: Btw, if you're mostly looking to play solo and don't care much about comms in chat, there's now also the option to completely disable chat.
That's probably the best new feature
Rioter Comments
: What are you talking about? Don't you read the patch notes or something?
So Autofill is around since S1?
Blind pick is troll mode. Instalock incoming, i started playing draft because I got my role and I could counter. Another upside is no mirror matches. I hate laning against my own champ its boring. Did u every play singed vs singed? World championship in tossing around people.
Agent O J (EUW)
: Is auto fill a perm fix?
Well nobody forces you to autofill. Just make ur pick and wait forever. I never had any problems with autofill. LOL survived without it for 5 seasons and now everyone complains about it. Well yeah, maybe they should bring back teambuilder, but again people couldnt play unless they had a sup. Maybe play more sup
Infernape (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=blackcigarre,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rmAW3OuI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-11-23T11:37:41.968+0000) > Sup isnt attractive to player because you cant do dmg as {{champion:40}} and cant carry as {{champion:267}} Don't let your dreams be dreams... Buy that Deathcap!
: Best thing to do, sad i main adc/jungle (im not going to adc on this assasin season holy jesus xD) Anyways most people say, oh i mains adc/support or i main support but im tired of this auto fill, like wtf, people complain just for fun
It's League, people flame for fun C'mon u know how retarded we all are
: Stop complaining about auto fill
Rito is trying to make sup great again but it isnt working. I play sup because I used to duo with a friend, he quit, I stayed and here I am playing sup. Sup isnt attractive to player because you cant do dmg as {{champion:40}} and cant carry as {{champion:267}} New Items and lots of sup on free champ rotation doesnt work, but I'm glad for {{item:3109}} and {{item:3107}}
Panth (EUW)
: Lose lane -> Get blamed & negative chat aimed at you, 100% of the time
Make use of the mute button. I'll just say that the chat is mostly use for flaming and rarely for tactics. Do urself that favor
Wex0r (EUW)
: true thats why i would probably open it up to most Top Laners actually,
Or try urgot adc. Kinda weird but it works
Wex0r (EUW)
: Tank/fighter as adc to counter the new assasins ?
Its hard to play fighter vs ranged. Most player will consider it troll
Zefirez (EUW)
: Ranked means nothing.
I blame rito because I cant adc seems legit
warwiller (EUNE)
: Yeah, if you have the right sort of mind I guess. Although it seems straightforward enough, I can't see as to how it is.
warwiller (EUNE)
: See what I mean? Even it's name can be difficult to understand.
Yes, because its intellectually challenging
warwiller (EUNE)
: Not everyone appreciates high humor Only those of inborn skill and a keen sense of what is important ha!
Sefi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=blackcigarre,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vEiiy3vn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-22T10:30:08.637+0000) > > Not even funny am i the only one who´s kinda frightened this thread is not in the joke section?
I see it from 2 perspectives: As a joke its kinda "already seen this", "how2retard",... Concerning reality its sad because this actually happens, but with Riven
warwiller (EUNE)
: **blackcigarre** Sorry I failed you
: "Dear Prison Governor, I have been given a 5 year jail sentence but I think that having to spend 5 years in prison will stop me getting on with my life and doing other stuff. Could you please let me stay at home and then just tell me when my sentence has been served? Best wishes Mr Felon"
Dear Mr. Felon No problemo The point of punishing you isnt to make you thing about your wrongdoings and how the community was affected by you. It's defnitly not sanctioning or schooling, we just do this for no reason. We will inform you after ur sentence has been served and I'm sure the victims of ur crimes agree with your opinion. The Governor
113 Fader (EUW)
: When you get suspended For leaving game/AFK
Actually works pretty good. I had problems with my router, but didnt care about it. I had a lot of dc and my team lost because of me. The result was low priority q, 5 mins of waiting, so I fixed it. If there was no leaverbuster I would have gone on doing so.
warwiller (EUNE)
: How to reach challenger pro 5 in 5 seconds
Antony9 (EUW)
: How can I balance school and studying?
I study Physics and Chemistry at the University of Tübingen and am most of my time in lectures, the library or in the lab. If u want to be good learn at least 1 or 2 hours a day, if you want to be very good make that 3 minimum. If u want straight A you have to learn like my buddy Tham (not Tahm) from China. 10 Hours learning, make 2 of them a brake. Guaranteing you A's af, I'm doing it on weekends and its perfect. Wake up, eat, learn, eat, learn sleep and repeat. Once you are done mondays till fridays are your weekends
Mölang (EUNE)
: Do you guys report good teammates who are rude to enemy team?
I do if they flame them. If you mock them like "wow NA ult gragas" its actually part of the game. Calling ez or noob is actually considered unsportsmanlike. I find that one problem with lol players are that most of them dont play other sports like basketball etc. You would never call ez if you stomp somebody on the yard, there is no grace humiliation but there is in humility. Great sportsmanship on the yard would be considered acknowledging your opponent as such after winning easy, in lol you just make fun of them which is one of the worst things about this game. On the same side you have players who would never acknowledge a great player on the enemy team and wouldnt recognize the skill behind it. Reality shows that you just flame your own team and yet never blame yourself
Rioter Comments
Narnada (EUW)
: Aegis
Me2, was one of the items I used to rush. Already nerfed it when the reg aura was removed, now the mr aura. You gain no hp or cd from it and the shield alone ist worth, wont build anymore.
LordYeven (EUW)
: Like this https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/215686407/Alpha-Icon.jpg
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Hello, Unfortunately, I cannot find original article, but here is [Beta Client FAQ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/230175788#h3q4), which says: > Alpha testers will be receiving an exclusive summoner icon. The icon should be in your account by November 29th.
