: Best way to level an account?
Bots are fine but boring , arams are fun and they give around the same amouunt of xp (less but not that much )
: Sett shield is unbalanced
His regen is clearly %%%%%%ed , i was playing mundo into him and he had more regen then my cleaver dealt , he literaly stood up spamming /l while i was spamming cleavers at him and he was regenerating more then i was dealing to him
Naniup (EUW)
: I think conqueror is the problem.But it seems riot is too "noob" to understand that.That rune is too powerfull especially on ap champs more then bruisers. So why they dont nerf conqueror yet?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Because if you take out conqueror bruisers are done , it should give only ad stats .
: only one thing i dont like about morde is his ults interactions... as an ekko main: if i q and he r me .. my q vanishes... my w vanishes if he ults me .. that could be ok for some people .. its fine by me and i am taking precautions about not using my skillshots b4 he is ulting.. its all good .. BUT.. when morde ult finishes: if i had a q in the ulti of him.. IT VANISHES AGAIN w the same........ and i cant cast my ult as an ekko even if i walked a straight like and my ult is faaaaar away from mordes ult range.. i just stuck in it.... if i ult and his ult finishes .. guess what... no dmg on my ulti... thats i cant be ok with... and think about it ... if morde ults an AHRI .. when ahri was casting her E.. the stun thingy... guess what... IT WANISHES ALSO.. so his ult makes a trap and its ok ... it makes only the champ to take it in... its ok ... u cant escape with anything but olaf ult and nice timed zhongya etc(yes there are counters to his ult but at what cost???) is these all ok ??? so i guess riot needs to rework his ult ... i mean he ults me its ok .. but my skillshots arent coming with me ??? thats unbalanced as hell..
Imagine playing ekko and calling champs unbalanced , i hate morde top and he %%%% me up most of time , but come on ekko is way more broken get real . You can kite him easy with the champs that you mentioned (ahri ekko ) , so yeah he need to have something to catch this kind of champ . Also you say that you need to buy zhonya as an ap to escape it , but come on if their's no morde it's still 2/3rd item on most ap champs so it shouldn't be a problem considering how broken zhonya is . AD carry have to build QSS which again is a really good item as adc. The real problem with morde is that he conter some toplane champs so hard that it's unplayable and that i agree that i should be nerfed but his ult is fine i think
: Misconceptions of League, and why you are not climbing.
You talk like if you were Master the past 3 season when in reality you're hardstuck plat while playing support i mean come on . This game is clearly a coinflip first by the matchmaking and second by the picks . You make me chuckle when you try to tell ppl how to climb when in reality you don't have a %%%%ing clue how this work , watch any high level streamer they all say that the matchmaking is broken it's a fact how can you even deny it ( and i'm not talking about S10 the past seasons were already %%%%ed ) > [{quoted}](name=Sona Crushes All,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LTOOqqRB,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-21T21:45:20.111+0000) > > There is only 1 indicator, and that is killing the Nexus. > If you beat the enemy, whatever you did that game, no matter how messy, worked. > Your k/d/a, CS, ward score, damage etc are irrelevant, they literally do not matter. Ayy lmao are you even real ? Good Kda /cs /control of the map is what win your game ? If you don't focus on this you wont win the game so yeah they matter i don't get you > [{quoted}](name=Sona Crushes All,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LTOOqqRB,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-21T21:45:20.111+0000) > > Im just a Sona OTP from EUW. I was D3 before the s10 reset and my highest rank was a modest 18,000/3.5m. Really ? D3 ? why does op.gg say plat 3 S9 ? Come on dude don't come here talking big words telling everyone how to play when you're an otp sona hardstcuk plat 3 with 50% winrate . And you're telling ppl to do like you playing low skill cap champs lol . You'll never climb if you don't play top tier champs and that's how it is . play naut/pyke or morg (which had a higher winrate S9 on your acc then your otp i wonder why hmmmmmm ) I Also you only play supp and you pretend that you will teach everyone how to play the game please come down most of what you say is either obvious or wrong .
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: As long as you don't use the chat and you die less than once every minute and a half, you're good, you can do whatever you want and there's no system in place to keep you from doing it.
