X Azura (EUW)
: Am I the only one getting Fps problems ?
same here, it's crazy how good a PC I got all of a sudden! PogChamp Oh wait, I need higher FPS lower ping, not lower FPS higher ping.
: i got some update, its all the same besides that first pop up when you start the game, its all white and shiny to the point that it hurt eyes... nothing special to say about that client
The shiny white really does hurt the eyes... no idea why they went with that colour theme Also, personally, I am finding that it's extended the load time and number of clicks to actually get into the main client. Then the bugs related to anything new.
KyouCat (EUW)
: New Client
i'd swap it with you if i could
: Opt Out of Autofill
95% of lobbies... huge over exaggeration to be honest the auto-fill support game, you have the option to dodge yourself the 10 minutes queue time... if everyone did this, those who want reasonable queue times will not get it
: Went from Silver 1 to Silver 4 in 1 week wtf
it's preseason where the teams don't care about the games... just play to improve or screw playing until new season
Old Jesus (EUW)
: bff malzahar
I agree, buff malz but if Malz gets a buff, so should akali and leblanc - they both should get 50% cooldown reduction on their ults and extra damage on their q
Rioter Comments
: even if she did not fail gank bot, all she would have found would be raptors and red gone. and in the next example the opposing jungler DID NOT EVEN TRY TO GANK. And yes, you are supposed to play a living ward in the jungle till 1:42 AND drop a physical one after if your jungler requests so. You do NOT miss cs by doing so. oh, btw- do you also refuse to leash because "you would miss cs"? EDIT: i assume it was you who downvoted. tit for tat bro
living ward in the jungle till 1:42... fine, but dropping a physical one after if your jungler requests so... this is just pure BS unless you as a jungler will ward for that laner as soon as you get to that person's lane... or will you be that jungler who cries that your laner died to a gank because "gg no wards"
: Automatic rune and mastery page selection
Terrible idea... just like champions, and in-game items should be dynamic each and every game, so too would runes and masteries.... especially masteries. I know not a lot of people have more than 2-4 rune pages but still. As for the ordering etc - I agree with that, the alternative is to just create 20 mastery pages, 1-10 AD, 11-20 AP, and fill as you want/need. But you can always create mastery pages and edit them during champion select.
Emillie (EUW)
: Nope, I'm d4 and everyone's still clueless. There are only 2 types of players in this elo, the one trick ponies and the boosted people.
Wolffer (EUW)
: Yes but i cant see anybody of my 100 freinds has gotten it yet, im doughting too what is going on at riot
Right... 100 is not even close to the number of people that play on EUW let alone the entire league community.
: You have no logic. He doesn't play lol very often. He rarely checks forums unless he has a question. He now asks a question, and monitors responses to it. Him responding quickly does not mean he lied about anything.
Never said he was lying. Don't assume things my friend. Assumptions are what World Wars are made out of. As much time as it took for him to reply to the post, it would take any other person that much time to find a sticky posted purely for the purpose of the rewards.
Wolffer (EUW)
: i think she means how can tiot net have given it to anyone yet?, mean that have had plenty of time to at least give a few poeple reward
Righttttttttttttt and by one person and their 10 or so friends, that automatically classifies as 'anyone'? There are many more people playing this game that are receiving rewards than any one person has played with in their league life lol
Fler (EUNE)
: Dno m8, I dont play LoL that often or check the forums and so...
Yet you post on the forums and reply to the previous post VERY quickly... Says much about yourself ;)
: Dynamic Q is not a good idea
Agreed. As much as I hate the trolls and the toxicity in solo queue from randoms, or a premade that thinks they're better than everyone else (and usually the ones performing the worst on the team)... I would still like to see solo queue and this new 'dynamic' queue seperate. To me solo queue should be going in solo, 1v9... Ranked team should be going in as a team 5v5, and then dynamic queue could be parties of 2/3 going in against other parties of 2/3 (to decrease the queue time, it should be possible for someone to sign up to dynamic queue solo - but make sure it is obvious that they've gone into a dynamic queue!) The rankings for each of these 3 should be different too - solo queue is more about what you can do on your own, which is different to dynamic queue which would basically measure how well you work with another player or two, and then ranked team will measure how well you work as a team overall.