How does the icon look like? Been gifted a few lately
Fauvel (EUW)
: No one plays to lose. You have fun but also try to improve at WINNING. No one plays to have fun and to lose constantly. Having fun doesn't mean you are not aiming to win. I don't know how to make this any clearer.
Are you telling me you are a tryharder?
Husker (EUW)
: UK & Irish National Tournaments are now live!
I heard they want to Brexit EU servers
: this game is known for its high percentage of virgins
: Do you cook?
I cook scooby snacks. Scooooooby dooo
: i have to give you a bit more respect than the average author of these threads. there are always threads like this on this forum, and they´re always by people with names like "missprincess92" or "missvengeance" or "princessirina" or something similar. and i always tell them to change their names. you actually have a completely gender neutral name. making me really believe you dont advertise your gender. and thats a thumbs up for you. now as far as your problem goes... i dont know what to tell you. guys act differently around a girl than they do around a guy, and the fact that gaming communities, especially this one is just a super concentrated insecure beta male soup i can see how you have this issue. but i dont think there is a fix for it. once they do find out you are a girl (try to delay that as much as possible) they will start trying to do what they think of as "sexy" which is tell you all of their problems to try and score pity induced cybers.x yea, gaming kinda sucks that way.
I just played with a dude called Ariana Grande
apples33 (EUW)
: Okay, thats it. I don't understand guys.
If u want to avoid weirdos dont state ur sex. I play got 1 chick in my friends list and its acutally normal to have at least one.
Fauvel (EUW)
: Yes, yes I am. I am also telling you that is the reason every time you queue up and select 'fill' you end up with support. What is the point of having a role that no one wants to play? Matchmaking would also be a lot faster and more efficient if all roles were wanted equally.
Are you telling me you only play to win?
Fauvel (EUW)
: Supports cannot afford to be the BEST player.
Are you telling us, that you found out that sup cant carry?
: How do I revert back to the old client?
blackheat (EUNE)
: i am confused
Everyone got placed in bronze 5. Just carried myself out of bronze yesterday, after placing game #11 (thx rito) i got demoted to b3. Just carry urself out of bronze and enjoy Believe in the force
Riryz (EUW)
: so do you have anything agaisnt him? does he flame? is he toxic? if he did something wrong you can tell on him via riot support. not a nice thing to do but if he gets banned he might change again. unless he breaks the rules what he does irl is completely his responsibility though.
Yes, his account got perma banned so he bought a new one. He's not on teamspeak and doesnt play with his rl friend because we didnt want to do 5 player rankeds on week ends that much. He missed out on season reward, u know that ward skin. He's extremely toxic towards his rl friend. idc if people flame online, but irl thats way different
Rioter Comments
: bronze or silver is not the same as bronze 5 (the lowest rank you can get).
I got b5 too, ranked up to S5 and got demoted to b3 after winning a game (placement 11) Only thing i can do now is climb again, but yeah it sucks and I rly feel u
: So Riot's logic about the flex queue.
On the other hand I was matched against plats and dia in my lane, me being silver with gold adc and we won. Elo means nothing in flex, people who play more rankeds have higher ranks. I still share ur opinion about flex, on the other hand rito wont do anything about it. Community wanted taric with a charm and didnt get it
: Placement matches
Flex ranked is retarded, everyone got placed in bronze or silver
: That makes 0 sense. If he doesnt have cash he is poor. Since Trump has cash he is rich and you didnt say anthing like that > Dude. You don't understand do you? If he doesn't need the cash, he WON'T be rich, he'll be poor. And I am a noob..
No he has money because he is rich, stop trolling omg
: So After 10 placements I got bronze 5 ( was Silver 3 this season), then I ranked up to br2, and today I had to play placements, enemy team had plat-golds in their team, I won, got S+, and they demote me back to bronze 4... are you realy kidding me, can you fix the system please...
Same here bro, S4 last season, b5 flex placing, climb to S5, b3 after 11th placing
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: YOU don't get it. You are just saying, that if he didn't have money he would've have been rich. THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID.
That makes 0 sense. If he doesnt have cash he is poor. Since Trump has cash he is rich and you didnt say anthing like that > Dude. You don't understand do you? If he doesn't need the cash, he WON'T be rich, he'll be poor. And I am a noob..
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=A55iEHJA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-15T12:26:30.281+0000) > > I thought it was up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A? Nooooooo that's method for free rp.
up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A, select strat
: How can i unban this acc ?
If its a permaban then not
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: You just contradicted yourself, and you practically said what I SAID.
Dude if he didnt have the money he werent rich and would need the money, but since hes rich he doesnt. Trump is charging 1$ fee as president. U just dont get it
XpoNu4 (EUW)
: Never play dota actually :) But it's kinda different stuff isn't it? I mean yes random champion picks is the same, but not random modify (like that) to world and champions, Or I didn't understand You clearly? I mean you can't choose any modify it will apply to each round automatically by system in random order from 3 blocks (World, Champions, ???) 3 random modification which will add something new to gameplay for a short time and make your ARAM more fun. Because as for me I play ARAM just for fun and relax.
Dota is pretty fun and way more skill based than lol. Huge differences in gameplay and laning, if u play dota and then lol its like playing lol and then hots (hots doesnt even have items). I do get what you intend with TARAM, but its way to RNG and although aram is based on random it is only the pick phase which is random. A whole game mode which is random would be fun, but a lot of things war way too imbalance like the no turret thing. HF panth, tf and shaco, they will tryhard backdoor all game long. Game mode should be random and not imbalanced.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Dude. You don't understand? If he doesn't have cash, HE DOESN'T HAVE CASH. It's not hard to understand..
Rich is by having cash in overflow by definition, l2p
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