TRue i tried this myself and honestly you can slow int as much as you want you'll never get banned
manolis201 (EUNE)
: Make Surrender Vote Work on 3 Votes Cause... (Ranked is BS)
I have the error while trying to log in , the client is brooken again . Imagine having a conpany that worth 21 billions $ and not even being able to make a client work , that's pathetic
Rioter Comments
: Please Riot, never ever ever do this again.
Huh ? I got the card and i didn't even know the mission existed , i don't even know what you're crying about
: Wow so hard really how can players can even manage to do this
I ask myself everytime i wake up
ÌnDeed (EUW)
: 10 first bloods, actually.
Wow so hard really how can players can even manage to do this
: Since hitting Plat the standard of my teammates has dropped considerably
It's your mmr that's %%%%ed up , and once you messed up you're good to make a new acc . That's the last riot idea to sell rp , ppl will just do new accs everytime their mmr is messed and and buy their favorite champ and skins everytimes . Pretty much the same as the bans except ppl learned to avoid algorithm bans so that's pretty much the new thing since a year or two
: Tanks are no paper, this is super tank meta. Shen is not a tank. His kit is about trade-dueling melee 1v1, while being super-mobile from R+EQW. You want a real tank? Play Nautilus/Leona, instantly hook and thrash every goddam champion in every skirmish. Or may be you want a tank like Ornn, sitting AFK under tower always safely from shop-on-the-knee. Or may be you want a tank like Maokai, first few levels sitting duck, but later simply ignore all enemies. Or may be you want a tank like Mordekaiser, build HP-based stuff, simultaneously thrashing every goddam champ who comes near. Super tanks are in best form they could ever get in this game. They don't need to tank 40 minutes anymore, only for a few minutes during drake fights.
Well Tanks are fine but super tank meta ? I don't think , even less in solo Q
Shaebadu (EUW)
: do you smoke weed before playing ranked?
I prefer crack when i have the money but sure weed is fine , try some speed too , works well on your reflexes . (don't ban me it's ironic plz )
Beolius (EUW)
: Morde is just so broken. He can carry anything no matter how much feed he had.
I love destroying morde picking ww top rushing {{item:3091}} . if he get behind he's yours
: Is spamming in chat reportable?
I guess it depend on how much you spam / what you spam
ToriTori (EUNE)
Calm down hashinshin
: Riot's new philosophy: Create disgustingly overpowered champions (Senna, Aphelios)
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: you guys need to chill
YOu need to let ppl play how they like . And also when you tell ppl to chill MAYBE DON4T WRITE IN CAPS WITH A LOT OF EXCLAMATIONS POINT !:!!!!!!!!!: Chillax my dude it seems like your skill are frustrating you
: > Flamer flames>Gets banned>Creates a new account>Spends money, it actually came to my mind and it would be the most reasonable explanation, since ban evading is not illegal in this game people create new accounts and buy RP there. Ban evasion is pretty hard to enforce. Unless someone is using the exact same email address, it's really difficult to identify the same person across multiple accounts. When players are exceptionally toxic and make repeated accounts after being banned, they get indefinitely banned, which is essentially a ban on sight. This isn't easy to automate, but has been done in the past to high profile individuals. Your assertion is that players who get banned will repeatedly come back and spend money. From a purely business standpoint, the toxicity of some players drives away new players, which are a bigger source of revenue than existing ones. Additionally, players who get perma banned repeatedly are actually pretty rare, certainly not frequent enough to base a business model off of it. > But they never ban the Griefer, troller or leaver so he can ruin others games and get them banned for being frustrated so they possibly spend money on their new accs. Those accounts do get banned, although I'll admit we could be better at doing it faster.
