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Sublime (EUNE)
: The fact that champions are this pricy might be a good thing. It keeps normal games relevant, and creates something to fight for, even for players with 1000+ wins. The only reason why pricy champions is a problem this season is because balance have been completely nonexistent ever since preseason 6. It's getting better every patch though, so i guess we'll just have to wait.
well I do not agree. For me normals are to have fun or learn new champs, improve your mechanics, try new builds etc. not just farm IP. I do not fight to gain 6300 IP I just try to bare it. Learning a new champ, getting good with it and climbing in ranked. These are more challenging goals in my view.
: if it takes you 6 days to get 2000k ip then you arent playing alot. i can easly earn 4000+ in a day so.. also why would they decrease the IP needed? that will make players play the game less as they dont have to gain IP. meaning less players meaning less money. decreasing the RP cost would make them lose even more money.. you have to look on this problem from riots perspective and if you do that you clearly see why they would never do that.. besides, they even drop champions IP cost when new champs comes out.. thats generous enough this applies to runes/rune pages too
earn 4k in a day? say you get 250 from the bonus. 90 IP from a thirty min win. to get 4k you'd have to win around 41-42 games and that's 21-22 hours. Easily? Wut? Even if you can easily play 43 games a day you claim you can win them easily as well? And for that "riot perspective", fine. Decreasing champion IP costs won't actually make people play the game less. Most of the players do not play to gain IP they play to have fun or climb in ranked. Many players have all the champs. Giving player a more decent chance to play different champions actually would make them play even more as they'd have to play more to learn more champs. Playing for IP is not fun. I don't know how many rps spent on champs but decreasing RP prices may encourage people to buy champs with RP so they can sell more champs if not players would have more champions and that means they can buy more skins. Also dropping IP costs happens once in like 4 new champs so that happens like twice a year. That's generous? These games are not purely numbers and dough. Giving players especially new players a better game playing experience would be more profitable in the long run. That's very well the reason they have decreased the xp needed to achieve level 30. Would they have done that in your perspective?
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Hipercsiga (EUNE)
: Supports, S ratings , Kills
After seeing this topic I have played {{champion:16}} after a long while. Finished the game 0/1/20, roamed mid often, contributed to drakes and baron kills as well as towers. Bought more pinks than the enemy team combined. Placed more wards than 3 players of the enemy team combined. Could only destroy 2 wards since they weren't warding. Done healing close to enemy top, mid, jungle champs damage combined and had 62.5% kill participation. Got an A+. I don't really know what else could I have done to get an S. That was nearly a perfect game as a support. I rarely play support but I think getting an s should be easier than this. In the same game our mid laner dealt the highest damage by far finished the game 18/0/5 and he got an s where his cs was bad and he wasn't warding.
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Uger (EUNE)
: He still shows up as unrakned everywhere, even if you search his name in the game. So please, for the love of god, someone explain to me how he was matched in gold if he is unranked! Am I missing something?
well actually I was playing with golds when I first got into placement matches in s5. It was horrible both for me and my team. My friend told me that it's probably because I have high win ratio in normal games but I don't know my skill level was nowhere near and it was way too obvious in game.
Doomley (EUW)
: while you don't agree, that's how it is. They reduced the buff durations dramatically. This means that before the laning phase is over, it's almost pointless to give buffs to laners as they don't have enough time to make use of the buffs (the buffs last 90 seconds which is 3 waves wohoo). Blue maybe if there is a really mana hungry mid laner. Red is better on a tank than on an adc because of the hp regen it gives. Tank is able to go in and take tons of damage, retreat and come back after 10 seconds with full hp without the need for a recall. Sure it is still good on adc too. While the blue can be given and most of the time is given to the mid laner, it still BELONGS to the jungler (while laning phase is still up).
