: Add bots in custom
Thats exaclty what i was going to post to tell riot about it . Upvoted .
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TimeToSmash (EUNE)
: Can you just please Up Vote this post to get on the **Hot Page**.Also i'm going to edit this and add more stuff like,how to play this kind of champion,what to max,skill order,what to ''evolve'' with passive etc. P.S. : Where to contact trick2G ?
You can find Trick2g in his twitch account when he streams , his twitch is /trick2g and his youtube is /user/trick0850 . As how to contact him , you can try with the comments in youtube , or if you want to pay a little bit for a donation for trick , he will see your message and would contact . Thats all i know .
TimeToSmash (EUNE)
: Thank you bro,i will change the damage and fix R - Persistent Effect ; As you can see down,Passive that improve R is something is same as that.I will change it quickly.
: Wauw thats 1k damage Q's without E, with e 1.5k damage thats kinda stupid.
it is 2.5k with the E ( on a minion :P )
ThePikol (EUNE)
: How much AP did you have? With {{item:3089}} and{{item:3040}} and that much mana I assume Ryze can 1 shot anyone?
TimeToSmash (EUNE)
Hey TimeToSmash , This is a very nice not really rework , more like a champ update to the current season , i really did like every part of it but there are stuff that are overpowered . First of all the bear stance stun at level 5 , it should be reduced to 1.25 secs or 1.5 secs , 1.75secs it way too much , and the slow after that hit shouldnt be more than 10-15%. After that , the turle stance "stacks" , like you said it stacks to 5 times , the 1% hp every stack is ok , but the for the armor and mr it should be 5 every stack , maxing at 25/25 armor and mr which is nice . Next , his new passive is kinda useless until level 8 , which he will feel alot weaker in the early levels than he is now , and you nerfed his skills dmg and shields so you should thought about that. Finally , i don't understand the "Persistent Effect: Burns enemies (deal 100 true damage over 4 seconds to first enemy)" , if it means it deals that much true dmg in level 1 , thats just wrong :P. Anyway , this is coming from an Udyr main and master , played him for a very long time , and when i say those are nice changes but just need some fixes , they are :D. I wish Riot would take a look at this and consider making it live , cause lets be honest , udyr is one of the most balanced champions in the game and hadnt been changed in a very long time (except some nerfs lately because of the new jungle item for ap ) . So yeah , GOOD LUCK MATE ! P.S: You should give this to trick2g , Riot may listen to him :P .
LovroLox (EUNE)
: What champion do you relate yourself with?
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Halvor2001, You can read more about how mastery works [HERE](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/features/champion-mastery) however tl;dr is it takes a lot of metrics into consideration and compares you against others playing that champion, in that role, on your region. For comparison, it was recently revealed that only the top 2% receive S+ as mentioned [HERE](http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/38ajyf/riot_setting_s_high_since_2015/crtljaw) :-)
i got tons of S+ , does that means im in the top 2% ? yohoooooooooooo !!! :P
Ďd (EUW)
: an idea for rengar from a rengar main
As a rengar player main ( i did master him for a while , but i stopped playing for about a year cause of school and stuff ) i can say that riot doesnt know how to deal with rengar , they created a the monster of all beasts , and they dont know how to nerf him , they tried their best , they tried to nerf him such that they wont make him useless , it all started with the ult mark , at first it was bad for rengar mains , but then it was accepted , but then , rito lets say ; didnt know how to position their nerf ; and messed with his E .... , they really need to re-consider that because the cast time is horrible , it was too op before , but i think they need to upgrad their system to hundle cast time of 0.1 sec or even 0.05 sec and that might fix it . About the diana stuff ( i wont talk about kha because 95% of champs cant fight him 1vs1 isolated ) , diana doesnt have an escape , it is about going all in , kill the adc or apc and die , she get stunned she is dead , she get rooted she is dead etc , she cant buy QSS like rengar can :P.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Because he's relatively easy to counter..? {{item:3153}} {{champion:96}}
i hate when i play Voli or nasus and there is a kog or vayne versus me , makes me wanna kill my self , rito nerf vayne and kog . kappa
LA Losty (EUW)
: Start maining Udyr and maybe you will get Spiritguard Udyr next time you get free discounts ;p (if its even possible to get those kind of skins).
i main udyr , thats the problem xD
LA Losty (EUW)
: Its a personalized shop, it depends on what role and what champs you play. Even if you dont like the skins they are offering its still free discounts. :)
when some1 got spirit guard udyr , i dont think he would care for the other udyr skins but still , assassin master yi ._.