Leavers and inters gets banned for sure , but the actual problem these days is slow inting the bot have no way to see it in the stats but really it's the new plague you guys need to do something about it . The man just afk farm give a kill time to time steal jungle buffs while not saying anything and he will 100 % not get banned , and if you dare to say something to him you're going to get banned . That i think makes it even more frustrating to the point where when you cross the line and get your acc banned and you do new ones you don't care anymore and you just become really toxic or a slow inter yourself ( I had a friend who used to get banned like every months , now he just slow int/mute everyone/spam emotes , when someone pisses him off and he's been ok for a good time ) The system is clearly not working , the lol community is clearly one of the most toxic and the banning system is a huge part of why cause when ban someone's acc forever when he spent money on it for calling someone a bad name makes one rly bitter . YEs toxicity should be banned but i think chat restrictions did a much better job at it ( don't have the numbers doe )
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Damn you are such a child. Congrats, you are a high rank on Ranked. Want a medal? Here‘s your special cookie 🍪 I tell you how to socialize because you are the only one in this entire forum who brings up rank and ends with „git gud“. The typical children of LoL these days, which automatically makes you a braindead. And „the people who are better than me“ all bring the exact same things up for „counter argument“ - have hard CC in your Team - use {{item:3157}} - make him focus the Tank - bring up other champions who are „harder“ and „more dangerous“. And those are more safety steps than actual „counters“ to a Yi. But some of those same people admitted that Yi‘s kit is nonetheless outdated and unhealthy. My point, still stands, where the majority agrees that Yi needs that Rework or Nerf. Also, yes, i am Silver, and that‘s because i may play a Ranked game once a month since i hate every kind of „ranked“ in any game. I play games for fun, because that‘s what games are for, having fun. But you toxic children seem to focus more on boast about your Ranks since you got nothing else to boast about in life. I started playing League when Yasuo was the newest released Champ. So yes, i do say i know more than you, not because of rank, but actual experience. You braindead Child. (No emotes required)
If master yi really needed a nerf don't you think his winrate would be positive plat + ? Also tanks don't conter yi it's the opposite actually i said burst champs conter yi , one more proof that you don't know wtf you talk about . Also i play since beta (since rammus is out ) so yeah i know what i'm talking about and the funny thing is at that time the champs that were considered the most op ones were master yi and katarina ( when she came out a bit after ) . I wonder why when everyone was inexperianced they were thinking master yi was op hmmmmmmmmm {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} (probably because he have a low still cap and it's hard to deal with when you're bad at the game ) The only yi that was rly op was ap yi , that was the shit . Then they had to buff AD master yi when they nerfed the ap one so they made a mini rework that made the champion what he is today . He has been strong at one point but it was comming from the guinzoo that made everyone able to use it strong at that time , you could even see xin ap guinzoo and it was rly good . And if i bring up the rank it's because how would i judge your skill then , it's actualy the purpose of it . When i see silver 4 50% winrate i already know that you suck and it's a fact( also your ranks the previous seasons lmao) . I mean i had a shit load of accs and i never got into silver , while you sit here with a negative winrate so of course i'm better then you at this game and you can get bothered by it as much as you want it's still the truth their's a reason why the gape of ranks is so huge between us . So yeah they could rework master yi i wouldn't be against it but their's champs that need a rework way before him , and he already got one . And tbh did you already saw a rework where the champs end up worst then he was ? Trust me you don't want this . And for the nerf it will just end higher elo master yi players and make it unplayble when he's already rly hard to play high elo and if you don't have the good champs on your team ( lulu , taric , yuumi that kind of shit ) you're pretty much %%%%ed if you don't get fed early . And yes i want a medal with master yi needs a buff written on it . And btw you rly need to get good, when i said that it wasn't me making fun of you ( ok maybe a little bit ) The reason you think yi is op it's because you're not really good at the game and that's it . When you say you play ranked once a month you're clearly lying , i looked your op.gg yeah you didn't ranked this month but the last one you were very active on ranked so idk why you lie one that , you have 100 games with 50 % winrate on silver it's pathetic , i'd even go as far as to say braindead {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} (emote required)
DeCoqq (EUW)
: I have never watch any streamer so no, im not acting, i really dont have a clue who that guy is. Is there a reason why i should "know" him?
