: Thanks for adding new rewards
5 downvotes omegalol. What clowns the League community is.
: Thanks for adding new rewards
My friend also basically injects league didnt even know about this stuff.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: The symbol on the home screen when it was updated saying 'Updated Rewards' wasn't enough?
when did it say they were adding new orbs? Ive played a match every day since the event and then some.
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: "Not all players will end the year with 100 Prestige Points and we want to make sure that everyone can get as much value as possible regardless of their Prestige Point totals. We're working on new Prestige Point content for lower point costs, similar to the stuff you see in event shops. Here's our current plan for what those options will be: PROJECT 2019 Jackpot Bag - 50 PP Contains 3 skin shards of the same tier (750 RP, 975 RP, 1350 RP, or 1820 RP) and 1050 Orange Essence Revel Grab Bag - 50PP Contains a 520 RP skin shard, 750 RP skin shard, 975 RP skin shard, 1350 RP skin shard, and 1820 RP skin shard Arcade 2019 Jackpot Bag - 50PP Contains 3 legacy skin shards (one guaranteed 975 RP or higher) and 1520 Orange Essence Exclusive Animated Emote - 25 PP Exclusive Ward Skin - 15 PP Exclusive Icon - 10 PP Event Icons from past 100 Prestige Point bundles - 5 PP Hextech Key - 3 PP 30 Orange Essence - 1 PP Reminder that any points you don't spend will go away when Prestige Points reset on January 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT."
this is fantastic, thanks for the comment :P
Shamose (EUW)
: They dissapear. But there will be more things to get with prestige points at the end of the year.
as long as i dont get nothing it'll be alright i guess.
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: Possible to get new Riven skin?
so say you have a 50% win rate. 100 games. 300 from losses and 600 from wins. 900 points from 100 matches. 1 game a day for 3 days. 30 x 18= 540 900+540= 1440. + the 600 from pass and missions. Ok its a bit of a grind. 100 matches is heafty. I dunno weather to buy the riven skin or just get 10 orbs. i do like the skin tho. I think i prefer the red one tho.
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Infernape (EUW)
: It's designed to be slow. Honour is meant to take an entire season to level up.
my friend has gone up 3-4 pips in the time since ive come back to the game. ive gone up 1 pip.
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: Perma Ban
there is a mute button. nah perma ban see's way more fair. Any time i encounter someone thats is mad i just mute, i never ever report. You dont deserve a perma ban, no one does. Unless you cheat, smurf or int.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i was just tahinking loudly about some posts on this thread, not on you OP. freedom of speech?
im not sure what that means lol but ok
: Chat bans on flag-words are automatic. If you typed k.y.s and didn't get punished, it means that nobody reported you, hence the auto-flag system didn't kick in. Give it couple of hours, and lemme know, but you should be fine. Also in the future, remember this feeling you just had, before pressing enter... If more people would do this, lol would be a happier place.
it was maybe 3+ hours and nothing but the client is down now for maintenance. i didnt mean it in a malicious way either. hence why i apologised.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: So now we blame the ones who report instead of the ones who type non tolerated words? This must be the gather of permabanned to achieve such deep thought. Press enter Write the acronym Prrss enter .... Press enter Write sorry Prrss enter Sure, it happened by accident
when did i blame anyone? aren't you a nice fellow my friends and i use it as well. we never mean it so it was just a dumb reaction in the wrong place.
: Very True. Also, if he actually One-Shotted chieftain98, he probably laughed after receiving "k.y.s"... Atleast i would've laughed {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
the le blanc did say lol after i put it xD
: I said bad letters
well its down for maintenance, i dont think anyone reported me.
: Riot tried that in the past. It was called the "Last Chance Program", where permanently banned users had the opportunity to have their accounts unbanned by levelling up to level 20 without getting punished again. Sadly, 95% of the participants failed to do so, and the experiment was terminated as a result. Also, longer lasting punishments sound good, but are not really effective.
last chance program sounds great, it would really help the players who are truely reformed.
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: Lemme guess he was higher lvl last season so he started higher but now youre jelly.
did you even read the post?
WoOxèr (EUW)
: Basically if u're dishonorable u'll never get out of that level 0.
dont see how that is relevant
: I'm lvl78 , currently dia + plat , getting 2-3 honors/game due to my performance, never toxic, and my lvl50ish friends are already honor3+ while I'm rotting at 2.3 since the season started. ZERO progress 40 days of daily 5-6 matches. Traash indeed
its complete shit. im level 82 now and went from b5 to b2 70lp. i now play with silvers and low golds every match in normals soas u can expect i got a ton of honors in ranked from that.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >i got banned in novemeber and got my honor back to level 2 in January. Nah you didn't get banned. You got a chat restriction. Also, getting honor levels was WAY easier before they introduced checkpoints. I got from honor 1 to honor 2 last season in 60 games. Now it took me 120+ games to get one check point at level 0. You need to get a total of 4 check points to reach the next level. That means around 900 games to get from level 0 to level 2. That's the amount of games i generally play during a season (some seasons less). You should note that getting honor levels was intentionally made faster last season because the system didn't exist the entire season but less than half of it.
i had a 14 day ban. but ye it takes a stupid amount of time...