: you noticed that they remove that item, but you didn't notice that they reduced the damage the monsters do and they give you jungle items (like flask for jungler) which help in sustain more than the pink smite did.
It's a thread made to try and get people to think that troll junglers are 'off-meta' junglers... He just wants to be noticed.
: Remove the surrender option from this game.
"Never surrender" is for those who want to win as opposed to have fun. That does NOT mean that ranked should not have a surrender vote since it's meant for winning... ranked is just to showcase your skills and improve... in ADDITION to having fun. If you're in a 20min game where your team is doing nothing but flaming each other and you're not having fun as a result... you should be allowed to cast a vote to surrender... I'd rather take that loss of 20-30lp... heck, even get demoted, than to go through another x minutes, EVEN IF we end up winning the game... because it is not going to be fun at all. Until every player I ever play with learns to not flame or rage, and have fun regardless of whether they are playing badly or if another player is playing badly... I will want an option to surrender. Will that ever happen? No... so the surrender option should always exist.
NoxTheBoss (EUNE)
: This would be the same game, with changed textures in my oppinion. Not profitable for rito or the community.
> [{quoted}](name=NoxTheBoss,realm=EUNE,application-id=mmWRnfcc,discussion-id=hd8EyZzj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-11T09:57:43.376+0000) > > This would be the same game, with changed textures in my oppinion. Not profitable for rito or the community. This, and not to mention, if they have different skills... it would change the champion completely and be so much effort for Rito that they may as well use those new skills, and put them in a new champion overall.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Serious question: Why is TSM so disfunctional?
Same boat mate. But honestly, the management just seems to have broken apart. I'm not a pure TSM fanboy (I haven't watched any of their YT videos which may explain or counter what I am about to say)... but... it just seems like ever since the entire team got hyped in their game where every lane was playing aggressive and looking for kills, management just said 'wtf are you guys doing? What if the enemy was good, you'd have lost the game!' So they all just play like lil ****** taking every enemy to be better than them... Lustboy seems to be on mega tilt, and I don't blame him. I love Bjergsen as a player, but as a shotcaller... he's really not showing up anymore. Time and time again where Lustboy realises 'Yo, they just wasted a lot of cds and didn't achieve much + we're stronger, let's go in on these mofos!'... The rest of the team is like 'Errrrr, 5v5 wth? We only want to take a 5v4 even though we're winning the game majorly'... Yeahhhhh not to mention every member of the team getting caught out on a number of occasions throwing any lead they had acquired. Wildturtle, I feel like he's a decent ADC but errr... I honestly want to see him swapped out. There's not been one game I've seen in LCS/Worlds where I've seen him take a 2v2 and win it - even when he is playing a winning lane. Doesn't help that the duo of Wildturtle and Lustboy is well... probably one of the worst out there. Zero aggression unless their jungler is there which comes from zero trust and belief in one another. Dyrus... well, he's too focused on the present state of the game vs where he feels like he should be... not what lays ahead of him - he doesn't want to understand the future of the current state of the game, and where he does... he's not thinking about how he has no way to save himself if he overextends. Needless to say that TSM as a team seems to be like a solo queue team for Dyrus? Wanting help? Spam pinging your jungler and support for help, but receive nothing until it's too late? Yup. Typical solo queue strategies to lose a game. Santorin... mmmm, originally when he came to TSM, I was quite hyped at how he'll be better than Amazing... how he will understand the dynamics of the game and will make those aggressive plays early. Lived up to my expectations for like... 5 games? Then just went down hill from there. I would really like to see TSM win a few games at Worlds... do I think it will happen? Lol no. Never did either honestly. I would like western teams to get to the finals though. Best bet is CLG imo. I feel FNC will get nuked and not be able to adapt because of one true loss (yes they've lost vs OG but it was never a complete slaughter that they've had to come back from mentally)... OG, I feel the xpeke hype will get to his head eventually. He's a humble man and player, but... he wants to prove something that honestly, his team is stepping up to allow him to do so. CLG on the other hand, have just wanted that chance to fight at Worlds and Rush Hour botlane have always wanted to prove themself - you can see they've stepped up.
