Northmund (EUW)
: That is not true. Even after 3 kills he is not that far ahead as many broken champions nowadays. Yes you are right about him being very edgy, tho is more risk than reward. For example taking fiora and dying 2 times at top is not that bad as after some farming and 3 items you still can 1v1 most champions. He needs stat buffs and most important ability changes.Reworking his abilities would make him way stronger.
Yea I agree, but imo that is because of the way Riot design new champions, meaning they just overload their kits with stuff. % health true damage is overkill in my book :/ Also I just played against a Fiora as Aatrox. Spoiler alert she first blooded me and it was bad. Until I got Rageblade. After that I could 1v1 Fiora all day and she ragequit lol (she had a hydra and procced her ult heal but that did not save her in the 1v1, because Aatrox op lol)
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
I have no clue what to buff on {{champion:266}} Buffing him may kinda break the game due to sustain being a really oppressive mechanic. I just played against a Fiora who first blodded me and I was still able to 1v1 her when I had just a rageblade, while she used everything on me.
Kultaan (EUNE)
: I am simply done..
I agree about Riot not giving any good feedback. I have reported many bugs before, none of them fixed. Also the responses I have been getting have all been completely useless and of no help. I had problems with the store and the answer was we can't do a thing. So how do I get runes? Thank the allmighty the store fixed itself somehow. Edit: I completely understand why you would quit. If playing annoys you more rather that bringing you joy, that is the reasonable thing to do :)
Rioter Comments
: Remove a Red buff minion from Game (Not a bug)
: The story of how my adc disowned me
My good Sir you made my day! :3 Have all of the cookies eveeeeeeeeeeeeeer :D {{item:2054}}
Takeoff (EUW)
: I just read a horrible thing....
Well I assume the balance will get way better (obvious sarcasm is obvious). I think that this will make me 100% quit this game if it turns out as I expect it will. True balance cannot be achieved but the last patches were really illogical and confusing. Made me wonder if they still even have the PBE up and running, or if they decided that it is just another buggy server that they will not fix. And I have been unable to play recently because of the sudden appearance of 6k ping, which I did not have a month ago.
Xehanört (EUW)
Well I used to have no lag a month ago. Now I have been having fun with spikes of up to 6k ping. Needless to say I gave up on this game. It is no fun to play like that...
: If you constantly surrender at 20m just because the game isn't going well
My logic usually is that surrenders are for the weak lol. Stay and fight till the bitter end. Once my team was losing and tried a surrender vote. I said in chat that only the French surrender and that our honor is on the line here (I also quoted {{champion:266}} : "There will be no retreat" ). Then everyone started writing: "FOR GLORY AND HONOR" (with caps lock and everything lol) in chat and suddenly started playing pitch perfect. We won and there was 1 death from the call to glorious battle :3 Glhf in game all
Caltys (EUW)
: EUW server lagging?
The past month I have been having ping spikes of up to 6k, which made me give up on League for now. Maybe I'll try it again in the future but for now DOTA 2 ftw
MrWasjig (EUW)
: Hey Reds! Quit removing my stuff!
What was removed if I may ask :3 ?
Starpelt (EUW)
: I ate Pizza today
I am eating pizza right now :3
: Giving Out 1 Skin/Champion Of Winner's Choice To 5 Lucky People :D (Details Inside If Interested)
Happy b-day! Ranked: unranked Happy or no: Yea I'm happy, I myself see no point in playing ranked because I play to have fun with friends :3 How did I get where I am: 400 games on Aatrox (across my accounts) Mains: Well then: Aatrox mostly, I like Shyv too My impact: I try to be as positive as possible, no clue if that counts as a lot I honestly do not want a skin, just sharing :D Glhf in game dude :3
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=cacarott,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=bm6LA7EG,comment-id=00010000000000000001,timestamp=2015-09-29T09:07:53.927+0000) > > I saw comments from Riot last year (on the NA boards I think) and they said it was ok. When did this change? I may be incorrect, but I don't recall ever seeing a stance that we said it was okay. As far back as I can remember, it has had features that give an unfair advantage.
