wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Yasuo skin idea
i been so upset this champ doesnt have the afro samurai skinn. since day1 it came out any time i see or hear this champ i get vivid images of afro samurai. everything is a perfect match allready the style the hair the theme. goddamn riot, make yasuo black with afro ffs, i cant handle it anymore. I, i, i just cant.
cyclon2 (EUW)
: fixing the que suggestion
i understand your point, but toxins wil be toxic nomatter. the reward should also just be minor as an enrouragement for players who might already consider filling, instead of purely a source of incomebooster. as for changing the support roll, not quite likely, there is a reason this roll is what it is and unless a dualcarry bot becomes viable it wil Always be the least populair roll to fullfill. i do think there could be a reward in the form of ip or otherwise without interfering with the current ipboosters you can buy from the shop. i do want to add a bit about getting a roll they dont like, if the fill would actually be more random in the roll you would get assigned too it would cause allot less negative behavior in case people did get a roll they enjoyed less, cause you know its just bad luck and most of us can handle that for a game or two. but it needs allot more people actually filling up the fill spot so it does get more random.
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Juul99 (EUW)
: Support ticket doesn't send
and its working again
Juul99 (EUW)
: Support ticket doesn't send
yup same here, lets hope its just a temp error and our tickets did go trough correctly, because if i look at "my tickets" it does show the ticket i send, and it shows as open,
wupit (EUNE)
: Perma Banned.
there have been reports of invalid bans, and if i recall right riot advices you to go and submit a ticket in case you think the system has made an error with the ban they put on your account. and yes it is possible that you wil be unbanned. but in case you think the system didnt make a error i dont think you wil get it unbanned.
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: 120MIN Queue ban for unintentionally dodging NEMESIS DRAFT
YOO i just got a 120min ban for no reason, the game got abandoned and i got put back in lobby, not even the que. after i reapplied for the que i got a bantimer. i didnt even leave. im sure this is a bug and plz do something about it. if i have a couple of hours to play lol and get this its really frustrating
Battler (EUNE)
: Can't use champselect chat?
same problem here, fine ingame but in champselect its not showing,
: Aurelion Lols
are you solty m8?
cyclon2 (EUW)
: Watching LCS replays
yes i know there was a hide button during last worlds. but it seems thats not possible anymore. if it is then plz put it defoult as HIDDEN. since im not Always logged in. also i dont think youtube is the best alternative since it also has a chance of spoilers. but i might look into the loleventsvods. but stil it would be nice if we could just go to the trusted site and not get spoilers. maybe there is allready a way to view it without spoilers but it needs a guide to get there, but in that case please point me in the right direction.
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