: Irelia players, how to beat Darius in lane?
Simple, you bait out his Q then go back in and chunk him out - but don't let him proc the 5th or 6th attack. Basically q in on a low minion, e darius, get a few autos with w off then back right out. Rinse and repeat, until he's low enough and you can all in him with ulti. Don't look to fight him until level 4-5 though, you're weak vs him until then. If it means you have to miss the odd few cs, do so - try to bait his q out as much as possible though, it will help push the wave so you loose less cs, and at the same time lower his mana to make it easier for you. Lets put you to the test. How do you play Irelia vs Fiora? ^^ My personal matchup problem.
Saphurie (EUW)
: I didn't mean that it would go away when smite is on cooldown. Just have the arm glowing all the time. Then the enemy wouldn't be able to tell
That could work and is a nice visual addition. Your toggle example is what made most of us, or at least 2 of us, think you meant when smite was up ^^
: [for supps] what do u do when u're adc is very bad?
To be honest, you still haven't justified 'very bad' in general so I'll split it up for you even more. 1) Bad ADC whereby they are comfortable in the game, but not in the role. E.g. mid-high elo mid player, playing ADC for the first time. 2) Bad in general, in particular with ADC whereby they are relatively poor overall in regards to the concept of the game and don't understand what they are doing wrong/in some cases, don't want to. E.g. low elo players in general. Note: I am not looking to flame/blame/laugh at those in low elo, and nor am I saying this is the case all the time, but in general, that is where they will fall. For 1) It is safe to assume that they know what to do in order to win the game, and will play safe in a 2v1 situation. In this case, ward up for your ADC to avoid tower dives and unexpected ganks, then roam to mid/with your jungler to help pull pressure away from your ADC. Doing this will either a) net the rest of your team a snowballing advantage or b) force the enemy support to let the two ADCs battle it out 1v1, so your ADC has less factors to worry about and can focus on farming. BUT, make sure, like others have said, you let your ADC know that you are going to roam and so they should play safe, irrespective of whether it is a 2v1 or a 1v1 lane in the enemy's favour. For 2) The general call will be to ward up and play safe. Stay in lane to keep your ADC safe, and make sure you pick a good disengage/protecting support to stop the enemies from getting free kills bot lane. It is best to encourage them to test their limits every now and then, as that is the best way for someone to learn to be honest. So make sure you take trades (risk assessed and thus smart trades though). But don't force the trades too hard if your ADC doesn't want to. I'm a big victim of doing the contradictory thing to what I just said when I play support, as more often than not, I expect my ADC to know how to play the lane (especially when they fp ADC or say they main ADC), and punish enemy mistakes like a blitz missing his hook means you can get a good trade off for little to no retaliation. Something I need to improve on :D. But, in the worst case scenario, you feel like the lane is hopeless and you can't do much to help your ADC. As soon as you feel this, it is 90% better for you to roam, but be prepared for your ADC feeding. The 10% reason to not roam is based on how your other laners are doing - if they are very behind, then you going and helping them will usually lead to over-confident plays resulting in a failed roam (unless your jungler joins you in the gank), or if the enemies have multiple escape tools built into their kit (e.g. leblanc). Hope this helps
: This would be nothing good for junglers, since you can see as an enemy, if smite is up or not.
Exactly this. That is information that as a team, you really don't want the enemy to have. It would make people fighting for objectives have too much information especially with the smite changes a few months ago (double smite). You want the enemy to fear your presence as a jungler when near a neutral objective making them question whether you have smite up or not and deciding if it is worth the risk of a steal. Good enemies will realise when you use smite in a fight and how long they have to finish an objective before your smite is up, bad enemies will not. But if you haven't used smite in front of the enemies, they shouldn't have the information available that you have used smite recently.