I was joking but i guess it's like every streamer you like them or not so it's up to you i guess ( but you certainly saw his face if you've been playing for a while )
: I'm playing normals 98% of the times. I only play ranked once a year, and that's when I want to get my rank for the season. Like last year I decided I'd want to get gold that season, so I stopped climbing as soon as I got gold. This season I decided I'd want to get to plat this season, so I stopped climbing as soon as I got plat. Ranked is really not enjoyable for me because there's way too much pressure for you to enjoy yourself, and the outcome of the game matters. In normal games ENJOYING the game is what matters, and the outcome doesn't matter the slightest. And flamers are the ones that ruin this enjoyment more than trolls. They ruin the atmosphere in the team by a lot, and make the game completely unenjoyable. > imagine a guy that's playing on midlane going even and then their's the jungler who decide to run it down your turret with double buff . I'd bet one of my balls that he would get way more tilted because of it then a teammate calling him a noob or pinging him a for bad flash . I'd get more tilted for flame and pinging. Like everyone makes mistakes, even Faker fail flashes every now and then, so who are you to judge someone for them being flawed like every other human being? And who are you to call people names just based on a simple video game? And I think that's the main difference between the two. Trolls can't troll your everyday life, they just suicide in an imaginary world as an imaginary character. While flamers are calling YOU, the one sitting at the computer, names, for something that happened in an imaginary world. > I don't understand how words can touch you from someone that you clearly don't give a %%%% about , while loosing your playtime is ok to you . I don't understand how a simple video game can make you this mad. Also, you're losing your playtime regardless of winning or losing. It's not like you're going to get your time spent on the game back if you win the game.
Hmmm how to explain that to you , someone inting have an actual impact on the game when you're trying to win it's really frustrating and you can't do anything about it . When someone flame you or ping you it have an impact only if you let them touch you . And also you can mute them so no it's just factualy worst to int a game then flame Also you're saying that i shouldn't let something out of an imaginary world touch me ? So video games movies and any kind of virtual art gives you no emotion ? Give me a break please of couse when you take intrest in something virtual or not you actually care about what happen . So yeah it actually loose my time if i enter a game to win and it's lost after 5 min beacause someone died on his lane and decided it's lost because i already know that the game is over and it ruin my fun . Yeah i got that it's all virtual and nothing of this all matter (So edgy btw ) But i do like the game and i've been playing it since beta so yeah it piss me off when someone ruin a 20 min game and i think it's the same for a good part of players else that actually like the game . And again i don't understand why you don't just mute someone being a douche in the chat or with his pings . And btw the words they write to you mean nothing i really don't get how it can touch you more then someone %%%%ing a game that could be fun for 20 min (even when you're on the winning side it's not funny because everyone is just afk at tower waiting the 20 min mark and farming cs to get their stats right which i don't blame but really it's just boring ) . And if regardless of losing or winning my time was lost anyways is it the same for every video games i've played ? Every movies i watched ? That would be kind of sad
: It does though... it’s healing is effectively halved for ranged champions (8% of damage done rather than the 15% that melee champions have).
Srsly ? Aww i'm high again i guess {{sticker:cass-cry}}
Haha jaa (EUW)
: Is it just me or is tanks way to OP
Yes it's just you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
DeCoqq (EUW)
: So only now, after two years, this hushush dude realised how broken stopwatch is? Agree with Wolity, who the hell is he?
Lol at ppl whoact like they don't know who CHADCHINSHIN is
Fyrijou (EUW)
: If calling out the Rank is seriously your best counter argument, then there is no wonder why you‘re a braindead.
I call out the rank because you insulted me and told me that i'm wrong without any argument for the simple reason that i'm right so yeah you're silver V and that's why you think yi is op . But ppl who are wrong always end up insulting so {{sticker:katarina-love}} i forgive you
: I DO care about the gameplay, that's why I'd rather have trolls than flamers. Trolls don't make me play worse, they may have a strong effect on the outcome of the game, but they're not influencing your gameplay directly. However, flamers make their teammates tilt, hence making them play worse/focus less. Also if someone is flaming hard in my team, I'm losing the motivation to win that game, because I'd rather have the game be over sooner so I can get rid of that toxic person faster. I personally never int or troll, but there've been games in which a flamer on my team tilted me that much that I flash ulted at them. Flaming decreases the performance of all your teammates, while trolls only reduce the number of your teammates by 1. After a while the enemy team will get more gold for a minion than for killing the inter. I don't know about you, but I'd rather play a 4v5 where my team is doing their best, than a 5v5 where all my teammates are tilting and don't