Ok ty for answer :3 Glhf in game :D
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jerom398,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=bm6LA7EG,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-09-28T22:11:45.099+0000) > > What changed about the program then if i may ask, back in the day there was a problem with dragon and baron timers, but nowadays we get the time anyway since a couple patches. Can i know what exactly is illegal about it or not allowed :) There's multiple features it has that breaks the above recommendations, however I don't think listing the features of a third party product will do much good :-P One simple example is auto announcing things to team mates though, among other things. Again, the recommendation is quite simply, don't use it. If you're unsure, don't use it. Why risk your account being permanently banned? That's honestly the best advice I personally can give - if you're not sure, you've never seen an approval post about it from Riot, and you don't know - simply don't use it.
I saw comments from Riot last year (on the NA boards I think) and they said it was ok. When did this change?
: Reminder: Third Party Applications
What about MK Jogo? As far as I can remember I had read comments from Riot before, stating it was ok, as it gave you no advantage over the others. Any change on your stance concerning that program?
: his health is soo bad, when i played him jungle, i went for devourer and some ad items, but i ussually try to gank the safest way possible so i can save my passive for the team fights, hes way too squishy, even if you build him tank, if anything id rather riot to atleast buff his sustain, but even then, he still wont be strong, they did annouce theyre thinking of reworking him, cuz you dont see a regualr aatrox main now after season 4, hes becoming like zac and yorick now, i feel bad cuz hes a champ that has a potential to be good, and also an important figure in the lore, but with how he is now, he just sucks in total, they really need to re work him
I main him and honestly a rework would kinda make me sad, but I can see why it is necessary. He is a champ that either gets fed and hardcarries a game or if he fails he is only dead weight :/
: Aatrox needs to be reworked
He is pretty hard to learn in reality. I main him and he basically needs to get fed. Otherwise he can be a real powerhouse if played properly (like any champion) :3
Xrozz (EUW)
: i dont like fnatic.. european Team with 2 koreans.. legit
Ebola san (EUNE)
: His heal would be op huh? and with the botrk... he will be at almost full hp at all times huh? :P
Yea and his W damage is really strong too. All you basically need right now on Aatrox is Sated, Botrk and full tank -> you 1v3 everyone in the game lol :3
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=cacarott,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=c4LKeLZ4,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2015-09-27T14:10:15.185+0000) > > So all should be fine, I don't flame and try to be as positive as possible :3 Someone was just having a bay day maybe? Exactly, someone reported you, maybe even 2 ppl. You get the warning, but nothing bad happens to you if you did nothing wrong :) The System is safeguarded against such "false reports".
Ty for fast answer and help! Glhf in game friend :3
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=cacarott,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=c4LKeLZ4,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-09-27T14:07:29.589+0000) > > I just got reported for offensive language by a Gragas that fed in one of my games (I said nothing to him except asking to try and engage when we are together). I got the in-client message that I was reported, what does that mean? That means the system detected a spike in reports made against you. Nothing else. For what happens next, as i wrote above: > Reports only eventually trigger an investigation of your Behaviour. If you have broken no Rules, no punishment will follow :)
So all should be fine, I don't flame and try to be as positive as possible :3 Someone was just having a bay day maybe?
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. Reports only trigger an investigation of your Behaviour. If you have broken no Rules, no punishment will follow :) Premade reports have no special power either, so you don't have to fear them. All that matters is your behaviour. Saying "wtf is your problem" to someone who flames you, is not going to get you punished. If it's all you said ^_^
I just got reported for offensive language by a Gragas that fed in one of my games (I said nothing to him except asking to try and engage when we are together). I got the in-client message that I was reported, what does that mean?
: [Defence Case] Hate and 'noob champ' claim on Tryndamere
Claiming that Trynd is hard to me is like claiming that Yi is hard, while actually you can do more elaborate things with Yi's alpha strike than anything Trynd can do (dodge Zed ult for example). He has 0 spells to miss and is all right click. And has free crit, can also activate ult if cc-ed (what is the point of a stun then?). There is not much outplaying that you can do on Trynd.
: Does this make me an horrible person?
Na na na na na na Swedishman :3
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Not really... All we saw was tanky bruisers with botrk and dev in the jungle like shyvana. She deleted everyone and was undying. It is disgusting.