: Gotta love your shop........................
ye , they did almost as bad as you to me too , sometimes i wonder ..
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Is Kassadin a good mid laner right now?
i like to play kassadin , but for early game , eh meh , but like game , yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , i mean not really late game , about level 11 you start messing up with people minds , but level 16 with that beautiful 45% cdr makes your ult at 1.1 sec O_O #OpieOp
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: i cant do that. i have to build eye of equinox. then i need to build frozen <3 or iron solari depending on who is fed in the enemy team... etc :P ^^
it is called soloQ for a reason ( if you are playing alone of course )
: Suggestion: Buff Tahm Kench
just go with tahm like this ( if you were playing supp ) : {{item:3748}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} {{item:1306}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3401}} you would do so much mixed dmg , they cant do anything :P
mahdix1 (EUW)
: Something really annoys me as a jungler
i play mostly jungle too , and i play it like trick2g does , i do not care what do you say , if you over extand , thats your shit , i gank the lane I SEE that will help ME carry the game , IT IS MOTHER _"FATHERING"_ soloQ after all . justwatch them cry and go afk and take the shit of their farm , that makes them really mad :P ( dont take it all tho , just _pretend_ you were coming to gank but it was a fail , take few gold and exp and walk , easy game easy life :P )
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I used my psychic powers and they told me tomorow.
damn man , ty for help .
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Can't wait as well. It doesn't says (like always does) '..will be released during this patch", which means it might be released tomorrow or until the end of this week.
during this patch might mean the last day before the next patch :3 , who knows ? xD
: I love it when new champs get released it goes like this: 1) Everyone buys the champ 2) no one knows how to play it properly or to counter it 3) someone lose a game where the new champ got fed due to point 2 4) new champ spends the next month perma banned 5) Run to the forums and cry nurf threads
your jokes are bad and you should feel bad :3
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Gandolan (EUW)
: Hey batata2014, to contact customer support just go over [HERE](https://support.riotgames.com). Click the button on the right top "Sumbit A Request" to send in a new request. They will answer as soon as possible. Good luck with getting your RP ! :)
Thank you alot you there :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} , i wish you become like faker !!! ( This is how people in LoL wish good stuff to other people xD )
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: LOL, thanks for the read and laugh :) But as jungle main i can say that Ad Mundo jungle works just fine in this meta. Just semitanking him is a bit wiser ;)
nah , FULL tank titanic hydra , best build ever
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: darius doesn't take much skill and that's why he has so little outplay potential. He gets kited very easily which is his downfall. He doesnt do that much damage without damage items. His q would only heal for 900 dmg if it hits 3 targets with its blade and he must have lost about 2700 hp. Buy a mortal reminder and the heal drops to about 500. He is so easy to play against. I'd say darius is a bit weak pick atm.
thats why i go with him 3 quints for movement speed and rush {{item:3044}} +{{item:1321}} or {{item:1306}} with {{item:3742}} , you get around 480-490 speed , and about 430-440 without dead mans plate , and then the last item if im fed i pick {{item:3142}} :P . SPEED !!!
: > Everyone is playing with it That's not entirely true, now is it? I see a lot of diversity in keystones nowadays.
because riot said " LETS NOT NERF THUNDER , LETS BUFF ALL THE OTHERS !!!" #logic
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Skere (EUW)
: Buff Ziggs
He is just hard to play cause he is the one of the few champs who got only skillshot/throwing skills , even tho might find him easy to play , i think if some1 really master him , he would be a beast really , cause his Q with 2 - 3 sec with max cooldown with high % ap ratio would do tons of dmg
: it sucks man, i already asked riotsupport on twitter but no reply yet, if you've found a solution or if it works, can you please tell me? good luck bro
ty , if i find a solution i will tell you , np
: Which champion should I replace the old Shen with?
volibear or olaf ? both got a good sustain and dmg , they got some cc , they are tanky with a very good dmg and can farm pretty easily i think
: Unable to get into game after new patch regardless of what I try.