By the time second blue appears I'm mostly low on mana if I hadn't recalled yet so I can get a full regen. With blue I can be able to force enemy mid laner to back or get a kill or low on health so my jungler can come for a free kill. These things happen during 90 seconds. If enemy mid laner has blue as well then it's a fair fight. I don't really understand how junglers use blue effectively though. Can you please enlighten me on why it's better on junglers? And for red well I'd not know since I don't play adc but as a tank. If I had use my engage take the damage I can't just say oh guys ok now let me go now I need my regen. I or our team would have to use a disengage. So we have used our engage and disengage(they are generally ults or combos with ults). In the mean time enemy wouldn't just sit there while I sit on sidelines regening they'd either dive to backline or just back off. So even if I got my regen I'd probably have noone to fight against when I get back But for adcs they can engage, disengage, reengage much more easily, Slow from red helps them when they are kiting not to mention the extra damage. So if an assasin dived him and he barely survived he can regen his health and re-engage while I try to hold the frontline and at the end of the fight, if we win an adc with full health is really good for taking objectives compared to a tank. That's how I see.
: As a jungle main the best way is to prove your worth within the first 10 minutes or so, whether it's by cs, getting kills or generally good mechanics. If I see my mid laner who is like 0/2/0 with 40 cs at 10 minutes my opinion is that blue buff is wasted on them, and if they're crying for it, it's the same thing. If a mid laner is constantly moaning about mana problems and has not made a positive impact on the game then it's going to be more beneficial for me. If they have low cs and running out of mana then why will it make a difference if they had the mana, if you don't know how to conserve mana without doing anything then it's hardly going to make a difference if you had it. I can understand why this is frustrating but it's the reality, you need to give your jungler a reason to give you that buff. If they're like me a majority of the time they're going to feel they will make more use of it: Ganking more often. Faster clears. Less recalls. More CDR. Etc....
while I understand your point that's not it. Most of the time, I have the highest cs. In majority of the games I have higher cs than enemy mid at 10 min mark. There's no mana preserving against a resourceless champ though. Getting constantly harassed while csing and getting ganked it forces you to use mana. I don't really believe many junglers care about how you do in your lane. And yeah there are games I fall behind, if I'm too far behind I just shut up and try to keep my opponent in lane but even if your mid laner is behind your plan is to put him much more behind? I really don't see how junglers use blue tbh. There a few mana hungry junglers but others they get their regen at their jungle. If they have picked a decent champ they'd have a fast clear by the time second blue appears and 10% cdr what's that for? How many spell rotations you use when you gank?
Doomley (EUW)
: while it may seems unfair that your jungler takes the blue, it does belong to them. No matter what champion it is. Lee also benefits from blue with cdr and energy regen. And dont forget the experience from the camp. Every time jungler gives blue to mid, he will also lose experience.
I don't agree. It's highly unlikely that lee sin or any other jungler will optimize the blue. They can get mana regen in the jungle with their jungle items and they certainly not really need cdr it's highly unlikely they'll have 2-3 spell rotations during a gank if they ever. and that experience loss is certainly made up by having one of your lanes in much better state and higher chances of getting a kill or assist during a gank. Mid laners stay in the lane for the most of the time and would use blue much more effectively. That's why blue belongs to mid just like red belongs to adc. There can be exceptions like when there's a yasuo mid and amumu jungle amumu certainly needs blue much more than yasuo does. Junglers need to understand and respect that ,I always ping blue and even typing in chat asking mid laner to come when I'm about to start blue.