Chut (EUW)
: I was playing Fiora, but it deletes the game played i think, it isnt showing on my match history at all
Yeah, usually they do that if it's a server side problem (kind of like a roll-back on other games). It wasn't you then, I had no fiora in my game.
mmo (EUW)
: Riot, something's happened to the servers
Dang, 1/7th of the entire world's population playing league all disconnected? Is this the apocalypse?! With more people in other countries being absolutely fine. looooool
Chut (EUW)
: Hmmmm, wasn't you i was playing with, was it? hahha
Maybe :o lol, but lolking tells me otherwise (unless this is a different account you're posting with ^^)
Chut (EUW)
: Server issues?
Yes, can't reconnect to the game either. Just tried spectate, and the game is buggy. Stops at where I was kicked out of the server from, so assuming it is Rito's problem.
: Fnatic vs Origen game 2 review
Didn't actually watch all of it, like skipped to around 10mins where the turret dive on olaf happens. Whilst I like the review, I personally think it is unnecessary since the casters explain what happened sufficiently for me. However, I realise that not everybody will catch on as quickly as I did, either because they are new, or just don't understand the game that well. For these people, yes, I think the analysis is quite good. What you could improve on though, is adding some character to your voice. It's all good and dandy that you know what's going on... but speaking in a monotone language just puts me to sleep (as do the lecturers and teachers who speak in the same way). You are allowed to show excitement when a play happens, good or bad. Also, instead of watching part of a play, then going over it, then playing to watch the second part of the play, then going over it again... it would be much better for you and anyone watching it to first go over the entire video yourself, determine what you want to focus on, and then play the video, give a short analysis as the entirety of the play is happening once, and then go over the entirety of the play again, breaking it down into more detail. Just a more professional and watchable method of analysis. Other than that, of what I have watched and skimmed over, it's quite good.
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Yasuo counters Gnar = Yasuo is too strong? :I Because if this is the reason why Yasuo is being an "issue", i call BS. I can take seriously the Splitpush + Teamfight potential, but not that.
I guess my first sentence came across quite poorly. No, just because yasuo counters gnar =/= yasuo is too strong. What I meant there was that in LCS, at least from what I remember, yasuo was picked AFTER the enemy picked gnar - to counter the gnar 1v1 in lane - forcing the enemy to want to lane swap, and your team predicting that and being better prepared. Or alternatively, the enemy team doesn't lane swap and just accepts a lost top lane (usually... especially if yasuo is in the hands of Zion ^^). Gnar is a very team comp oriented champion so in the LCS, he can be quite the favoured champion for top lane in many compositions... having yasuo in the back pocket raises questions on whether gnar is worth picking for the enemy team. Especially if the one to play gnar is unlikely to be given help (e.g. Dyrus) or has not practised the match-up much so is not aware of how to play it (you can argue that being in the LCS means that they should be able to adapt, and I agree... but adaptation does take some time even for the best of us).
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Yasuo Top being a problem at LCS? Can someone explain?
He counters gnar really, and I mean really well. In my opinion, he's a problem not because he's really OP or really really strong... but just simply because people aren't prepared for the niche pocket picks (in LCS) and so forget to account for the potential top yasuo. Thus a lot of compositions end up being built that are fairly weak to a yasuo. Even if the opponent composition accounts for a yasuo, it's hard to match what yasuo can do. You can either build a team-fight composition that counters yasuo's teamfighting, in which case the yasuo will go split push... or build a composition to counter the split push... well, how about team-fighting as the yasuo then? It's just difficult to accurately create a team composition to counter the yasuo team-fight and split push potential at the same time in LCS since you have to account for so many other picks. In solo-queue, anything works to be honest. But with the new bruisers... "juggernauts"... I feel like he'll probably be quite weak against them. Not 100% sure though, haven't played the match-ups or seen them yet.
: Sightstone
The entire point of vision control is to be smart about where you sweep and place wards. In my opinion, this proposed addition to the purple sightstone is just to make support seem like an easy role... you know, people who don't play support can say even more now 'support so easy, delete supp role', or 'gg, support 0-10-10 getting carried for doing nothing'... The upgrade from blue to purple DOES happen in the late game, the whole point of having an upgrade from blue to purple is so that people can still fight for vision in the late game with the support not having to back at an awkward time where the enemy just initiates a fight. What usually happens, and it is showcased in a number of LCS games if you wish to check the VODS: Late game comes. Baron control is fought over. Support (pretty much all members of the team put out wards, but I will focus on the support since supports are the main players to build sightstones, whilst some junglers and in rare cases some top laners do too) places 3 wards down. Enemy team manages to clear 1-2 of these wards (or all 3). Support only has 1 ward left to place with the blue sightstone and so places that down. An additional ward is cleared forcing the support to go back to base to recharge the wards to place more wards. Enemy may be smart and initiate if they notice this. So there is the ability to upgrade to a purple sightstone so that supports don't have to recall at important points in the late game.
