: They should respect the fact that they're special, just like victorious skins, and that they'll not be able to get them. It's more unfair for the players that got told the skin would never be obtainable after the short period it was available, because they just got lied to. (This is why the re-release of those legacy skins was such an issue.)
i uderstand the fact that victorious skins are only achieved by high skill players, but the others are just skins made for certain events
: The whole "gimmick" about those skins is, they're supposed to be rare. Riot somewhat f-ed up and pissed off part of the community by re-releasing all legacy skins already, and being able to easily acquire so-called "rare" skins is completely removing the point of having one of those skins.
but is unfair for some of league of legends players, because every year new players arrive to this world witch we call "lol", and some of them really enjoy it and have extraordinary skills in this game. it would be unfair to them just because they dont play since the beta
: Being able to get legacy skins is already more than enough. I would feel bad for everyone who earned those skins the "legit" way if they actually handed out those skins with mystery gifts.
I may say that i agree with u, but i think that at least should be a new legit way to earn those skins. prizes for certain events, like shurima or poro king, but much difficult to aquire
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