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Eh... at least you are at a positive honor. There is absolutely no rush to get honor levels if you are already at level 2+. Just forget that it exists and play games. You will get the levels over time. If you would be below level 2, then the story would be different. You need at least level 2 to get all keys and to take part in Clash. Riot has already said that they will be reducing the time it takes to get a check point below level 2 because it took way too long. They punish people by giving them chat restrictions and bans and they still add to it with lowering honor level so preventing participation in clash and not getting keys. I know they use the argument that those are all privileges earned by being sportsmanlike. However, it takes way too long to earn that status back. It causes frustration which leads to more punishments and eventually never reforming.
i got banned in novemeber and got my honor back to level 2 in January. the only honors my friend gets are from me. .i always geet an honor from a random witout fail. it took me close to 600 ggame to get level 2 honor. the system is %%%%ing cancerous. i suck %%%% all game saying nice shit. the only toxic game i can think of is when it was ranked, we had an afk and a feeder so the match was basicaly 3v5 and we were still close to winning. the only shit i was saying was sarcastic thank you's to the scum on our team. i remeber i got incredibly mad when it took so long to get my honor back. my friend says %%%% all, all game and only ever says negitive stuff. but he got level 5 honor in %%%%ing 3 months last season. how is that fair.
: How to play in silver 2
ive gone from b5 and now at b2 70lp and still stomping through my games... been playing a lot with my high elo friends so lots of practice and have gottten much better. i generally only place 1 or 2 control wards in a match.. am i supposed to be buying them constantly. i dont feel like i need the extra vision as i see ganks coming from the wards i place.
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Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Yes, you can get them with sale when Discount Bot puts them into Your Shop for up to -70% sale. I got Slayer Jinx (legacy Harrowing skin) with 40% discount from My Shop. It was still a good deal as it's the only way to get that legacy skin with discount. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
ah ok, how often are the my shops. isnt it like once a year or something.
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: Honor taking soooo Long to level
Mreeshai (EUW)
: I'm level 23. I started playing 19th of January.
maybe cause your account is brand new its clean. ive had chat suspensions and stuff in the past.
Mreeshai (EUW)
: I've reached the first checkpoint of level 2 today.
how much do you play? hopefully i get it soon.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's intended to take a lot longer this season than last one, since it was released during the last season and not the beginning.
so why has my friend played a 3rd of what i have since and has leveled his honor up?
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: Banned in season 2
why are people saying no he shouldnt get un banned. it was what 6 yeas ago.
: so this happened to me xD
: Still dishonorable after new season 'Honor Reset'
its reset from level 2 and above. i got a 2 week ban in nov and got my level 2 honor back a couple of weeks ago now.. takes around 30 games to unlick it then took me like 500 to level 1 then level 2 was much quicker. 200ish games id say. just reform, i win soo many more games now and feel a lot better about myself for not calling someone going 0/10 an idiot.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Doing your placements together with a friend doesn't have any effect on where you are going to get placed, you have individual MMR not combined MMR. You were just optionally playing against Silvers instead of Bronze's
seems busted to place my noob friend in silver 5. when we play together i generally do better than him. im not mad that im placed low but were both confused how he got silver. and i can hold my own against silver players. most of our placements i was doing well until our team sadly fed.
: Where did you two ended off before the reset?
my friend only started playing recently. i was bronze 1 season 6 then last season my other friend and i hadnt playd in ages and thought it was a great idea to play off meta stuff in ranked. bronze 3.
: My friend who is worst got silver 5
we did our placements together as well..
Rioter Comments
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Rioter Comments
: High ping
yes i know its to the nearest server but normally i have around 70 ping and its been 100+ for the last few days.
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: level 0 honor stuck
I DID IT IM SO HAPPY NOW http://prntscr.com/htsw37
dragonekM (EUNE)
: I've been banned from 8th of october to 22th october, its actually really hard to get out of honor 0, yesterday ive got my honor back (lvl 2), to get out, you need to honor people, you dont need to get honors, you need to honor someone, and if everyone on your team honored a teammate, you get even more experience points of honor. Ive got lvl 1 honor just in this month, not in novembee, december. So its really hard. btw you can get keys when you are lvl 1 with honor
i have never not honored someone and i often will say to the team to honor anyone at least so we can get the bonus. well at least everyone says it takes a long time. this is where the system is wrong, its very clear ive shown signs of improvement or i would be banned. its been around a month of playing every day... how many games to you think you did?
: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/EJwKM1qa-its-not-much-but-its-something The other day i made this post ^^ it's possible
congrats on getting it back. its so bad this system though, ive defiantly improved, look at how many honors i got. its a clear sign im not toxic.
: Play supports like janna/ soraka/ karma. Don't ks always say gj promote a positive vibe and greet people at the start of every game. Worked for me. You have to understand the reason you got level 0 and fix it or learn how to fake it, either way, it should work if you're consistent.
i say gj any time someone get s akill... done it for months
: level 0 honor stuck
i had a dream last night that i got honor 1, how sad is that. i woke up pissed off.
: It took me almost 3 months to get my honour level from 0 to 1. and i play bot games every day getting 2-4 honours consistantly.
%%% me. i dont believe 2-4 honors constantly as i get 0 when i do bot games, people seem to be super toxic in that but still.
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