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: y i just noticed u posted it 4min late. I tried to read every story I could. Your story got me thinking about something. I was like why do you call her Miss Fortune if she is Sarah Fortune. I did not read her lore keep in mind :D one day I'ma read. Miss is not written with a capital letter unless its a title. You repeated missing missing a few times if i can remember, so I was like missing fortune hmmm.. will try to do something with it after reading the lore unless its already in there lul thx for the inspiration The most beautiful woman in the known galaxy. Wow hold on a min does that galaxy include {{champion:103}} or she from another :D
The story is late because I couldnt edit the title, so i reposted it, and this reposted entry was a few minutes late. The original post (exactly the same story but the title is in the wrong formats cause it does not start with 'Odyssey Contest Entry') was on time. Miss Fortune's (aka the champion) real name is Sarah, as is says in her lore, hence why I referred to her as the beginning as her real name. For the rest of the story I referred to her as her champion name, which is also why 'Miss' has capital letters. In Gun Goddess Miss Fortune's voice lines she also calls herself 'Miss Fortune' so in the story I made that her bounty hunter name. (Note: GGMF's voice lines are different to regular MF's because it's an Ultimate skin) GGMF's lore is basically the same as regular MF's lore, but in space with a space suit. XD Have a read of it on the Universe page, it's quite interesting and there is a lil comic about the Captain Fortune skin. Even if you don't have time for that there is a lil summary of her backstory if you mouse over her Champion icon {{champion:21}} when you put an icon into a comment or post or whatever. Combining the GGMF and Odyssey universes was something I've had the want to do for ages because it looks like they could be in the same universe, there is nothing in the lore of each universe that contradicts each other and stops that possibility. Also Ahri {{champion:103}} does not exist in this universe (That I'm aware she has no space-theme skin cept for Star Guardian, which is a fictional TV programme in this story) so yeah sorry buddy. XD I hope you enjoyed the story tho! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Odyssey Contest Entry: Another Journey
I had this entry in on time originally but I made a typo in the title and couldn't fix it. -_- Please still consider my entry.....
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