: Cant connect to games after latest patch...
same problem budy , i even tried to repair but nothing
Kätamina (EUNE)
the renekton one could be possible , nunu too , but 1k ap chogath with 5k hp ? lmao and poor nunu got only ult and E as dmg so pls
: I use Rocky's quote often: "It's not over until it's over."
you mean :"Until i say it is over" :P
: People giving up too easily
Like Leonidas said :"_Never Surrender !!!! , we will dine in hell :D_"
EbbxFlow (EUW)
: MF Nerf
So are you talking about the "AP" MF nerf or the "AD" , because from the last sentence , you said that the nerf to MF E hitted the AP MF hard , who cares , but about the dmg from the passive and double up , ye , thats so much dmg for the "early game" , so they reduced the % by 5 % for the early game , because like you said , so much dmg , so maybe they will do a little nerf to the ult , just reduce it by a little number and MF will be balanced i think.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Why not make mages tanky aswell, and adc's too! You can go tank and you can go tank, everyone can be tanky! :D
Dude , you are following me everywhere in this forum , WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME !!! here take a cookie{{item:2010}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Glyphs, can someone explain ...
Pros use cdr scaling instead of flat mr or scaling mr for 2 reasons mainly : 1- because they can avoid getting dmged so they dont need that much resistance 2-they really want to build only one item that gives Cdr like {{item:3165}} or {{item:3174}} ( in general ) , so they want to have max cooldown reduction ( which really cool to spam abilitys ) while having very strong ap items to save slots like {{item:3116}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3285}} etc because they aint that much ap items that gives cdr , and if there is any , they are only for some champions ( few really )
Queen Sunmi (EUNE)
: Yes it is safe from mapskins.com but only from there.
thats from where i got it , thanks !!
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LA Losty (EUW)
: No its not. Ive seen a 0.00 before. Personal record in a ranked match is 0.1 for me.
how can i beat that ? the systel cant show it even if i do it , RIOT MAKE MORE ZEROES PLS !!!!
Lovrothekid (EUNE)
: You're right.
What lane do you prefer to play ? what kind of enemies you want to destroy and have fun doing it ? ( ADC , MIDLaners , tanks ... ) Do you like being tanky and undead ? or oneshotting people ? or half half ? Do you like to save people lifes and sacrifice yours for them ? Do you like taking kills and carry the game because you KNOW you can carry ? etc etc etc ... :P
Lovrothekid (EUNE)
LA Losty (EUW)
: As Rengar if you perform the oneshot combo flawlessly (and have your items) then you can kill a squishy in less than half a second :) You wont need a brush ;)
the record is 0.01 sec dude , trying to beat that :P ( MIND BLOWING!!! )
BraińFkr (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=batata2014,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=anojlu3A,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-12-30T20:09:08.866+0000) > > even if i were this guy {{champion:107}} ? :3 If you miss your combo , or get "pinked" , you're dead meat
never attack vayne alone , without brush :3
BraińFkr (EUNE)
: Instead of asking for vayne nerfs and reworks , learn to play against her. Invisibility ? {{item:2043}} 75g (there's no invisibility outplay , as long as you can see her) True Damage has no counterplay tho , still , she must 3shot you , for true damage. Play {{champion:91}} /{{champion:238}} /{{champion:7}} or any champion that can 1shot her ( {{champion:107}} HI !!!) ... Also , tanks like {{champion:54}} , with high HP+armor+thornmail , should work , since 1 out of 3 autoattacks procs the true damage. Strong lategame ? Make her early game a nightmare. Since her W tweak , her early game is even weaker than before , so do the right thing and camp the s... out of her , or , pick a lane bully , that can shut her down early {{champion:21}} /{{champion:236}} /{{champion:51}} Now , you want my opinion ? She is pretty balanced ... weak early game , to monster in lategame. That's how a hypercarry looks. I am a Vayne player , and i have no problem playing against her. When i go back at lv 4/5 , i buy a pink ward , and , once she used ulti , i place that ward and focus her (easy). ps: Never 1vs1 a Vayne , NEVER !!!
even if i were this guy {{champion:107}} ? :3
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