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: Talking about champions that make us tilt and not addressing there flawed design is the same as talking about people who like to beat women and claim she is provoking him and that is all right. I love you Riot, but the many problems that people tilt is, because when you feel powerless then the rage come, the depression the anxiety kick in and your left with noting but frustration. If it is a Chess game you can take your time and think, but the problem is that the game become way to fast for people to think and from my personal experience for the past few months is The Tilt happen like PTSD. You go in game 1st game of the day you are cool, you are ready to win even if you lose it is okay. You say to yourself "%%%% it is only a game I had a blast last night" and then someone die, or you die or someone make a pick you have no idea how to play against And your Tilted again! Ultimately you are to blame for not knowing how to play against it, for having poor game knowledge and so on. But I believe we are at a point that we got patches every 3 weeks now and if you do not keep up and you have no time to relearn all of the new match ups or abuse the what is "meta"/ "op" now you will be tilting your team mates, or you will end tilting yourself. Believing you are the problem and if that happen GL on not getting tilted when you press the "Play" button.
Zammea you can't blame the meta and the tilt on the game changing every 3 weeks. Of course the tilt is real, I have feelt the desperation myself when i win the toplane making my opponent get behind and after the lane phase the hard fed mid or adc comes by and i feel completely useless against him, but you have to go for it even if you end up fighting 3or4vs5 and try to stay as calm as possible cause those games are the most painfull one and you can not really be the one to blame. If you talk about your own mistakes or match ups you just have to learn about them, there will always be something that has an advantage over someone like some ranged units over melee in the toplane (and god knows those ones are the hardest lines). Patches are there to try to make things more balanced, imagine for 5 minutes that instead of every 3 weeks the game changed every 3 months, 3 months where the meta would be exactly the same (a complete nightmare in my opinion). A game that doesn't change is a game ready to die unless the balance is perfect, which would be almost impossible with a game like league which has always a new income. The problem is not really the patches in a certain time, is more like the effectiveness of a patch. Take the comencing stopwatch as an example. Used on every match when the cd was 6 min and when it augmented to 10 it was reduced to mostly champions that upgraded it later. You complain about the relearn of every match and its barely a quick 2 minutes read that you do while searching a game for your very specific champs, 5 if you want to know something around like the top lane champs, and 10 if you want to know the whole thing. When you finish reading you should have in mind things like "this is now better/worse" and "careful with this new thing" because that is how you sum up the patch notes. You complained about the hyper carries and a kind of share the opinion partialy. The idea of macking them a high risk choice is interesting. But how do you make a hyper carry reach its potential limit? by time? gold? or match up?? any of this options falls in the system balance because you can't delete them from the game or abuse of them. The problem is not the champ is the players, they should have in mind that it will become a threat sooner or later it should get more focus as the game goes on. Riot should provided proper tips against champs because some tips are a joke and we end up searching for them on the internet. I would like to insert here, for example, the value of grivous wounds. Had a game against a nasus, a vlad, a ww and a soraka in the same team. FFS i was the only one with an item with grivous wounds at minute 20 and i was the tank. You also complained about countermechanics but i believe 99.99% of the game has a counter. you asked for a reduced dash of yasuo and that is a first mistake. The ability was designed like that and unless a big rework comes by it will be barely be changed. What a I recommend for example his reducing his MS because he might be very fast while dashing but once he gets slowed after that he will ran deseperately away or on you again. And you know how many item slow? I counted like 7 before writing this at the precise moment in addition to any ability of a champ that CC. You also asked for shield of CC there are actuallly 2 items that grant you a shield, wich grant ap or ad, and 2 that have a sort of cleanse effect. If you complain about QSS price then go for boots/upgraded boots and learn to dodge. My problems are mostly what firesnake said in another comment and not the fact of the first blood in min 2:30 tilt, because early gangs happen, but something like 0/3 or 0/4 at minute 5 because someone cant handle a 1vs1.


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