: Malzahar broken ulti
It's a suppress, not a stun. If the azir is good, it is possible to cancel your suppress animation by knocking you up provided they initiate the commands right before you ulti. Meaning: 1) Azir gets in range of your ulti. 2) Azir predicts your ulti and issues the soldiers to move to you and drift with them. 3) Azir soldiers begin to move. 4) You ulti Azir. 5) Azir's animations continue to go off but he is unable to do anything else in the mean time. 6) You get knocked up and so your suppression gets cancelled. Not sure if this is an intended interaction for suppression abilities, but I've managed to do something similar using ahri charm + warwick/malz (both).
: As far as countering tanks thanks to some ability goes, Vayne is probably one of the least obnoxious. She counters tanks pretty hard, but that's mostly all she does. It's not like some of the new "assassins" that for some reason get similar effects, on top of having a functional kit outside their tank-shredder.
^This... and not to mention... that if you know how to punish Vayne in the early-mid game... she's completely useless in teamfights because she easily gets bopped if you pink and blow her up. Vayne is not really meant to get to the point that she can 1v5... and if she does, then I think, she deserves the ability to 1v5 purely based on how poorly she was punished. Trust me, nearly every duo lane of adc+supp out there can beat a vayne lane enough to make vayne completely useless in the mid-game... and, if you know how to play to your advantages, you should easily be able to close the game out before vayne hits the 2-3 item spikes and wins the game for her team. Learn to punish the weaknesses of a champion before asking for nerfs... And you define an "explanation" to being "no sense"... errr what exactly are you explaining? What makes no sense is that you haven't explained why it is nonsense that vayne can duel a tank without LW whilst some other adcs cannot.
: League freezes?
If you're on about the small pause before champion select is over and the "ding" before the loading screen starts. I believe this is a server side delay in loading the change of screen and not to do with your personal specifications.
: "You can't run from yourself, Riven... I've tried" - Yasuo
This: > [{quoted}](name=King Manatee,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=n2ntl3VF,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-21T12:35:32.271+0000) > Ha... > Ha... > Ha...
shadawzx (EUNE)
: Buff to yasuo that will make him playable again. (and slightly lower his skill requirement)
I'm sorry but yasuo is meant to be a high risk high reward champion, coupled with a high skill ceiling. That's what his entire kit is made of. You have to prepare your q, know the right time to windwall, know the right time to ulti, use e smart and effectively. As Kjelidor said, yasuo is in a fine position right now. The only thing hurting him are his matchups. You don't see much yasuo right now because there are just so many mages out there that fit the meta and do better than yasuo atm. It has nothing to do with yasuo being weak or too difficult, mages simply got a lot of changes which make them much more appealing right now.
General WoW (EUNE)
: Important Question please :(
You have to buy the skin to get the skin. Doesn't matter when you buy the champion (must own the champion to buy a skin for it)
Daimonori (EUNE)
: How to get better at league?
