: 1 day of Clash - FAQ and Known Issues
Wey, my team was in clash, we won. And before the final started in the "queue time" after the scouting phase both final teams got an autolose...
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Fajerk (EUW)
: EU LCS is already dead after NA franchising, until same happens in EU LCS nothing really matters.
I understand your point but the least we can do is get some attention. They post this beautiful our sport video, and then they take a step back on the same matter. I want to make a voice so they might rethink 2019 to be more progressive again.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: So league is getting a voice chat soon
I don't want a voice chat. If you want toxic 13 year olds scream throught microphones go play counterstrike.
: EU LCS in 2018 and beyond
Guys watch my posts on Esports board and vote if you want to see changes!!!! {{item:2057}} Give them some real insights {{item:2057}} {{item:2057}} Thanks for your attention {{item:2057}}
de LAW (EUW)
Leave your opinion in the comments!!
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de LAW (EUW)
: Where can i find my skins??
Let me know ure opinions!
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blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Okay so i guess you are bronze, i went from bronze 3 to silver 5 in a week. If you cant get out of bronze, you should stop blaming feeders, and get better yourself. If you end 12-3 and your team has 1 feeder you should still be able to carry. Even with less kills, else you are just not good enough to come higher. But it makes it less fun as well that people flame, somethimes you just have a bad game. But people flame instantly and tilt their own teammates, only way to stop this is 0 tolerance.
MrFish0 (EUW)
: Wel handig als je verteld wat je zoekt :P
We spelen gewoon voor fun, zijn ook niet zo moeilijk in lanes allemaal dusja.. Haha
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: If you allow a fully equiped Master Yi to attack you 15 times, you have a problem anyhow, even without Devourer. Thats what Master Yi does, he is an AD carry. He does that now and he did that in the past. And it still can be fought like in the past: CC him and kill him. Yes, Devourer made Yi stronger. But he still has the same weakness he always had and counterplay against him hasn't changed at all. Master Yi is allowed to attack you? ---> You are dead. So don't let that happen.
How about his ultimate (R), CC doesnt work on it thats the problem...
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: Weeeeeeeeell...actually Teemo has a winrate of pretty much exactly 50% across all elos, which makes him one of the best balanced champs of the leauge.
Okay that may be, it is just my experience with teamplayers that pick teemo, and it almost always ends wrong.
: He actually has decent tools, but he's a point-and-click-antigameplay monster.
But he is just of low use in teamfights, and that is my problem since he can burst someone down but the fact also is it is easy to burst him down...
: His kit is fun and he deals a lot of damage. People just play him stupid including myself like making a shroom trap and baiting people into them or going invisible somewhere stupid with a shroom on you then bursting someone down. Late game Teemo burst is insane, he's a lane bully, can protect a base like no other without being there, free objective defence. He has a lot of sustained damage and while he's not that great CC wise he's a fun champion.
Yes i know but he has no input in real teamfights except for bursting an carry down, the problem is that at this moment his range is too short and he is easy to bring down since his HP ain't that much...
: Don't forget... new legendary skin coming.... teemopocalipse iminent...
Yeah i know! And i dislike the fact he is getting promoted. Since u almost can say u lost the game if u have a teemo in ure team...
: Nope. teemo is good in the grave, and FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE AND PITY stop telling to new players to try Teemo! We need a new generation of players that don't even know about his existence.
I completely agree so better change the champion so he can fit in the game because indeed people shouldnt pick him
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Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=blackw0lfz,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=PkZwNB1I,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-03-25T22:57:43.429+0000) > > Thats why my idea was to do it only in bronze! because this is the place where most of the flamers are! And i mentioned that the good players never really had to say anything to keep playing good and they never intended to flame so these 5/10 messages should be perfect! That's just not true. A lot of players in the lower leagues struggle with basics of the game. But I think it's really unfair to genuine players who are starting the game to dump a whole load of socially-stunted morons on them. I mean, it's bad enough they have to deal with smurfs, why add the dregs of humanity on top of that?
Hi, well im in bronze myself, i dont have many games i deal with smurfs... the biggest problem is just flaming and if people have struggles with the basics, go train in normal games?! It is just somethin we have to deal with
: I'd say remove the chat entirely . And make better pings . The majority of LoL players are too egotistical, and this egoism comes from what they talk with other players. Removing the chat would make every player focus on his own objective, and not on what someone else says.
I think completely remove chat would be really bad for and teamwork in higher leagues, and for these handfull of normal players there still is a way to communicate!
Sdars (EUW)
: Of course it would help. It's a literal block of all in-game flaming. Of course some people will still troll, others will intentionally feed, maybe even just to send a message, since they can't communicate. Many will spam pings as well. It does fix that problem, but generates many others.