Try sated Aatrox against her, he powerspikes 100 times harder. Once I was agaisnt a full build Shyv (thornmail, devourer included), Soraka, Nidalee and Janna and they could not kill me. That was the 40-th minute of a game, the game ended up being around one hour. Thing was after my 1v4 they did not want to fight me for the other 20 min. Their Shyv would either ult or flash in the opposite direction when she saw me lol :3
: Aatrox with Sated and full AS (master yi runes) is just broken imo, it allows you build tanky items very early in the game and still have crazy damage because of Devourer, AS and W, and you become extremely hard to handle on top of all the dive ganks you can pull off with Aatrox and the easy solo drakes and later when you have like your 3rd item you can easy solo Baron. BTW Diamond doesnt mean shit unless its Diamond 1, I'm Diamond 5 peaked Diamond 3 and I can guarrantee that. :D Diamond 1 is a whole different level and maybe high Diamond 2, below that it's mostly boosted players and people who have given up on getting higher but for some reason still play ranked and go afk after FB, extremely negative. I've stopped playing ranked just to get away from all that negativity every game, soon I will get back on track and aim for Master tier.
Well what you said about ranked is basically why I ever touch it. I like normals because people break the meta and you can see all kinds of things happening. And about Sated Aatrox - it is my favorite thing ever. I have been playing a lot of Aatrox since I first tried him when he was free and ever since then he has been my fav champ :3 (approx 2 years). Sated was like the juggernaut buffs but for Aatrox. I was kinda sad when I heard that Riot want to rework him, but I perfectly understand why - Aatrox either carries the hell out of a game or is completely useless :/ Still great fun to play (and like you said broken as fuck) imo :D
Ebola san (EUNE)
: We were never out of thetank meta tbh!
Imo the devourer patch changed that a bit, as we started to see damage junglers return, but now we are simply going backwards...
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=cacarott,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9Vzj8IbW,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2015-09-25T06:37:50.767+0000) > > The sad part is that you are right T.T I hate the juggernauts... They do not take skill and are really strong. Why overbuff tanks? We just came out of the tank meta and now we are going back to it, except it is top lane tanks now. At the end the idea is right; Those 4 champions lacked a strong identity. Look at Zed? He's an assassin... 100%. Look at Lucian? That's clearly a marksman. Look at Garen\Darius? Ehhh... I think it's a tank. But they build some damage. But they ain't mobile as other bruisers... I... Yes. Juggernauts. Massive chunks of meat that hurt only when you get close. And i love it when Riot forces A LOT of clarity. Feels really minimalistic yet detailed. The problem is that Darius is both a lane bully and a late-game champion, Garen is a little less of that, but still overwhelming against most champions.
I would disagree on that they had no identity. Garen was an annoying silence that can execute you if you are not careful. Darius was the penta dunk, pull wall that can be a serious threat. Plus the heal on Darius' Q makes no sense whatsoever. And there are a lot more champions without a defined identity, that buffing those guys seemed redundant, especially in the way they overbuffed 'em imo.
: A good Riven will max E and dodge/soak every single E of yours while she relies on her fast animation canceling to dish out damage to you. Assuming you run AS quints and AD marks on Aatrox you can afford to max W and rush Ninja Tabi and Sunfire in which case she won't be able to keep up with your insane W damage and she won't be able to burst you either. It's not good to build damage against a good Riven because she can burst you really fast with animation cancels, cancel your escape with her 3rd Q or W and generally outtrade you due to her AD scaling shield. If you do manage to get a first kill on her and you have enough gold for a Pickaxe you can get it and rush Hydra and attempt to burst her when her shield is down by stacking your 3rd hit on creeps, baiting her to attack you, using E to slow her so she wastes dashes and shield and then land the knockup + ulti and 3rd hit. If you don't land the knockup you will be in trouble. I still recommend going Sunfire because Aatrox has high base damage on W and high sustain even without lifesteal while the Sunfire gives additional damage and if a Riven can't burst you down and zone you she will actually be the one getting zoned. You can engage on her any time she tries to CS, just bait her shield out with E. Ninja Tabi is also the best early item because it reduces her full combo damage by 40%.