First of all, I really hope you aren't playing ranked having known only one role. Yes, it's a game... but ranked is seen as a competitive environment and so a lot of players will consider it disrespectful if you were to join a ranked game being new, and knowing how to play only one role. Aside from what other people will think, since you WANT to get better, it is in your best interest to not play ranked until you can at least play every role. This does NOT mean you are as good at other roles as you are at support, but instead means that if your ideal role is taken, you can still play another role well enough that you do not feed the enemy, and can supply your team with what they (all 5 players on your team - including you) need to win the game. What do I recommend? Play any other queue - blind pick, draft pick, team-builder until you are able to play all roles to a comfortable level, BEFORE you start playing ranked. Now that grounding is out of the way, here begins a very long book on how I think you could get better. Most likely a biased view, but I don't think anything is going to not be worth your time if you truly want to get better. So, you consider yourself to be a good support player. That's actually, a very good thing. If you actually are reasonably good (I'm assuming you understand the ranked system to a reasonable degree) then you, honestly, have more skill and game knowledge, and are very capable of getting better at league, more so than many other players. Being a good support is not only rare for new players, but also seen as very 'easy' which, as you gain more experience, and possibly even when you start ranked and climb up to somewhere like gold/platinum, will be very easily seen to not be true. Support is in my opinion, one of the hardest roles to master... since you require so much more game knowledge, instinct, on-the-spot decision making, and raw thinking abilities to master, than most other roles (to be honest, I'd only consider a jungler to be comparative in difficulty to support for the same reasons). What makes it difficult to play most other roles, as a support main, is the lack of practise in csing and mechanics. Top, mid and adc are generally, heavy in mechanics relative to support, but require little of other skills to do well in them. So, before going on to help you learn these other roles in passages, I'd like to guide you to a website: [http://improveyourleague.com/](http://improveyourleague.com/) It's a website with a collection of league based videos, easy to access and find areas you want to improve in, from a number of pros/ex-pros/high-elo/youtubers. Regular blogs to help you get better at the game - explaining different techniques and ideas which help you improve, regular podcasts from high-elo players and more. Definitely worth a look at. It's completely free too. :) So, in terms of your other roles. Honestly, as long as you're not in ranked, you should not be scared of playing other roles. Yes you will get flamers, ragers, and in general, toxic players (you will also get them in ranked), but these types of players will look to show their negativity in whatever you do. Lets say you still played support, and you made a mistake... a lot of these toxic players will pick up on it and bash you every time you make a mistake... just because they have nothing else to do in their life. I hate to say this, but it's a part of the game community until Riot are able to clean their player database (which is equally the community's responsibility to help Riot out in whatever way they can). Even then, will there ever be the ideal case where people do not rage, or flame, or be toxic? Not really. At the end of the day, it's a game with an ever-changing player base. Some people leave, some people join. Riot cannot control or for-see someone joining the game, then becoming one of those toxic players. So, yes, you might be raged at or flamed at for picking mid-lane when you suck at it. But remember this. The players flaming at you, are more than likely, not going to be that much better than you at the game/role you are playing in said game. Else, the MMR system is such that they would not be matched up with you, especially if they are more experienced at the game than you. Yes, ranked MMR is different to friendly MMR, but, that matters very little - clearly if they are a high elo in ranked, playing with you in normals, then they are not trying as hard to win normal games... and so they should not be raging or flaming at you... but, like in real life, people love to blame others and rarely accept their mistakes. If all this raging and flaming gets to you, makes you feel bad/negative in any way - maybe even putting you on tilt, then just mute them. As soon as someone says something which is neither positive nor helping your team to be motivated to win... just mute them. Like others have already said, it's a GAME. Regardless of whether you are aiming to be the best at the game, or just play casually, it is still a GAME. Look at popular, and good, streamers/pro-players... you will rarely ever see them rage or flame, because they understand... if they are good enough, they can carry the team, and more than playing to win, they play to improve and have a good time. Something a lot of people forget. Winning =/= improving =/= getting a high elo. If you're still unwilling to play another role in fear of people's negativity. Then go ahead and queue up in teambuilder. Yes, you will have longer queue times, but you will at least have the opportunity to play with people that are willing to have you on the team, with your experience. Just queue up, when a team accepts you and you join, just tell them in chat before readying up, that you are new, and don't know how to play said champion/role very well and are playing to improve. Some people will ask 'why not go play vs bots?' - and whilst this is a good question (and you should generally look to play 1-2 games vs bots before you play a said champion vs real players - to allow yourself to get familiar with the champion before playing against other players), a lot of players will find that they can't get good at a said role/champion vs bots (since lets be honest, bots will not go through the same thought patterns as real players and so are very easy to predict and beat after you've played the game for some time). You can even mention that, and they will 99% of the times agree. Some people may kick you - but at least you know, that even if you had played that game, you were likely to get flamed and raged at since the maker of the team clearly didn't want to put up with someone who is 'bad' at the game. Trust me though, you will 100% find a team that will accept you for being inexperienced in teambuilder, and won't care at all. I remember the days where I used to feed and go 0-4-1 or something on Kalista like 3-4 games in a row. ADC was my worst role, but I really liked Kalista's kit... I just sucked with her xD. But for all those 3-4 games, I played in teambuilder and I think I only had one person rage at me. Which, relative to what would happen in normal games/ranked games, is really good. Heck, when I play normals/teambuilder, I really couldn't care less if I had a brand new player on my team. Yes, that increases our chance to lose... but it really doesn't matter to me (and many other players, sadly scarce for brand new players who queue up solo - their MMR sucks so they end up getting new players, or really bad and toxic players in their games, if you queue up with someone who has played the game a fair bit more than yourself, your chances of getting decent players in the game increases by a good margin). What matters the most to the positive members of the community, is having fun in normal (non-ranked) games, and... to improve and get better in all game-modes they play (sometimes only in ranked). So whether they have a 0-4-0 darius top lane, or a 0-10-0 xerath mid lane, as long as we know that the player is new at the role/champion/game, we don't care much. We might throw a little tantrum and tell you to play safe or something - this is only to make that person easier to 'carry' and possibly win with. Everybody has lost lane before, but there is a difference between losing lane and feeding (go on the website I mentioned, you can learn more about it there). If you don't understand, then ask. Unless the player is excessively raging or flaming, the player will be willing to help you - since they just showed a fit of rage, as opposed to a constant rage. E.g., maybe we're in the same game and you're 0-3-0 or something, just died again. I may be like "just stop overextending and play safe". Maybe you don't understand what I mean, and you ask me... I'd probably respond by saying "Just hug your turret and farm under your turret" (depending on the situation of course). I think I've gone on a tangent somewhere, but I'll stop here lol. I hope it helps. EDIT: I forgot which queue, I think it is draft normal queue, will be full of ragers, flamers and trolls - it is the queue which these people who are restricted from playing ranked games, are forced to play to be able to play ranked again. Will be a good idea to search google/forums to find out which queue it is since I'm not 100% sure if it is draft (or maybe someone else can confirm). Also, about the reports... as long as you're not doing anything wrong like flaming back, raging, afking or intentionally feeding (quite obvious to tell the difference between intentional and not), then the reports really do nothing, so don't worry about them.
Solash (EUW)
: Why is the Baron Buff good for the brain?
Er er er er errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I have to admit, I didn't think about that one.
GornoDD (EUW)
: As I said. My eye muscles cant roll they eyes down porperly, rolling up is no problem
You have to roll up to see the map, then roll down to see your character again. So errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
GornoDD (EUW)
: New Interface: Minimap Position
This should probably be in 'suggestions and bug reports' tbh. But I'm a bit intrigued. If you find it hard to "look down" how would placing the minimap in the upper corners be any different to the lower corners? Right now you find it difficult to look at the map, after placing it in the upper corners you will find it difficult to look at the game, after looking at the map. o.0?
: > [{quoted}](name=brijmohan,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=zKN3kzGn,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-07T22:19:02.480+0000) > > So, the pauses in LCS have always prompted a question in my mind, with today's CLG vs TSM minion health bar bug being the main reason for this post: > > What is different about the local servers that the LCS players play on stage vs the normal servers you and I play on every-day? Of the 100s and possibly 1000s of games I've played, whilst there are the odd bugs every now and then, I have yet come across bugs such as minion health bars not going down, or champion health bars displaying incorrectly (as was the case I believe last split with a game involving Viktor). Yet, all these bugs occur on the LCS stage? > > Is it just because I'm too much of a rookie to notice these things? Or is there a technical reason behind this? They play on different servers. I mean, look at it. They can restart the PC of someone and the game will be in the exact same stage. THEY CAN TAKE FUCKING BREAKS. Don't know how many times I had someone knocking at the door during a game, or my mouse stop working for some reason, etc. And there's no pause button. As such, the game they play is different from what you and the rest of the players play on live. As in: there are more bugs that can appear there due to being more complex.
