: Best supports for Draven
in my opinion leona or thresh but i dont prefer playing draven because his early game is strong but if u can win in 30min game u might lose if u dont have strong team
chill its visual bug dont worry riot trying to fix it
kosta211 (EUNE)
: GameWith riot
yep they arent really active :D
ThreeHearts (EUNE)
: Division drops and after match rating
So if when i play caitlyn i get s all time i shouldnt fall?:D or just u want make support less playable?
: LSI Question
for replays i prefer use overwolf :)
: LSI Question
lol i dont use it and i think that this isnt bannable but i dont prefer to focus on numbers just play our own game
: Jungle Jax keystone?
12/0/18 strengh of ages
Joyi (EUW)
: I play adc how do you think I feel
> [{quoted}](name=Joyi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vlghyAt4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-17T13:11:14.184+0000) > > I play adc how do you think I feel learn sidestep and u will be fine :D
lmmôrtal (EUW)
: Kata supp is op xD
if u dont have normal jungler your late game sucks i dont prefer play with katarina support she need lots of cs
Gozy4 (EUW)
: QG vs EDG
you can watch it on twitch tv
raishinari (EUNE)
: Lord Dominik's Regards needs a buff
i think soon they will change meta :) so tanks wont be so op
: I wish to create an only girls team
U can find teammates in females tournaments where only ladies can play
blaesberg (EUW)
: Unable to create a 5 premade ranked game
u must have similar mmr like your friends
: My adc training. (help appreciated)
dont be greedy avoid cc and play with your team use ss and dont forget farm
: Updating to 33 % and Blue Screen
have u tried to select fix game?
: URF Release date
lol i think about 3 because they will start it friday and end monday morning :D
: Leave buster remover
He should play solo few games untill his account will be improved then play duo if u want wait bonus 20min u Always can waste your time :D
: Missing Free RP and IP boost
because riot changed it into hextech chest + key
: When is Riot going to give us back Ranked Teams 5vs5 ?
I think when riot will understand that more than duo q is bad move when they will restore rankeds stats and teams 5v5
: May Sales Shedule??
lol check NA website and i dont think that it will be today :D
: Fragments for key
i forget 3 keys per 2 days and now about 2 weeks i didnt get single fragment i think 3 keys for month only :(
Izevel (EUW)
: Rotterdam ticket control
I think not :) but u can try for sure :)
Larry (EUNE)
: A potential solution to primary/secondary roles
Better idea all must take first role their main and other fill :D
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
: LoL virus injection?
contact support they will help u
mefio (EUW)
: Draven's Day Icons delievery?
Agidyne (EUW)
: Look at this retarded Yorick damage.
this bug is because of yorick ulti
: Give Graves his Cigar Back
Gragas with one fancy skin gave cigar :(
: where i can this guy his chat after game(they were 3 reports and only we 2 report him)
but he flame all time and took full ad lee sin support and 3lvl leave lane and started roaming he fucked graves and our ranked game and started flame then after i game i said that i will report him for flame and he went afk after that we lost game he started spam
: Champion suggestion: Jahar The suicide bomber
Lol good idea but i think u want make him way 2 op :D
BundyB2 (EUNE)
: Dynamic queue estimated 2:25 waited 20+ minutes?
Just if your mains role so popular u wait a lot :D
: Where is my icon?
contact to support for store problems
: where i can this guy his chat after game(they were 3 reports and only we 2 report him)
Rioter Comments
: Start punishing assassins for building tank items...
Hi i know that u dont want hear what i say but u should check about reports riot saying that trying new meta or performing bad with it isnt bannable so if only u feed with purpose u can get reports u can build what ever u want with every champion
: 400RP
They changed 400rp into hextech key+chest :) and u wont be able to get rp free from riot anymore :D
ventus274 (EUNE)
: question
I think yes but i Always buy rp with paysafe card
: Thanks riot
I think its legacy skin but i dont play corki so it mean nothing for me
HayZabrella (EUNE)
: how do i make my account unverifed ?
I dont understand your issue but if u want unregister your email just change it in settings
ChrisKayMan (EUNE)
: technical problems
i didnt had problems today u should contact to support maybe its your computer problem
xcaroutx (EUW)
: Permanent ban from league of legends (Riot please consider this again if you can)
It wasnd free ban better create new account and dont waste your time on trying get unban u wont get it :D
Rioter Comments
raps1355 (EUW)
: How do you attach a picture thats not a link, you know the paperclip like way?
I think your link must be supported to make image from it :)
Cake (EUNE)
: Hextech Crafting Problem
Maybe u had chat ban or ban so u wont be able to get chest and keys untill your account will be improved
: Players for ranked.
Dude u cant call other players noobs second if your mmr is bad u will play with them nothing will help u so be nice and increase your mmr
: Looking for players that get easily frustrated at small things
Just i think he flame all game and he want create flamers team to dont get reports :D
: Nerf teemo
teemo is bronze - gold Champion he isnt playable in other division because really easy outplay teemo
: Fizz's E considerations
fizz e is main source of demage and zed w only help increase already strong demage from q and e
: Witam Poszukuje ekipy lub supporta
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