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: First of all, you don't seem to understand what the placements are doing. Placements adjust your mmr. They don't decide if you go Bronze, Silver or Gold. Then there is the ELO reset. This gives you worse ELO than the mmr you got. Take me for example. I played bad in Season 5. I got bad mmr. Then In season 6 I played my placements. I went 8/10 and adjusted my mmr. All together plus the ELO reset brought me into Bronze 4. Nothing to complain about it. Also, your rank doesn't matter. Your mmr is the only factor who you get matched with and against. On a fresh account you get Silver mmr. So it's totally normal that you got Silver on your new account. The ELO reset doesn't happen on your first time ranked. LoL is a game. And a game has rules. Instead of complaining about it, you should accept it. Work with the rules instead against it. Also don't overestimate your skill. People tent to think they are better then they are. I got to Gold by saying to myself that I don't know anything. You need to learn. So do I. Accept the ELO you got.
Thanks for your response. I don't mean to come across as complaining at all, I said I was venting a little bit but owned up to my own issues, I don't think I am an amazing player! I am a pretty humble guy for the most part. You're right I don't fully understand the system, I thought that was evident from my post and the title, I posted this because I am trying to find out a little bit more. Are you saying that the only determining factor in who your teammates and opponents are is your hidden MMR? Part of what I am trying to get it is that is there any benefit for Riot to hide this system as I personally find it unnecessarily complicated. You say you got to Gold by saying you don't know anything, I've taken up a similar kind of attitude recently and concentrated on my own game more and more (this helps for sure) - but - what kind of achievement is getting to Gold if it's essentially meaningless? I.e When I played my placement games against players in Gold 1/2 for example, is that because they have the MMR of a Silver player? If someone has managed to climb to Plat then go on a losing streak, which lowers their MMR, is it fair for them to pick up wins against Silver (MMR) or not-yet ranked players in order to maintain or even climb divisions? I think that devalues the 'rank' you have and the incentive to climb, it also kind of does away with insults like "And that's why you will be stuck in Silver..". With it being such a competitive game I think a lot of people (myself included) get a buzz out of climbing the ranked system and getting a sense of achievement or improvement from the game, is this all just a bit of a falsehood? Shouldn't a player who is in Gold 1 or Plat 5 have an MMR which represents the rank they are within? Please tell me if i've missed your point. Why even bother having this division system, would there not be a more effective way to do it? I'm fully prepared to work with the rules, I'm just trying to understand them a little more - plus don't forget the rules and dynamics of this game do often change. Again I'm not moaning trying to say they should change everything because I said so, I'm intrigued and wanted to learn a little bit more about the system.
: You can't know the mmr of those plat who you won. As an example I'm in plat 5 right now but i've been losing a lot and in some games I get silvers, when those silvers win the game takes it as if I were a low gold (because of my mmr) and not as if I was a plat. Elo is just something to show but mmr is the thing which matters. There is a guy in bronze 1 who only plays with and against diamonds, because everytime he wins he dogdes and so he loses elo, but not mmr.
Ah okay, that's an interesting and useful distinction to make! Is the Bronze 1 guy really real or just more of a mythic depiction to illustrate how the system can potentially work? Do you think that knowing your MMR could be advantageous to players? I think that Riot should offer some kind of reset for ranked players, maybe only possible to do every two seasons and for RP. If there isn't an ELO hell then do you think it is plausible to suggest that there is an MMR one?
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: It's no surprise you got placed into Silver. New players usually get placed there and I even think it's impossible to get Bronze in you first placements ever. I mean look at me. Last year I played like garbage and got placed into Silver 4, even though I lost 8/10 placement matches. I lost every game after and stopped at Silver 5 0 LP. I don't deserve the Silver Border I got. What you need as to free your mind. Playing alone doesn't make you climb. You need this attitude: "Yeah. I am better. I feel good. I WANT to be good. I will be good!" You shouldn't look at your teammates, the mistakes they do and if they feed or not. In the end you cannot control them and such you wont change anything, even if you do give tips and advice to them. Focus on your own plays. Carry your team and you will climb. Of course this is easier said than done. Improvement is where you should look at. Learn the game. League is a complex game. Only if you admit to yourself that you have to learn, only then you can improve. Improve, get better and start winning games. Carry the games on your back. The last thing I want to mention, you don't need that many games to show your potential. I played roughly 120 ranked games this season and climbed from Bronze 4 to Gold 5. I had no problems in Bronze whatsoever. Next season I try to reach Plat, because currently I don't feel like I am playing like a Plat and I need to improve myself to get higher. I say to myself: "I need to be better! I will improve!" and I do this by playing normals. Free your mind. Improve. Climb. --- Befor I forget: Because you said Silver is hard and because of the ELO reset next season, please don't expect to stay in Silver. But if you manage to get better, you can stay in Silver. Other than that I wish you good luck in the future. I hope you will try and do understand this game better. Improve and you will gain ELO yourself. Have a nice day (^w^)b
Hi, Thanks for the response. Haha, okay maybe 1000 games was a bit of a stretch but 120 is still a fair amount as well - just to get 'where you should be', it's around 120 hours when you include champ select and dodges etc. Maybe they should just make the placement games a 20-series to get a more accurate read of your level, if I could have won say 14/20 games with Gold ELO players, then that should be a good enough stamp of approval to put me in at Gold 5. (I do have a friend that actually got placed Gold 4 after winning 5 out of 10!) I understand I make mistakes as well like I pointed out in my post but I think I should've really at least been placed Silver 1 in the first place given the ELO of the players I had to beat in my placement games and that disheartened me to begin with. In the whole 10 games I played there was maybe about 3 players I came across who were in Silver, like I said mainly Gold and even a couple Plat V's, if the MMR system thought I was destined to play in Silver then why not give me 'fairer' games against players mostly in Silver? The games i've played in Silver 2/3 aren't difficult, the skill level is absolutely fine but the competitiveness of my teammates seems to let me down on a number of occasions from both losing and winning positions (especially because I like to jungle tanks). I understand as well that other teams will have the same problems sometimes but I'm just speaking freely and you can sometimes be on the wrong side of luck. I'm confident I will stay in the tier I am now in and if I try will hopefully get into gold. I just can't help but feel the system is a bit broken, as I was saying before in my post I was stuck in Bronze on my old account, it wasn't that I wasn't good enough for Bronze but I struggled to really rise into Silver without spending hours everyday plugging away at the game. I don't think that you should have to grind the game in this manner just to be able to enjoy it properly. In my S5/S6 preseason I got into Silver 5/4 on my old account, then for the S6 placement I won 7/10 then got put into Bronze 4. (How?! I think two of those games had AFK's and there would have been some pretty bad players on either teams through out all of it, but how can you take a 70% win rate and then get re-placed from S4 to B4? 100% would have been pretty much impossible unless you had some super smurfing) How much meaning do the tiers and ELO have? My gameplay hasn't improved so dramatically since then but in the space of a month or so on this new account I already hit Silver 2, something that before seemed impossible to climb to. Being in Bronze felt like a vicious cycle, is it a fault of the hidden system that it will inevitably end up keeping some half-decent players further down then they should be? Unable to improve alongside good players or unwilling to grind the hours to climb 6/7 tiers?
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