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: Ok since you seem to like only looking on the greener side of things lets say riot reinstates SQ it starts off everyone is happy but then you get all the problems back for example: Player 1) Mid or Feed Player 2) Your last pick deal with it Player 1) Ok i troll (picks {{champion:20}} with {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:11}} then proceds to feed the enemy Player 3) FFS FF at 20 report this nub Player 1) Dodge if you dont like it Noobs This is an extreme example but it did happen a lot in SQ now not saying that DQ has solved all the problems but i suppose riot has gone for the lesser of 2 evils Also DQ is already struggling with long Q times due to lack of supports if they brought back SQ then DQ que times woud be stupidly long and SQ would be back to where it belongs but then we go back to Square 1 again where if you dont get the lane you want you mess it up for the other 4
that problem you mentioned has got nothing to do with dq or sq it has everything to do with being able to select the role before. That can be implemented in sq as well. Also due to people not getting the first picks they selected I've seen many people asking to swap positions and some of them get angry when they get turned down which results to either flaming or feeding. Oh an I have a 2.9 KDA with 54% win rate with {{champion:20}} on season 6 just a side note
: Meaning you want riot to become Godlike and All seeing they have already said they are looking in to all the issues that are wrong and making the same posts everyday is not going to change that it takes a long time to code or program a system to deal with these issues with out breaking something else. This is something that unless you have coded in the past you will never understand how delicate code is and how the slightest mistake in a 50,000 line program can break the whole thing. Also no matter what system riot puts in place it is going to be abused and unless people are willing to not abuse it then there is not much riot can do
To be honest that's their problem not mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm not earning any money by playing LoL. So all that code, client things, I couldn't care less. I'm, actually we all are basically just customers. Though I'd like to see LoL community and riot have a more blurry line in that area meaning where players and riot see each other as part of one big LoL community. Riot sets rules by itself and expects their customers to oblige if they are going to keep playing LoL and that's our problem no one is forcing anyone to play LoL. To come back to your point about that how delicate things are with the coding and all well if you know that then you'd agree riot has much more knowledge on the matter no? Then why they didn't implement a transition phase let's say. Like both dq and sq being open for players while riot addressing the issues on dq, which they do acknowledge by themselves. Both parties would be happy but they have chosen to enforce a system with many defects ask us to voice our opinions then go ahead with what they think is best while they claim they'll make us things better and asking us to bear with it. So I am merely voicing my opinion as riot asks players to do within the rules of the board.
: Tbh the Matchmaking system is a tad broke at the minute but its hardly just riots fault. I mean they have to take some of the blame but 80% of it is the communitys fault why the mmr system is a mess and you have to ask your self why is that. Everyday i see more and more sites offering payed boosts by challengers/Masters in the lower elo. This in term means the anyone who is only at a bronze/silver lvl can now be boosted to a gold/plat lvl which is why the higher elows are getting games with teammates who cant even play to a silver lvl let alone a gold/plat lvl. TL:DR The community needs to take responsibility for our actions and not just blame riot for everything.
there'll always be abusers in any community that's why owners set rules and take protective measures. now community didn't design the matchmaking system nor the dynamic q. Riot did it on its own without taking peoples opinions in consideration so yeah it's riot's responsibility to protect community from abusers and design a system that is at least fair and decent and the community has every right to complain and voice their opinions.
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: Fizz.
damn it feels good to play fizz {{champion:105}} hater's gonna hate {{champion:105}}
: Not really... things like sarcasm is typically signified by things like the tone of your voice or body language, which is absent here. So sarcasm in text (or anything along those lines which relies on these things) tends to get lost... this has happened well before kappa got created (in fact that's why kappa started... a signifier to help alleviate this issue). And it's made worse by the fact that there are people on the internet who would generally believe/write something like this and wouldn't be sarcastic about it... So it's difficult to tell if a complete stranger on the internet is just being a troll or is serious and generally believes these things... maybe if this wasn't the case then spotting sarcasm would be a lot easier but you can never know with strangers on the internet.
Well to be honest although I think there are subtle indications in the text that I'm being sarcastic I really don't care whether people think I'm sarcastic or not. I just want people to read(maybe it's a long read) and think how'd they look when they steal my blue while I was taking it. Maybe they'd claim they deal damage and win games and they actually do claim till I show them the damage dealt to champions section which they have no idea of or maybe they'd realize they are part of a team and be more respectful to their team mates.
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Loonsta (EUW)
: Promotion?
Same issue here, I have just submitted a ticket as well. I have won 2 and lost 1 in promotion series but system didn't count my last win. As you can see in screenshot I have lost 1 ranked game and won the next two.
: ***
oh brilliant idea oh wait looks like I have played in total of 70 days out of my 6 months in LoL so that means what? roughly 9 hours a day? and I have around 50 champs most of them are under 3150. So it'd take around a year "if" I continue to play 9 hours everyday to get rest of the champs. So yeah play games to get IP brilliant idea pal.
Kítty (EUNE)
: Unused IP
Maybe these guys could donate their IPs to poor new guys like me so I could buy champions{{item:3070}}
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