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: Hey bappelcake! There's actually another condition on these that weren't made clear - these have to be done as a premade 5. This was an intentional decision as these missions are meant to be a challenge around team cohesion and working together. (This isn't reflected in the currently posted information, but will be updated) We know exactly how bad this would be to do as a random 5 players - which is why this will only be possible as a 5 man premade - everyone has to agree to make this happen. We will, of course, be keeping a close eye on the performance and how this impacts queues, but hopefully that alleviates the concern. That doesn't quite answer the "teleport/smite" question, but as a full 5 man premade this is the challenge to overcome and work together ^_^
Hey Eambo! I really appreciate your quick response. Although I'm not a fan of the missions (because they violate the 1st principle), I understand the choices you've made. Them being only possible as 5-man premades makes a bit more sense, and I'll of course be bringing my friends together to do them. Thanks for the reply :)
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