care about the outcome. Like if you're hard flaming me, then you can bet that any time I could save you, shield you, heal you, blocks a spell for you, or anything, then I won't help you. I'll still somewhat try to win the game with the rest of the team, but the teamwork between the two of us will be cut. Also you don't need to mute a troll. You just have to ignore them. The thing that trolls really want is attention, so if you're not giving it to them, then they'll either start playing normally, or go afk (which is still better than them inting). Put a flamer and a troll in the same team, the flamer will just fuel the fire the troll needs, making the troll even worse. I've had games where someone kept running it down, and my team didn't want to give that person attention, so we didn't say a thing, didn't spam question mark pings, and the inter just stopped eventually and started playing the game. So the best way to "mute" inters is just by not giving them the attention they're trolling for. The point of games in general is having a good time and having fun. Trolls have fun their own way, which can affect their teammates. However, flamers are flaming for literally no reason. Like what do you gain by telling someone to get cancer? Will you feel better about yourself? (If so, then you have a sad life) Will it make the person you're flaming play better? (No, it'll most likely tilt them and make them play a lot worse, maybe even go afk, just had one of those today.) Will it make a troll stop trolling? (No, it'll only encourage them.) Will it improve your gameplay experience? (No, you'll just focus on typing rather than on playing the game, and you'll just tilt more when they argue back.) Will it improve your teammate's gameplay experience? (Only if it's a troll, but will make the game feel more miserable to everyone else, in my case I need like 3-4 games of super friendly teammates after having a hard flamer in order to be equal.) Then seriously, why are you flaming? It doesn't achieve anything, and it makes things way worse for you, and your team. You're wasting your energy on being a keyboard warrior and ruining your team's performance and experience.
TRy to have someone who int on a ranked game with players that actualy care ( Not flashing ulting someone because he tilt if you see what i mean ) If their's a troll on a team the team will loose 100 % and their's nothing you can do about it i find it way more frustrating then someone telling me that i sucked or who is spamming question marks pings on me cuz i just have to mute them and then they talk alone . I really don't get your logic it makes no sense , imagine a guy that's playing on midlane going even and then their's the jungler who decide to run it down your turret with double buff . I'd bet one of my balls that he would get way more tilted because of it then a teammate calling him a noob or pinging him a for bad flash . I stopped flamming but when i was younger i got some accs of mine banned for it and i think i deserved it but i'd rather play with 4 flammers then 1 troll because i can just mute ppl who talk ( i do /mute all at the start of almost every ranked games) but when their's a troll it's just lost and i wait for min 15 to ff punching my keyboard like it was my girlfriend {{sticker:sg-janna}} . It's really way more frustrating to loose because of someone else just decided it was going this way then you sucking %%%%s ( or not ) and getting flammed for it . Also i don't get why i shouldn't be allowed to call someone who is literally loosing around 20 min of my pathetic life a scum%%%% bastard . Like league of legend is the game that is the most severe on bans but also it has the most toxic community for years , maybe banning everyone that say a bad word based on an algorithm is not that good of an idea especialy when it's really easy to %%%% ppl games while not breaking the algorithm rules . Really i don't get why players are still defending this system that's clearly not working , i'd even say that's one of the worst because the lol community end up being in the most toxic ones . I don't understand how words can touch you from someone that you clearly don't give a %%%% about , while loosing your playtime is ok to you . If you can explain that to me that'd be great .
: nerf cassiopeia with conq
Idk why they just don't make half heal for ranged it make no sense
: So you're saying that she got low stats on bronze/silver but good on plat + ? maybe she's not bad but just hard to play Also i said top 5 strongest champ in LATE GAME She's clearly not in the strongest champs of the patch but she's not weak either i'd say she's well balanced compared to a lot of other champs of the patch ( hi senna aphelios morde ekko )
Also their's a lot of champs that deserve a buff way more then her
: her 50% win rate does not show in bronze. maybe around 45% something in the lower elos. but i havent seen a kayle manage to pull off anything in a long time. and i used to main her. so top 5 strongest champs? i dont belive it. maybe when she had that true dmg lvl 16... she could be considered the top 5 strongest champs. Kayle could lose all game. be 3 lvles behind, 2 items behind and all of a sudden she penta kill entire teams with 3 infernos.. like what in the actual f.
So you're saying that she got low stats on bronze/silver but good on plat + ? maybe she's not bad but just hard to play Also i said top 5 strongest champ in LATE GAME She's clearly not in the strongest champs of the patch but she's not weak either i'd say she's well balanced compared to a lot of other champs of the patch ( hi senna aphelios morde ekko )
Fyrijou (EUW)
: The most braindead answer i have seen so far... Congrats!
