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: The thing is: Too many believe they have to carry and the rest of their team is worth shit -> less ppl choose Support as even being the best Support, you have an extremely hard time carrying a team that actually doesnt know how to follow up on you or use your tools. Though the reality is: Most ppl (including me) are unable to carry on their own even with their best champ on best position in best matchup etc. and actually need a team capable of doing basic stuff and more. But the wrong mentality is still in ppls head. How does Riot get that out? By making Supports carries? By making advertising videos? My guess is, they can't. It's human nature. Nobody could change that in millennia.
The carrying theater is a big point. Though I personally think you can actually carry better as a supp (in low elo). Most people have problems with strategy, iniciating and map awareness. If you re halfway good at it and boss everyone around you can carry even weaker teams. Even if you re the weaker Support. I personally believe Riot has another problem. Most Lol players are the "killer" playtype. That means they want to control and dominate, most support champions werent designed with that in mind (because they didnt know it back then look at sona, soraka and janna). Only the newer ones are (Thresh, Bard, Tham older ones would be BC and Leona). So most "killer" players dont want to play them, they cant dominate and kill so it isnt fun for them. The other way (riot are probably trying) is to appeal to new player groups (girls for example who are usually not as aggressive (writes the girl who is her self a "killer")). I think that s what they try to do with the starguardian skins, with the bewitching skins. Ivern also looks like he is designed with women in mind. They included "cute" elemens in their recall. He gives the monsters in the jungle a new found kindness. If everything goes as planned we might see alot new supports in a few years.
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: Newbie in need of build help
Try they display the most common builds for plat and up. Buuut since you re new try to always think about taking more mana (because you are oom faster than higher elo players) or more defence stats ( no use going full damage when you die 20 times). We can play a round together if you want. I m bored and I have t3.
lil pëep (EUW)
: Smurfing...Is it encouraged by riot?
If you watch closely riot tries to stop people from smurfing. The hextech chests are an example you get more motivation to play on your main, when you get an s and a chest on a smurf you cant use it on your main that feels bad. Same goes for the keys. You also only get paired up with smurfs after a few games.
: HELP 15% win rate
First of all you die too much. I d bet you get very agitated in game and take too big risks. Second of all try and watch a few games. 3 rd if you have ts we can play a round. Sometimes you just need to win a few to come back again. I dont care about lp much but im s2 soo I dont know if we can play together.
: You know what, to be quite honest i genuinely don't believe that there are any "girls" that legitimately play league of legends ######~~(or any on the internet for that matter lol)~~###### i personally believe that there are some people that exist only to try and level up their accounts and reach diamond so they can sell their accounts and pretend to be girls in hopes of guys inviting them to help elo boost or something like that to help them reach diamond. i think that pretending to be a girl just to trick guys into helping you reach diamond is wrong and should become a bannable offense, it is highly misleading and also is deceptive and can make people more paranoid. for every 100,000 boys playing league there are roughly 1,000 people claiming to be female, and out of that 1,000 there are only 56 that legitimately are female. this makes me sad :( and only 4 of them might be hot. none of them cosplayers mainly even know how to play league and are just models or fans dressing up in costumes either for monies or attention or both
There are me for example (though I expect that you dont believe me) but there are really some girls here. Just look for accounts with pink skins, with poro icons and wards. And watch riot often enoughashe and Sona, Dragontrainer Tristana, Soraka skins (well except for the Programm Soraka skin)... I m not saying there are only girls who play with these skins but Riot wouldnt design them for a male only community they wouldnt sell as good.
JordyBaka (EUW)
: Girls on the "teams & clubs" section
Well I m a girl and I dont try to make ppl boost my elo. But I once played with another girl and her attitude was like "Come rescue me!" "Die for me!" "Im a girl, why dont you follow!" "Be impressed I play lol at silver elo" Of course she played off meta mid, had no positioning, no mappresence and did 0 damage. It was so fucking annoying. Not to mention she started pouting 20 min into the game. I actually enjoy the fact that at lol none ever treats me like the pretty, busty girl I am. When I suck I get flamed like everyone else. None cares to go an extra mile for me. When someone says "GJ" they mean it. Once In my life I m treated just as bad as everyone else and I like it.


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