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: You get CDR, so the cooldown on the Q is not an issue. And you're talking out of your ass guys. They didn't rework he because she wasn't popular, they reworked her again because she didn't meet her originally intended goals. But anyway. She's great. Feels really smooth, just needs some getting used to some things. Like never hitting E on a champ if he's not poisoned because it deals 0 damage.
Really wondering what Cassi's current goal is then. Because as I remember she was supposed to be a hypercarry with a lot of DPS. And they succeeded in that. Although her early was probably a bit too strong for a hypercarry.
xExerionx (EUW)
: I played Cass now a few times after the patch and being a Cass Main player I have to say I HATE the changes! The passive is boring as hell, E does less dmg overall (Much higher cd!!, less AP scaling and with new Passive Cass has less AP overall) and W is a nice idea but as the OP already mentioned the fact that it has a minimum range is utter crap. Laning against enemies like zed and yas that can close the gap to you in the blink of an eye without much effort requires you to be able to cast W ontop of you,,, Not happy with the changes overall. Cass was much more interesting before the patch with her old E that resets on poisoned targets (0.5s) and her passive that increases in power based on poison stacks. Why didnt you just tweaked her old passive (less % AP and cd) and added the movement crap as an addition.
I always liked Cass as a barely picked champion and always wondered why. She was pretty good throughout the entire game. Early was great and she had more than enough damage to kill most champions, even though it would cost pretty much all your mana. Mid game she was pretty strong and could fight most champions easily and her teamfighting is great. And lategame she was a mage with pretty much the higest sustained damage of all champions. Still wondering why you would destroy a perfectly fine champion...
: I love the changes! Her Q CD is a little annoying if you don't have cdr but since e got a casting and travel time (depending on how far you are away from your enemy) the 3.5 cd is alright, not optimal tho. We get a completely new spell with her w which does not only poison enemies but also makes it impossible for them to get away! Perfect for lockdown combos or before/after your ultimate. I know the range is a bit of a problem, but once you get used to it it's not that bad. You shouldn't stand in the fronline anyway, so I think the range is alright. Her e does a lot less damage and I can't count all the cs I lost in early game for it, but you can still use auto attacks to last hit or just wait until the minions drops really low if you don't like to poison the minion. I like the extra-damage mechanic and a late-game e without poison still does decent dmg in case you missed your q (especially when you sit on 1000 ap). Overall a VERY good and needed change for Cassiopeia. Introducing a new spell effect and also giving her back her early game power we used to love her for before the changes :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I know Cass isn't a front-line champion, but her range isn't exaclty great. And since every new champion either has 3 times her range or multiple gapclosers, that grounded won't really help you. It's not an instant debuff to stop an enemy from moving, like the old Veigar stun. Any barely decent Fizz, Zed, LB or any other assassin will just jump over that W before it hits the ground, making it pointless. The least you could give Cass is the ability to lock that assassin down next to her. You probably still die, but at least your team can hit that assassin before he jumps back. Cass used to be a mage that I could play as any ranged carry, shoot out twin fangs while kiting backwards. That old miasma just helped getting a bit of distance if enemies got too close. It's great to see Riot made a skill that counters the mobility creep, but at least make it useable.
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: They nerfed his base damages so hard, I guess spellvamp tank top isnt viable anymore.
He has ad and ap ratios on his q and e now. A gunblade works wonders and the 3rd aa is bound to heal you for over 400 + the massive shield you get from it. Besides that slow is something pretty great as well.
: > Apparently it seems the hit also includes other damage bonusses like sheen. So the first hit with a sheen will also increase the other 2 hits. Like you proc a sheen that hits harder ever attack. This is 100% false. While Riot's example of how it multiplies is also wrong, just reading the tooltip will explain exactly how the ability works. The damage that multiplies with each attack is NOT the total number you hit for, but the bonus magic damage from the ability - 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 (+ 25 / 26.3 / 27.5 / 28.8 / 30% AD) (+ 20% AP). Your base hit and other on hit effects are completely unaffected. If they were actually multiplied, it would be a bug, because that's not what is written on the tooltip, but I tested it with sheen myself and that is not the case. Please if you are going to whine on the forums about how "OP" or "UP" a character is, first put some effort into it and do some research before posting.
Aye after playing him a bit(and finding out hes just freelo atm) i found that out as well. Thought the damage on that q alone couldn't be that high with that scaling so it had to have the bonus from sheen as well. Little did i know that this wasn't the case and the skill was actually dealing that much damage.
: I think it only changes once Garen kills the Villain or Garen gets killed...maybe after a recall too? Not sure.
No, it changes to the enemy champion that was the last one to get a kill. If that target is killed before the enemy got another kill the enemy champion that got a kill before him with be the villain. Up to 5 times it seems. It doesn't go all the way back to firstblood. Also noticed that sometimes the villain thingy doesn't trigger. Was playing against an eve which raped our bot lane every single time she got there but she never became the villain. It was always yasou which only managed to get a kill every 15 minutes.
ViqTm (EUW)
: I agree about Garen but Mordekaiser is dead... Complain about his q all you want but you deserve to die to that if you forget that you're playing vs a champ with 325 movement speed, no gap closers or cc.