I personally think this wont happen, spam pings is already countered by rito, so that problem wont be there. And yes there are the other problems like Troll and intentionally feeding but these are 2 other problems, 1 down 2 to go!
Karmoon (EUW)
: I don't see why the majority of players needs to suffer because of a handful of socially stunted players who think flaming is normal or healthy. The only ones who need 'fixing' are the flamers themselves. Everyone else is just fine and I honestly enjoy having the chat there. Perhaps I'm lucky in that I know when and how to use it.
Thats why my idea was to do it only in bronze! because this is the place where most of the flamers are! And i mentioned that the good players never really had to say anything to keep playing good and they never intended to flame so these 5/10 messages should be perfect!
Av1sh (EUW)
: Ranked and Normal Draft locked, accessible through 'play with friends' but Champ Select black screen
Haha hilarious i love it, no offense but it is really funny! Help this poor guy riot!{{summoner:13}}
de LAW (EUW)
: The great anti-flame solution!
Be sure to leave a comment!
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: This should be sorted now. Let me know if you're still having this error.
Still have the problem
Vanquild (EUNE)
: Had the same problem , repairing the client fixed it.... But good job on this patch Roti Games.{{champion:201}}
how u fixed the client?
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: I think the LP statistic is better (because the other solution can force people into positions they don't want/ on champs they don't want or give you that call of duty feeling where you have to join a losing team and you can't do anything about it anymore. But i also think that promo's should be different. Why don't they add a coding that if someone leaves/afk's in a promo game that that player DOESN'T get a lose on his promo. It's not his fault that the player left/rage quitted yet he can lose several promo's because of this. Alot of people are scared of their promo's just because they feel it attracts afk'ers & feeders & trollers. But if we can solve the AFK problem by doing this people might be less afraid to do their promo's. If someone leaves it doesn't cost them at all.
I really agree with ure point about promotions, ill add it in my idea!
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: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
Its so beautiful amumu cried of hapiness{{item:3070}} {{champion:32}}
: new Loading-Screen?
I really love the idea of the video if it would be combined with chat!
Capn Evan (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Timer on teammate ults
the idea is strong, but where do you wanna place it because there is a dead-timer on championspicture already...
de LAW (EUW)
: The well known AFK issue, what to do about it!
Just to let u guys know i had 2 AFK'ers today wo didnt even connect -.- rito do something! :P
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharashka,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=XVRPevVQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-02-07T14:04:29.613+0000) > > There should be a vote option to kick a player from a game I say this too as sometimes a player will go AFK to intentionally hinder his team however they will move in their own base or go afk in the jungle or type in the nexus so they are deliberatly not playing however because they keep clicking there mouse so they dont get booted they wont be picked up as AFK by the AFK system in place and they wont be punished. Whereas a HUMAN can see that they are afk and can just kick them.
Yes but we can do something about the leavers who dont try to duke the system!
: The only thing that should be added in regard to the afk problem in my opinion is for the afk player to be booted from the game "Not banned" just booted so he cant rejoin then the player should be replaced by a COMPUTER so that player can not rejoin and troll, also while I am on this topic of trolling... There should be a vote option to kick a player from a game this way the trolls will all burn while the team has a small chance of winning still their would be no disadvantages to this as well... YES people could troll this system by going in as pre-mades of 4 or 3 but then simply you could just disable the option to COMMENCE a vote to kick if you are part of a pre-made of 3 or 4 however you would still be able to vote.
Ill put this in as a 3 point thanks for the idea!
: Also I don't like your idea of if the player has been provoked to go afk then its fine and the afker is a good person. This is Bull... The Afker has 4 teammates and most of the time the 4 are not premades... The AFK is the bad person provoked or not and needs to grow up :P (sorry I needed to add a toxic message into this as I am a very acidic toxic flaming ball of death) have a great day :D
haha i get youre point but sometimes it is just because of the Bugsplat that ppl come in late into the game
khobis (EUW)
: [BUG] Katarina can Fly {w/Video}
: ***
About ure 2nd solution point i quote my tekst: *What AFK situation is this solution applyed to?: This will only be fair when the player **never has been active** that specific game. Like u can see the player has not purchased any items, is still level 1, no kills, assists, deads or dealt damage which u can find in the post-game menu.* i also said that: *Facts to provoke a missunderstanding: -These solutions will not be for al AFK situations only for** certain situations**, which one i hope we can decide togheter and i can give a little first step here.* u understand my point? thanks for commenting! The first solution u have a strong point it causes some problems indeed all be sure to come with alternatives :)
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