Ty will try it in game when I have the chance :)
: You might get hard countered but the chances are still in your favor most of the time because: 1. As you said, you love your champion, you know it in and out and you perform to the maximum of your ability, the game seems to flow effortlessly for you because you ENJOY IT!!! 2. You have experience with counters from the many games you played with the champion you love 3. The people who hardcounter you generally do not main the champion who counters you and thus do not share these traits, and will tilt hard when you beat them even though you are countered 4. If you can't trade at all in lane but you know your champion you will farm as much as you can and be more effective in skirmishes and teamfights than a person who has picked a champion just to win lane and doesn't understand how to execute fights properly. For example, I main Riven and Yasuo. So many times people vs my Riven pick Garen, Darius, Jax, Quinn - but since they have no real experience playing the matchup and I have hundreds of games of experience vs these matchups I always come out on top. I also know what to do in teamfights while I've seen for instance a Jax that got jungler assistance and managed to outscale me (can't win a 1v1 vs him) but later he would just engage teamfights as Jax and get blown up, throwing the game. Because he is inexperienced. Experience and mastery of a champion will always top a "tier list". The Tier list is only good if you actually master one of the champions on top, but that requires many games, you don't just pick it and expect to carry yourself cause it's God Tier. Jinx can be god Tier adc but if your position is shit you will die in fights and enemy Urgot main will dish out more damage than you!
Btw as a Riven main can you give me any tips on how I can beat her in top with Aatrox? From my experience you can annihilate her but you need a good lead on her. The way I have been laning against her is basically poke with E and go in then she is low (abusing the fact that her sustain is weak). That is the best way that I know of and some tips would really help as I have been trying to get into top lane (I jungle 80% of the time)
: I just checked and it appears my memory has mislead me. I remember that his early game damages got nerfed but I thought it was the W, turns out it was E. W is still technically nerfed because his passive early game was changed to give him 30% AS instead of 50%, maybe that's why I've remembered it that way. My point still stands though. If you think that something is powerful the way that you play it, keep playing it no matter if it's not recognized by the community - everybody will shut up when they see you performing better than them.
I know :D. One of my friends who is diamond told me not to pick Aatrox. I ended up 9/0 carrying the hell outta that game, which was before Sated was introduced :3
: You guys are all stupid. The asnwer to the jugernauts is really easy. If u can't beat them, join them.
The sad part is that you are right T.T I hate the juggernauts... They do not take skill and are really strong. Why overbuff tanks? We just came out of the tank meta and now we are going back to it, except it is top lane tanks now.
PlzenCZ (EUNE)
: [You are welcome :)]( Edit: true... forgot that blades of torment are actually E :D not W
Ty but still, the only documented nerf are the changes to E and aa speed from passive. I see no other big nerf. So he was basically barely touched (until the recent buffs that is)?
Eveninn (EUW)
: And you have 2! :3 {{item:2054}} {{item:2054}}
: The majority of these dumb questions come out of people not thinking for themselves and instead needing someone else to think for them instead. They need a "quick fix", they believe if they start playing a "God Tier" champion it will make them gain ELO without working hard. The truth is, you might gain ELO for a while with some champs - but you will hit a brick wall eventually where you MUST improve if you want to go higher. That is with any champion, it's about improving at the game itself. The champion is like, 30% of the game.
Well you can get hard countered lol. But yea the champion is not everything. Plus that playing your fav champ will make you want to perform better :D
: I was flamed for picking Aatrox jungle back in S3 before Worlds or LCS I don't remember which tournament. My winrate with him was 16-4 and people would quickly shut up after I destroy the enemy team in game with brutal level 4 dives. Soon after he was picked in that tournament 5 games in a row and after that he was almost always banned. After the tournament, Riot nerfed his W damage hard. NEVER listen to anybody.
The only documented nerfs regarding him are aa speed nerfs form passive (making it scale instead of being flat) and reducing his E dmg with 40 flat. When did they nerf his W (as I said never seen it documented) ? I am mostly interested because I main him and have never played him in his original state. Edit: 16:4 winrate means you won 80% of your games right? My brother recently found a site that shows your winrate on a champ. Overall I have around 400 games on him across my accounts and on this one my Aatrox winrate was 80% :3 (have not checked my other ones because I have no touched them since season 4)
: Can't wait for the ADC changes.
Yea but it will happen some time next year. Honestly if it is as badly balanced as the juggernauts I would be really unhappy, and that is what I am expecting (but also hoping it will not happen)
Tomok2404 (EUW)
: What happens when you play against Xerath on Howling Abyss...
Well he did have a serious front line to protect him lol :D
Hecate (EUW)
: And that moment when... you see your jungle Vi with Devourer ftw :).
I die a little inside every time when I see devourer Vi... In my experience they fail every time T.T
xCillion (EUW)
: Aye, but that just goes to show that playing your favourite champ does not have to be something that holds you back, even if some would say that due to meta and winrates and whatnot. P.S. My gf is a challenger heimer smurf #yoloQ P.P.S (that how its done?) No granny was harmed during the creation of these comments.
