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: fizz,give him some more flat dmg on his abilities and passive and make his ultimate hitbox a bit bigger and remove his mana bar :))))
And lower the CD on his E, right?
: Which Champ Would You Like To See Get Some Love?
How about {{champion:83}} ? He wasn't touched for a long long time.
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. This probably happens to everyone once in a while. :) However, rest assured, you will not be harmed by that report, and the Warning just lets you know you have recently been reported. You will never get punished unless you broke the Rules. report and move on, you should not think too much about such people.
My dear friend, I don't worry about punishment. I play LoL only from time to time, I'm a hardcore CSGO player. I was just shocked when I saw it and felt like I have to share this experience with fellow summoners out there.
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