: Lucian ult does not deal bonus damage against minions
this bug is real i don't know why Riot is not doing something
MrOgi (EUW)
: Lucian R Bug
Yes the R is bugged, but seems that no one care about this bug, let's see
: Lucian ulty doesnt do 400% dmg to minions..
This bug is true, yesterday I played a normal game with him and the ulti doesn't do the 400% damage on the minions
: Hi bduk3r, Just to note, this effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every few seconds. So during the first auto attack on a target, Jarvan's basic attacks didn't deal 10% of the target's current health bonus physical damage? I know sometimes after a Q or shortly after another animation you won't see the auto attack play out, but the passive should still apply...
Yes i know well his passive, the fact was that the basic attack didn't apply the passive effect on the first auto attack and he deals only the normal auto attack damage
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