game to a more suitable one.
Just rename it to "Masochism Online".
: Was this really a punishable flame?
You don't use chat in any helpful way so I don't see a reason for them not to restrict you.


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