Shamose (EUW)
: Are you that ashamed of your post history? But there isn't a way to do it. Unless the mods have a system where they can mass delete post, but I doubt anything like that works here.
Believe me, it's worth being that ashamed over. I was basically a toxic foetus when I first started posting on here.
Sylvexxed (EUW)
: Zac Skin concept first time
Ben Ten did it first
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: Hey! Do you know a thing or 2 bout support? help me out!
Bizzleberry on YouTube for tier lists and friendly support content. Watch how pros place their wards, when and where and why. Learn to guess where junglers are going to be... and get damn good at it. Pinging that can save lives. Ping everything all the time. Ult cd. Ward cd. Enemy locations. Everything. Support is a role which needs your eyes to be on redbull energy all the time even if your hands are merely pressing e every time your ad stands in the wrong place. That's what supp is really about. Eyes and ears.
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: Suggestion; make remake possible if a player never left base.
The issue being I could connect to the game but then just not do anything in order to allow my duo/flex friends to reset the game with only one of us losing elo. Imagine the enemy team gets like five major meta picks and our team has Teemo Jungle. Obviously we’d abuse the system to reset the game. This is why they base it on connection.
SenseiSai (EUW)
: What were the most dumbest things you thought as a new player?
Potions!?!? why do I need items that don't even last.
Bellbird (EUW)
: do i need firecracker vayne to get prestige? thx
Enipe (EUW)
: morde
Morde has been literally useless since early s6. This champion and his mains have waited three full seasons for him to be even slightly viable. Does he need a nerf? Probably. Just a small one though. I think it's mostly the meta and stuff letting him work. Are we going to see him removed and should we want to see him removed? No.
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Rºbin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Summoner name: blissbomb Skins I would like: Battle Boss Malzahar, Blood Moon Diana, Dragon Sorceress Zyra
Joetri10 (EUW)
: I reworked Pantheon's kit so it's actually skill-worthy
Seems messy. It's a little like Pyke. No defined build or playstyle really.
Warchieƒ (EUW)
: > **D. Chat & Player Behavior ** > We’ve empowered our players to help police compliance with our policies related to certain in-game behavior. For example, League of Legends players may report each other and submit descriptions of their in-game activity and actions to help us determine if the reported behavior constituted a violation of rules and procedures that apply to player conduct, as well as any potential repercussions (such as temporary or permanent account suspensions or chat restrictions). > We also record and store, and reserve the right (but have no obligation) to monitor, chat and similar details about in-game interactions for a period we determine in our sole discretion is appropriate to help us, among other things, detect and prevent toxicity, enforce our rules and policies, and foster a more positive gaming community for our players. We use both manual (like many Player Support tickets) and automated (such as machine learning) tools and techniques to support these efforts. > Please be kind to other players, observe our policies related to player behavior (including our Terms of Use), and always be careful what you share in chat! where does it say it's against the policy? edit: in fact check this > **A. Info You Provide** > Summary: We collect info you choose to provide or give to us in any manner.
In that case why did Riot support refuse to take my ticket further? It seems super weird that they would ignore a ticket on extreme harassment for no reason.
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AleXizzed (EUW)
: It effectively costs more than a legendary skin without new voice lines and only sfx changes. So yes, it makes no sense. it should be cheaper. Not everyone plays the game 24/7 so of course there is going to be a lot of players who can't afford and are punished for that. It's why these events are always so stupid.
if you cared that much you'd quit your job or abandon your wife or whatever shit stops you playing...
AleXizzed (EUW)
: 2500 for Prestige kaisa
if they offered it at a dirt rate like that then everyone would have it. The idea is to make it special
Ehri (EUW)
: K/DA Kai’sa Cosplay
Oh damn it's a pretty thing!!
: How large are the odds?
: {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:38}} will never get nerfed sadly the recent irelia nerf wasnt a real nerf -5 movement speed isnt the nerf that she needed
If you watch LS run down the patch notes the words "placebo" "changes nothing" etc. have been said so many goddamn times and rito still isn't getting it.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Looking at your match history i have no clue what you're talking about it. All i see is a 0-10 ahri game 3 days ago which isn't really representative. Looking at your ahri build tho, no hp and no magic resist = dead if missplayed. If you're playing against leblanc or akali get some of that so that you don't instantly die. Aside from that it's mostly a skill match-up, ahri has the tools to deal with akali if played correctly.
what? I have played like literally 10 Ahri games and have a 60% wr or some shit on her rn I've played the glacial aug build. I was referring to my most recent Ahri game in which I had a monumental lead in the midgame and still got absolutely shat upon the second Akali R left cooldown.
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Mazda8896 (EUNE)
: prestige kaisa
I would also like to know when she releases. I'm pretty sure that as long as you have high thousands (1800+) in tokens you should be on track though.
Xelphosis (EUW)
: only kaisa and it costs 2500 world tokens.
Prestige edition Popstar Kai'sa is an entirely separate skin with quality similar to if not higher than that of regular Popstar Kai'sa. IT IS **NOT** A CHROMA
Oh damn wow it's a pretty thing. Woah.
Kintaros (EUNE)
: Did someone saw semifinals teams!!!
Anything western isn't worth watching. EU vs EU or EU vs NA would be the worst quality final we've had in years
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So you want to get a hypercarry that also does well in laning, to be a lane bully as well? How about no?
>does well in laning lmfao. ok. There is not a single adc with 525 range capable of effectively laning. Apart from Xayah who needs a Rakan to "win" lane anyway. And I'm actually advocating for a situation in which we wreck the shit out of her damage (which is admittedly insane) in favour of letting her actually hit something. So like -20 q dmg at all ranks reduce her passive dmg and increase range by 25.