You can probably reach challenger with anyone, but sometimes even in normals you get a lot of hate for playing someone "off meta". I have had hate for going Aatrox jungle, which was before sated was introduced (still do occasually, but I guess my champion mastery on him makes people chill a bit lol). But the nail in the meta coffin was that the other day we had an ad Kat top who wrecked a Dr Mundo, she was 6/0 in laning phase without me ever ganking top, while when the enemy jungle would gank, she would just get a double kill O.o Needless to say that Kat carried like hell lol, she even rushed an IE :3
Eveninn (EUW)
: Why you shouldn't wonder about a champions viability.
: Leagues most overlook/underplayed champions, (Your Opinions Please!)
{{champion:266}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:6}}
: Why not? just stay under your tower, if he wants to dive you(because your health is lower than his) Irelia's E stuns him, towers doing his magic + you come in with your true damage, and while he's stunned he cannot activate his ult. If he already activated it, well then jump to a minion with your Q, then wait till his ult works off and jump him again with your Q and E. And if he doesnt dive you, well then happy farming :)
Ye that is ok for towerdiving, but overall make one mistake and you are dead. Otherwise I hate laning against Trynd. I am not much of a top laner (jungle man here :3), but can you give me someone good against him? Also someone good against Irelia. I know Aatrox can beat Irelia, but it all falls to the first kill in Aatrox vs Irelia.
: The Origin of your name?
My first acc was called Chronabis, taken from the stoner metal band I played in :3 This one belonged to a friend, but he gave it to me when I wanted to start playing in West. So usually I get "go Goku" shoutouts
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Change the Sightstone item, please. 1 item slot is a big waste for 4-5 wards and 400 Health.
If sightstone gets buffed too much it will become a must buy for everyone. Riot are walking a very thin line there regarding changes to it :/
: Yes, Irelia is my main. I want this(But I dont think its needed). Other posts said irelia was top against tryndamere, and that she standed no chance 1v1 after lvl 6. But I dont believe thats true, Just play it smart, I've never had problems 1v1ing a tyndamere with Irelia.
It is possible Mr Prime, with enough skill. But if the Trynd knows his champ and how to play the matchup, there is not much you can do imo :/
: Nope, if your countered stay under your tower and stop feeding. nobody dies 0/6 unless they try to farm, which i absolutely don't when im losing. id rather be 0-0-0 with no farm and just take whatever i can under my tower. then 0-7 with almost no farm and feeding the enemy. its basically a choice.. if your Minion wave is frozen call your jungler.
Most of the time it is an option. Yesterday I was Riven vs Garen. Hugging tower does not work in that case T.T
: I don't really play play Aatrox, but he's extremely strong in early lvls (1>6) due to his passive. I suppose I'd lvl E>W as Aatrox vs Fiora. The reason being pretty simple: whenever she goes for a snap Q into your vitals, you use your E on her to slow her down to ruin her "strike and kite" playstyle, eventually landing 2/3 hits with an empowered AA from toggled W. After that, you simply reset the wave aggro and toggle back W to sustain mode. Btw, Aatrox really fall off pretty hard later on, so you'd want tosnowball our lane. Allthe good Aatrox's I've seen used to run ignite over TP, to make sure to get an early cheese on their lane opponents. If you manage to get a lead tho, youshould completely denyFiora in lane. That's simply cause Fiora resort in poking and small trades; any champ which got the tools to extend those trades have an upper hand vs Fiora since she realy got nothing beside Q and E. She win snap trades, but loses extended ones really badly.
Ty for info :) I will try the matchup, problem is I have never laned against Fiora (the new one). I mostly jungle, mid or do double bruiser bot. Top has been a place I have not touched in a long time :3 I shall see if my Aatrox mechanics (from around 400 games on him) will help me win. Glhf in game :D
Eveninn (EUW)
: Who is your main and why?
Aatrox -> go ham as fuck (literally your job, why you think you got all that sustain lol). But his playstile is a lot of fun and mastering him to play him properly (yes Aatrox is in reality hard to master and do good with) was fun. He also fits a lot of roles really well and lets be honest, who is more badass than the literal God of War? Otherwise Shyv, Yi, Jax, Diana.
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