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Master Yi desperately needs a rework or a huge nerf
Top 10 bronze posts Yi sucks and i'll explain you why : - his ganks sucks he has no cc and his dmg early is not bursty at all so you can't rly do shit the first 6 levels where it's the meta to gank a lot early also he get conter jungled very easy since he don't have a good escape -you metionned it the first 20 min he sucks and that's part of why the champ is terrible , in a game with goods players the team with the strongest jungle early gets the objectives and the team who gets early objectives win in most cases ( First turret team is 75% winrate ) -He's not that good late he still have to take high risks in teamfight since all his dmg are melee range and after 20 min when you're a bit behind you don't have that much item and with yi you're either a chips that will get oneshot by any assasin or mage ( or even renekton ) or you builded tanky and you the on hits effects and att speed that makes you deal that big %%%% dmg -Then yeah when he have 4/5 items and when the ennemy team don't have too much CC or burst or bruisers you become kind of op but does that mkes him a good champ ? I don't think so . In the same kind of champ as yasuo which i think is way better since he got high mobility dmg CC and that windwall but if the champ have a winrate that's so low on plat+ it's because like master yi his powerspikes comes too late and most of time the fate of the game is already sealed . If i can give you an advice it would probably be git gud
: Kayle needs buffs
Well she's at 50.87% winrate on plat + And she's not that weak on lane she can be rly safe vs most melee And she outscale them also the fact that she get ranged lvl 6 now makes her lane way better and late game she's probably top 5 strongest champ so ... As a top lane player i don't think we need a kayle bufff their's some toplaners that rly deserve one ( aatrox is at 44.19% winrate on the same elo and jayce 45.72)
: i believe its a skin card for that card game of riot
All you have to do it getting a first blood , git gud normie
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: {{champion:28}} am I a joke to you?
Are you saying that eve needs a buff ?
: I did, and there was not a single time I used the word sad, or really much judging at all. It does make sense. Maybe you need to read again? at least quote where I called someone sad.
" And furthermore, note that if it somehow were allowed, the dudes who actually do play against those younger kids are just nothing more than sad people."
: > [{quoted}](name=caledemaIt,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5LEd0J9d,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-26T15:19:16.608+0000) > > its xhat restriction we need That's actually what i'm talking about. Before the new punishment system became a thing, Flamers used to amass lot of chat-restricted games, but they didn't care, flame anyway, or start trolling. Those who tried to reform where sometimes penalized by the chance to be punished again incorrectly and get more chat-restricted games. Given that, there's practically 0 indications that to prevent flamers to chat at all may solve anything.
Do you have any proof thar chat restrict make ppl troll ? Because i feel like banning the flammers while the slow inters and trolls run free will produce a lot more of these trls/inter
: But I didnt call anyone sad? And I dont want this because of smurfs in Ranked? Try again.
> [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vqbU9ula,comment-id=000000000000000000030000,timestamp=2019-10-26T16:01:03.096+0000) > > But I didnt call anyone sad? And I dont want this because of smurfs in Ranked? > Try again. You did , read again and you don t make any sense
: You need a social security number to create an account, so first you can only really have one per actual human and second it is linked to your real identity. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/phRJjxBj-delete-aram-please?comment=0003000000000001 My suggestion how it would work on EUW if we follow this example.
One of the most %%%%%%ed thing ive seen yet , so you're ok to violate privacy law because you got destroyed in ranked ? Maybe just fix the mmr problem instead of giving your ass to the one that hurt less. Imagine giving your social security to a compagny that can't even make a client works proprely Also calling ppl sad because they are better show that you pretty sad yourself Git gud and stop cry
: RioT tried that. The result was that many flamers resorted to trolling when they could not vent their raging urges through the chat. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
It's already happenning because trolls dont get banned when flammers get to do a new acc every months But yeah i dont think taking away the chat would be a good thing its xhat restriction we need
Chichong (EUW)
Imagine getting mad for an aram lul Also riot trying to balance aram only made it unfun stop trying so hard to balance a fun game mode
Mztah (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] Nerf damage
Conqueror is the real tank problem {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}


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