> [{quoted}](name=ViqTm,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iWFLLwOj,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2015-08-20T14:09:29.484+0000) > > I agree about Garen but Mordekaiser is dead... Complain about his q all you want but you deserve to die to that if you forget that you're playing vs a champ with 325 movement speed, no gap closers or cc. I played with a friend today. He as morde and me as thresh. Thresh bring more than enough enganging power and cc to the lane that can keep morde safe and drag people in his range. Morde doesn't need to move closer, some champs move the enemies closer. Needless to say we only lost 1 game because he isn't able to 1v5 (yet). All other games were just so easy and we made people ragequit almost everytime morde managed to get his 3rd strike in. That thing alone chunks as much as a lategame veig ult. That just isn't right.
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: An unknown champion named veigar
So 5.6 came out today. Meh, still the most useless champ in the game. That change to his e doesnt matter for shit if people are already on the other side of the map when it activates. Well back to dota2 where instant 6 second aoe stuns are still there for the sake of game balance.
Tobykachu (EUW)
: How to Fix Veigar
I tried to stun an enemy once.. boy did i regret that. I forgot an aatorx can clear his jungle faster then that stun actually hits somebody. With 500ms you can just walk to the other side without being stunned at all. I just voted for the entire kit rework as i want his old Q and E back. That is veigar and not even Riot should be allowed to change that. His W got a slight but unnecesary buff but that does not make up the huge nerf on the Q and E. His ult has a lower CD and less damage and that doesn't bother me. His ult was too strong against non AP. Remove all of his skills from the game but make his stun instant again. I loved locking that insanely op midlaner, looking at you zed, leblanc, ahri, old fizz, and wiping them off the map with my evil laugh. That's what you deserve for playing OP pieces of meta shit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nope intensifies,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YER9EpMn,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-03-23T18:58:01.068+0000) > > The problem with the old veigar stun WAS that it was instant. A decently good veigar would be able to land the edge of the cage right in your face, giving you one of the longest (pretty much unavoidable und unpredictable) stuns in the game. With that he was pretty much the winner of the laning phase if the enemy wasn't an AD ultraburst assassin with merc treads. Pretty much the same thing in teamfights, land the stun on one or more enemies, get your combo off (favourably on their APC) and land a W that takes half-life on squishies. > > In other words: I have nothing against veigars burst itself, but his instant-stun cage made laning, especially for immobile APs, just hell. He needed the short delay desperatly. honestly i would prefer them to nerf veigar stun duration instead of leaving the current delay. Heck even if you leave 1 second at all ranks it would still be better than the current joke, a good veigar is able to land his combo even with 1 second if the enemy doesn't have merc threads.
That instant stun was the thing that made veigar special. After they removed DFG they said that champions that were so reliant on it would get some buffs/changes to make up for it. In ahri's case this worked out so well she became OP. I can live with the lower ult damage. It was too much against non AP and that is pretty much a fact. His 2.5 second might indeed be too much. But change it to 1 second and let it act like galio's taunt: tenacity doesn't work. As long as it's an instant stun i don't really mind its duration. About that W damage. i don't get it. You can only hit it when an enemy is stunned and it's aoe is not that big. Meanwhile a nid spear deals the same damage and has 3 times more range. An LB can oneshot a carry and no QSS or banshees is going to save you and there is nothing you can do to counter that. A fizz charges at you and takes you out anyway and then jumps back to safety. Veigar can only throw his stun and his burst and its over. He can't defend himself after that. a lot other mids can burst just as good and have better escapes. Im still surpised they didn't make his ult a skillshot though. Rito keeps ruining my champs like usual. They ruined my AD sion and a yorick rework is on it's way. RIP yorick...
: Rip tiny master of evil! but eh the new veigar can be pretty effective too :p
But he no longer counters the mobility and that is what made him great, not his damage. And i would really love more champs that can counter heavy mobility champs. I just want this tiny guy back in his old form.
: Some Champion buff/ nerf suggestion
Teemo's AD is low because of his poisoned basics. They add a part of magic damage so that's probably why he deals less physical damage. Garen is already a noob proof beast. He is great against anything melee and is tanky enough to farm against range champions. No need for a buff at all. For noc, yeah he needs some buffs badly. The eternal dream for his enemies. Free moneys! Riven could use some actual CD in my opinion. They don't cost anything and deal more then enough damage. Her ult often sits at a 35s CD at lvl 18. And why does nobody mention her passive? At lvl 18 she deals 50% bonus ad after a skill use. Rivens have around 350 AD so thats +175 and that means your basic hits 525 without a crit. Now ad 20% bonus AD from her ult. that ends in 420 AD + 210 = 610 with just your basics. That is retarded. Vlad is annoying and a pretty strong laner. However he has some major drawbacks too: Almost no CC before a rylai. Squishy early which allows champions with gap closers to really hurt him. Very early he has no wave clear at all. He can't farm good under his turret early. Has no mobility (i don't count his pool as mobility). If i may add a champ or two: veigar. That guy is like a minion that just won the jackpot. Worth a lot of money and cannot defend himself at all. kha in its current state can't jungle and he is too squishly early to lane. he has no place on the map at the moment which kind of sucks given its a funchampion to play.
: Khazix in need of a buff?
Strong in S4, non existant in S5. Same story as my old love Veigar... Kind of odd that you can play him mid succesfully. I tried that a few times but any champ with a bit of poke can push you out of lane instantly. I still see kha as a jungler and i hope he will get back as one. I wished his passive would trigger on monsters but not actually lose it. Just so his basics (and Q maybe) would give him better clear time early.
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