: Permanently bann..:'( please let my Account Back Permanently banned on my main account
i wish you the best of luck with batteling depression and please take this as a lesson to not put a temporary and highly volatile thing like a video game as your primary drive. unlike some people here i genuinly feel sad for you that you lost your account if this is really what kept you going. hoping ofc that the post is real and you didnt just put the depressionword in for attention and pity.
LostMemer (EUW)
: Also I am connected via ethernet so wireless issues are not an issue(or wired ones because I had this computer for maybe a month)
Explain what a ddos is and how a player ingame possibly could find out the information required to achieve one
LostMemer (EUW)
: Support hacker wannabe
Do you know what a ddos actually is or are you just using buzzwords
DeusArtifex (EUNE)
: Champion kit idea, antispell/counterspell
I dont like this idea like... what would be the Motivation to cast spells next to that Champion?
: A Seperate Battle Royale game from RIOT GAMES
battle royale games are getting oversaturated tbh
He4rtkiller (EUNE)
: 2018 Victorious skin
: Is this real life?
i once stole baron with braum q
: :°)
you shouldn’t ridicule his/her spelling error.
: I got DDOS and i get the ban ? Great Justice Rito
Just for clarification. Dou you know what ddos actually is and how to accomplish one or are you just using buzzwords?
: Players advice needed.
Should be pinned post yes
: the new meta of " i got autofilled ... so i troll "
{{sticker:sg-lulu}} as support main i dont know this feeling sadly im autistic and cant play anything other
Breakhz (EUNE)
: wait earth is not flat.They lied to me {{sticker:sg-janna}}
earth is in reality a parallelogram
DMikaaa (EUW)
: When u BF gave you a Gnar as Bday present
GGeasy85745 (EUNE)
: who said riot dont ban ppl who int or feed?
BiernyPLHD4 (EUNE)
: Question about Polish Players.
+++ racist and polophobic joke +++ +++ Do not read if you are offended +++ Why does noone like polish players? they steal your LP
: ok, i don't even know how to screen shot on pc.
easy: on your Keyboard somewhere is a prnt scr button. Press that. Then open paint and ctrl-v and you have a screenshot! {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Support technican btw
: How did this guy not get banned?
1. you dont get always a feedback when someone is punished 2. nice screenshot program, where can i download?
: Thank you Riot for intentionally ruining the game
Maybe you are just... not so good and the others are... better?
: i thought you straight out delete threads like these? sadly I was wrong:(
Everyone should have a right to express themselves
: Melee items on thresh? Could riot fix the relic shield use for thresh instead of having to last hit?
Boomerang (EUNE)
: No, but why would you talk about religious stuff, I'm here complaining about making a server and you are asking if it is haram or not. Plus you coming up with that question means that only Arab and Muslim people live in middle east and Africa and you're so wrong. UAE itself has about 200 nationalities and Different Religions Muslim, Christians, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh minorities.
: Come here! This is our secret super duper shelter!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Boomerang (EUNE)
: why ask such a question like this xD
Boomerang (EUNE)
: New league server in/near the Middle east ?
: League Server for Pakistani Players
: yep. Rito is riggin the matchmaking and that's 100% proven.
thats called subconscional bias you remember the bad things more than positive things
: > [{quoted}](name=Gerbster,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LvWjnL0E,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-08-12T10:49:21.477+0000) > > Carry on with this "Sarcasm" you will be permanently banned. DW I have disabled chat entirely since this game is equivalent of North korea in terms of speech
free speech doesnt mean you can insult everyone.
: Why make supp items more expensive?
As someone who plays tank supports and usually takes biscuit delivery against poke, that change is good. the problem is, that after an all-in, if you dont kill them, they just drink their pots and have full life after a minute again, while constantly harassing you
KévKa (EUW)
: No disruption in 3 years, gets 14d banned for saying n-word
If you murder someone you also dont get a pass because you were law abiding the last 10 years
Tr0LL1002 (EUNE)
: Buff thresh more
What should they buff?
: i got perma banned cause of darkweb hacker
The hacker known as “4chan”
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am the living proof that Supports can actually rely on their team. I climbed from Silver 4 to Gold 3 in no time in Season 7, then I stopped because I hit a wall. Now I struggle to get the same rating because I refuse to play Support.
went from b2 to s4 in two weeks challenger is within grasp
: Why Pyke?