: That great feeling when you get...
I've had like 4 of these recently it's great.
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: Hey Riot, stop ignoring Kennen please
> Also when you decide to make a VGU of him, make him gay LOL WHAT!? why does that need to happen? I don't get why Kennen's sexuality matters for lore
BloB3rt (EUW)
: The ranking (LP) system needs to change? An idea...
I can get an S rank for having like 250 farm at 20 mins while I am 1/0/0. Is that really me carrying the game?
MeDo712 (EUNE)
: buff poppy
Poppy needs like literally 0.5% more damage on both procs of Q. Or like 20 more damage at all E ranks. Or 0.3 more MR per level. If Poppy were to be buffed it would be a micro-buff. Most of the issue here is you being bad. Not Poppy being bad. She's like an A- champion currently.
Mada (EUW)
: I can get the new Ahri skin just by playing?! Hohohooooo
No. It is Popstar Kai'sa Prestige edition. Which requires a worlds pass and 2500 tokens. You'll need like 300+ games or something absolutely insane.
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MagmaEnder (EUNE)
: About the new Popstar skins ...
you need 2500 tokens for prestige popstar Kai'sa. It's not a chroma. It's basically it's own skin and better in every possible way. The only way to do this is via the ticket and either about 9 games a day (to earn tokens) or other purchases to get tokens.
Mattie010 (EUW)
: It's possible. You don't need to buy more, but, having said that, it will be a pesky long grind and it will take you a lot of hours. if you play 4 games a day and win 2 lose 2 with an average of an A rating you'll get 15 (fwotd) + 32 (average A + 2w2l) = 47 tokens a day. You get 600 "free" tokens from missions + the pass. So you'll need another 1900. 1900/47=40 days basically. Note: there are 4 confirmed hidden missions! Normally you could get 360 with missions, but those 4 hidden missions net for the 40 extra tokens. The event is gonna be on for +- 38 days, so yeah.. its doable. Not easy, but definitely doable. It's a grind and it's an exclusive skin for a reason. Riot wants some recognition for grinding or spending a lot - same with those stupid gemstone skins. Its a business model in the end and they have to make money. Also the chests are kinda good but they're not more than what you said: glorified chests. However they're waaayyyy better than the normal hextech chests and i seriously wonder when riot is gonna make those cheaper as the event stuff is always better money wise. Which might also be the reason we have this many events nowadays ;)
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JustClone (EUNE)
: Developers, careful Fizz change on PBE.(Second time)
The only people pissed about fizz nerfs are fizz players. Everyone else wants that shitty evil c*nt of a champion removed anyway
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Livelyfreak (EUNE)
: Why Lucian is "bad" in lower ranks
: Anyone else has stopped increasing Mastery levels on champions (6/7) ?
I've played this game like 2k hours and 2 years and don't own every champ. I think that's all that needs to be said. It's all well and good having BE sinks but when just getting every champion is harder than a pornstar %%%% after viagra we can do with all the help we can get in making gaining content cheaper and faster
: I mean... lulu top. Top laners have cycled through a ton of metas, fighters, tanks, supports, marksmen, mages.... so has jungle, mid and support. Hell junglers are playing actual supports as well as tanks, marksmen, skirmishers, fighters and even mages, mids had to play supports, adcs, mages, skirmishers, even some fighters and tanks, supports have had to swap between enchanters, tanks and even marksmen from time to time. You saw none of them complaining. Adcs are the only lane that hasn’t had to ever adapt... now they are forced to and it’s very much weeding out the good players from the bad... league is a game of adaptation, you adapt everything your doing to how the game is going, what champions are on either team, and what happens in each patch. If a player can’t or refuses to adapt they don’t deserve to be in pro play... And not all adcs are complaining, hjarnin is thriving in this meta, that’s why G2 are so successful. And that’s why rekkles was replaced by a top laner instead of an adc, top lane has gone through the most amount of metas and are the most adaptable.
Adcs don't need to adapt if they can play above a 0.5 IQ level. Marksman are still the better option anyway.
Tr0LL1002 (EUNE)
: The pro play was just an example to show how weak the adc become . Also lets not forget that 1 reason that many people find this meta fun also because of the players in lcs that plays weird champ on bot or the players such as faker bot with darius . So lets not comm that adc was nerf and affect a lot of people so take care of adc
There is nothing fun about watching pro gamers lose their grip entirely and play random shit. If they'd just stuck to a normal Tank Tank Mage Marksman Shielder comp every game there wouldn't be anything to worry about. Champs like Vlad and Heimer and whatever else are actually just straight up worse than having a real adc in every case.
Tr0LL1002 (EUNE)
: Ofc Rekkles cant adapt to the meta because he is used to play 1 lane and the champ for that lane for example if you play top and in the next meta you have to play support champ on top , it will be hard for you to adapt he plays adc for 4 years . Who do you think is the best adc in the world Uzi?Or tell me the adc that you think is good/better than rekkles
> tell me the adc that you think is good/better than rekkles Bang, Pray, Teddy, Ruler. Anything with Asian blood and above D1 elo. Rekkles isn't a god. Or even in the top ten adcs in the world if we're being real. The adc champions are completely fine. People just need to learn to play.
: Aatrox revert plz
I don't like it. Reverting him isn't realistic though. His old design was shit for years before it recently became viable.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: "I was full hp then without any counterplay hit zero hp." Buy Zhonyas. Build MR. Build health. There is a counterplay.
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