JamesIAm (EUW)
: I'll be honest 119 is more than most people I know would play with. Is that normal for people in your area, do you have any friends who play that you can compare with. And is this a wireless or wired connection?
In my area it is. 119 is good. And yes I have a 1 gb wired connection
JamesIAm (EUW)
: Unfortunately your download speed isn't actually tied to your ping (which causes lag spikes). I personally haven't been experiencing lag spikes, so it may be your ISP's connection with the router. Or may just be because lag spikes are particularly evident in league. You can use [think broadband's ping monitor](https://www.thinkbroadband.com/broadband/monitoring/quality) to check your ping over a couple of days. When I used to get lag spikes however it was due to my router being old. A quick reboot of that would clear up the lag for a couple of days. So if you're looking for a quick fix I would try that. (Btw if you don't have a wired connection I would seriously consider looking into one - It can help problems like this a lot).
Hi thanks for the feedback. I tried restarting the router, but it's still the same. Checked internet speed also, and it is giving me consistent pings even in other games. I usually have 119-124 ping in LoL but now it's ranging from 160-222. I don't know what's causing this anymore. I don't have any packet loss also. I am starting to think that there is a problem between my ISP which is Etisalat and Riots server.
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