{{champion:53}} *cries in his corner in zaun
: What makes you think I'm banned?
((hes running out of arguments))
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: 3 minutes is enough to set behind jungler and both laners
yes of course the enemy will know exactly that hes afk and thus play ballsy lol stay in bronze (I can say that now, im silver) (But i get demoted soon) (Im suffering)
: You were gone for atleast 90 secs of the first 3 minutes, giving your team a potentially devastating disadvantage. They decide they dont want to take the chance and remake the game. You get punished for the time of the 9 other people that got wasted.
ah yes, of course a game is decided in the first 3 minutes
Mr SuFe (EUW)
: Open new server in the middle east
Thοr (EUNE)
: I live in Iraq and i have 73ms. Where do you live???
become a refugee in germany. No ping issues anymore
: > [{quoted}](name=Osenator,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=3EKPXETT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-06T15:08:41.415+0000) > > You only had 1 game with 40 kills. In most of your games you don't even have 10 kills. Out of your last 20 games you had 5 games > where you had 10+ kills. > > > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Yes down syndrome... You people are even in the forums... fml... Having 40 kills is what distinguish if I carry or not correct? Imbecile. Do a proper search on my previous matches with high MMR rate meaning against Plats/Diamonds and see my results which is good KDA even against them as I was DUOing with a Diamond friend... As expected you never been to that ELO but 10+ kills is good for those games. Also, learn how to search properly and you'll see consistent 30+ and 20+ kills and low death ratio in my previous matches. Useless... Thank me for my time and educational speech.
: > [{quoted}](name=Thunder Panzer,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=3EKPXETT,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-07T07:56:06.725+0000) > > Dude, > > Do you really think you'll find a diamond player who would agree on boosting a bronze III player with 46% winrate who calls himself "diamond 3" ? > > If you want someone from an higher elo to help you get better at this game, you first need to recognize that you are bad. That is the first step towards improving when playing in bronze (and that's actually also true for plat and diamond tbh). > > Then maybe aim for something different than a duo who will boost you for a time. Because when you will stop playing in duo, you will quickly get back to bronze and that's all there is to it... Yes mongoloid.
: the supp role have been buff hard for years and years. and thats the problem, even a key stone aery is buffing them...ardent item is just too strong, despite they did a small nerf before the pre season. at mid and late game the shields are soo huge. and some players are so bad tha they only can win by been a shield bot in match. nothing more.... they just sit back and shield or /and heal.
: Nope, not quite everyone :D
: Pretty hard to read the region in the ( ) after the name, I guess.... Also you're D5 49% win-rate I'm D4 69%, playing with high dia usually. Would be pretty hard for you to get matched with me...maybe at night who knows. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Then that would be your responsibility. As you'll see in the ToU, that you've agreed to abide: You're solely responsible for ensuring that your account credentials are kept confidential. Since you, in this hypothetical scenario, wrote the credentials down in a book which you failed to keep stored securely, then you failed to abide by these terms.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: How would they get your password?
dunno. Im a idiot and might write then into a book that is usually locked in my safe but sometimes i forget to lock it in there
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Perhaps the ban is for account sharing. Since your friend is the one who, by your words, owns the account, while you're the one playing on it: you're not allowed to play on it. Standard penalty for account sharing is permabans.
and what if... say.. your sibling somehow got the password to your account And played some aram matches? just... completely hypothetical ofc
Tarolock (EUNE)
: if a garen can get up in your adcs face then he/she is doing something terribly wrong
you forgot “it” there as transflower im offended
looonster (EUW)
: So riot discriminates against mental health? news to me.
Okay what kind of issues do you have? i have Depression and some anger management problems and there are days that i just cant get enough mental fortitude to play vidya. im with a psychiatrist and she helps. Its not discrimination. If you are blind you also couldnt play league or well... it would be pretty hard.
looonster (EUW)
: I have mental health problem what now?
: Does anyone actually bother to choose a specific honor when giving them out? (poll)
mostly give tilt proof to my adc because he had to play with an ape like me
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