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Uberfrag (EUW)
: This happens, it's the whole "I'm suffering losing my lane so you're all gonna suffer with me" attitude. I'd say report the person but based on some recent evidence I've seen, that would be a total waste of time. So mute him, try and carry him, if you can't, move on. Riot is never gonna insta ban a player for tilting unless he's doing it every single game, so it's pointless further discussing it.
Yeah I know what you mean and until all hope seems lost that's what the general consensus is. I was in a game earlier and the guy was like "im feeding now because no ganks - watching youtube" and would just walk to mid after every death. Was also a Riven but i hate Riven.
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Soorxyyy (EUW)
"its an free lose!" buckled me.
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: Leblanc Mains
All the LB mains seem to have disappeared since now she requires more than a head-bash on keyboard to get a kill.
Bojković (EUNE)
: Any way to check how long am i in relationship with League of Legends?
Fauvel (EUW)
: Supports cannot afford to be the BEST player.
I agree with your comments. In my personal experience, Support is my favourite position. When things are going right, you feel like a boss, ensuring your team has all the vision they need in key areas and making / saving plays. When behind, you are the one capable of making plays in any part of the map, against any champion (for example a top laner who is very far behind IMO isn't as effective as a support Thresh could be by far). I'm no expert by far, but the problem I find when i do play as a support is sometimes you get those games where no matter how many plays you set up or how much vision you create, you are simply going to lose. You may be matched with people who are below your skill level and that's OK, but if you are playing well and ahead, as a support and the rest of your team is behind it can be a problem. Now I know people will say "If an adc / mid is behind the support should be carrying / roaming" and while this can be true in some games it's simply not possible! Due to this reason, I find I decide against playing support quite alot, in anticipation of not being able to carry against an overly fed enemy team. Hope this makes sense and I'm not bashing anyone, I just find myself playing my best / favourite position less and less nowadays in favour of being more of a 'Hard Carry'. (That being said, I'm guilty of being the reason my team loses lane QUITE a bit {{item:3070}} ).

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