Errrrrrrrrr, I'm sorry but you've never played tournament style custom games. You are able to pause games in this game mode. Also you've literally just rephrased what I've mentioned. I'm asking for what exactly is different.
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Sevraj01 (EUNE)
: maybe its because u accidentally press CTRL or ALT ...or those buttons are blocked in ur keyboard
Maybe, not sure. But I doubt it... since I tried to press every button and it wouldn't fix... literally had to wait like 8-10mins for a teamfight, in which I died, and the cursor automatically fixed. To the OP, yeah, I couldn't attack move either... despite having the cursor for it. It behaved like a normal move/click cursor, but fixed in that status so I couldn't attack-move.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: my cursor turns to the ping-cursor randomly
I had this bug a few days ago, but it turned into the attack move cursor. It took a massive team fight, in which I died, about 10mins after this bug appeared, for it to return to normal. Maybe it's a sign that I needed to die? :o
RobSka (EUW)
: How To Kill Amumu
Funny video but errrrrr if that was a real game where amumu was willing to do blue buff before basing, and spent 10hrs running from 1 minion instead of killing it... errrm, something's wrong.
Zenilia (EUW)
: Learning new champs
Custom games, add 9 bots, gg ez
Kinneas (EUW)
: How to stop yourself from tilting?
Solid advise by others on here. But I think a few missed the sentence of 'I wanna keep playing but I know I shouldn't.' I get this urge too after a few losses, regardless of whose fault it was. Usually, I just want a good game. Where both teams know what they're doing for the rank we're at, and we're just having fun, even if I lose at the end of it. For this reason... when I lose 2-3 in a row and start tilting, it's usually because I didn't enjoy those games, as opposed to because my team or I did badly. This leads to a few options available for me. I keep playing league until I find a game I enjoy, I go play another game, or go do something else I enjoy. Every situation is different, but if I want to keep playing league, the best option is to go play some normals or a custom with some friends. Just play the game for the sole reason of having fun as opposed to winning or losing (which should be the general reason to play any video game to be honest, but the competitive rank system gets the best of all of us at some point or another). So stop playing ranked for a few games (I usually stop until I get a game I am happy with, or in some cases, until I win (if I was on tilt because I was making really bad and stupid plays causing my team to lose))... and play other game modes. Reducing the stakes, but continuing to play, is never a bad thing for you. If on the other hand, your desire to keep playing, is for ranked and only ranked. Then you need to question yourself on whether this desire is greater than your LP loss ^^.
: > [{quoted}](name=brijmohan,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=3fgIAPj4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-21T00:38:42.878+0000) > > Good performance should correlate to a win. You suck if you think you're good and have good kda but lose because of your team. KDA measure nothing but how many fights you've been in. I can be 0-10-10 and carry a team because I initiate fights and insta die after soaking all the damage in the world. > > If you can't carry a team then it's your problem and you don't belong in higher divisions in the first place. For the record I was talking more about players who are not willing or able to cooperate. Ha ha ha. Oh yeah... I've seen a lot of those 0-10-10 carries... Ty for reminding. Good laugh. And if you insta die you're pretty much useless. Actually worse than that. You feed and earn your enemies items, but hey... I am happy for you and your positive attitude on that carrying. Gl. xD
:3 Bronze life. One does not simply insta die without wasting enemy cooldowns. Your team gets a free fight after that. And in relation to those who are not willing or able to cooperate... they can have good KDA's too... why do trolls always get associated with bad KDA's? o.0 You can go 10-0-0 in your game and then refuse to group/push and just farm jungle camps all day long to avoid the enemy to preserve your KDA, and in your system... 'climb because you're clearly challenger material'.
: K/D ratio rankings. Not wins/losses.
Good performance should correlate to a win. You suck if you think you're good and have good kda but lose because of your team. KDA measure nothing but how many fights you've been in. I can be 0-10-10 and carry a team because I initiate fights and insta die after soaking all the damage in the world. If you can't carry a team then it's your problem and you don't belong in higher divisions in the first place.
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