: should be able to cancel prime and get your money back (if you didn't use the free sub yet)
There is no problem with money to me. The problem is riot mistakes, they think that all can changed/fixed if you do it fast. I wanted that emote and legendary shard, I spend my money only on this, and now I must see that there was a little bug in the client (man, big company with one game and too much bugs for short period of time, starting with orbs that you can’t open and so on). And now we must all cancel our twitch prime case of their fault :) nice gob guys.
: twitch prime loot
So, when I go to shop NOW, I see another gifts for twitch prime, sooo I waste money for? M, Riot?
: since they changed it in-client, I'm pretty sure there isn't going to happen anything about it.. I canceled my Amazon Prime and they say they will chargeback 5,99..
So, I gave my money and didn’t get anything :) nice work Riot
: Twitch Prime bad advertisement
I bought twitch prime too, waiting for my loot for an hour :){{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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