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Kkån (EUW)
: [Unranked]Diamond smurf looking for another smurf to climb the ladder
If you are actually diamond you will have to also post some evidence that you actually are diamond(For example, using your diamond account to make a comment here to validate that there is a diamond player connected to this account). If I was actually diamond I had no reason to believe you were just a person looking to leech of my higher level experience.
Sneak ace (EUNE)
: You kiding me?
If there were more boosted trolls in ranked it would probably help you increase in rank. You are not boosted troll(I guess) Everybody else has a chance to be a boosted troll your team has 4 spots for boosted trolls their team has 5 on average the enemy team has more trolls.
Insidoous (EUW)
: Refund my Money Riot
from the terms of service you agreed to in order to join ________________ > > #2.1. How can my account be suspended or terminated? (If you break the rules, Demacian Justice will be visited upon your -account!) > > Three different people/entities can suspend or terminate your account: > 2.1.1. You. You may terminate or suspend your account at any time by contacting us at > 2.1.2. Us.We may terminate or suspend your account if we determine, in our sole discretion, that: > (a) you have violated any part of this Agreement; > (b) we have stopped offering the Riot Services in your region; or > (c) doing so would be in the best interests of our community, the Riot Services, or the rights of a third party. > We may make such determinations, among other ways, by using automated systems and machine learning tools. > 2.1.3. The Tribunal®. The Tribunal® system allows our community of users to police the compliance of other users with the “Summoner’s Code,” which outlines the principles of ideal game play behavior, as well as with our other policies. Community members, including you, may submit descriptions of activity and actions of certain users within the Game, and collectively determine if that particular user was in compliance with our policies. If The Tribunal determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated one of our policies, we may suspend or terminate your account on behalf of the community. > > #2.2. What happens if my account is terminated? (No LoL for you.) > If your account is terminated, you’ll no longer have access to it, including any of the associated data or content (e.g., champions, skins, Riot Points, etc.). You’ll not be entitled to any refunds and we’ll have no liability to you. We also reserve the right to terminate any other accounts you may have created (also without any refunds or liability to you). > You understand and agree that using the Riot Services comes with the risk that your account may be terminated or suspended and that, whenever you use the Riot Services, you’ll bear this risk in mind and always conduct yourself appropriately. it clearly states in 2.2 that accounts that get perma banned are not eligible for a refund. I am sorry, but you have really no legal rights to a refund here.
: Problem with Authenticating/Logging On
Have you tried the regions to na and back to euw?(that weirdly helped for me)
VVhizzkid (EUW)
: Mordekaiser, "op" right now? hear ya go, all the stats you need of mordekaiser of every rating and what his winrate is. This is probably the best place to check if something is amazingly op.
: Reasons of getting banned
trolling is actually reportable, it is just that the system they have to catch trolls is shit. It is a few simple logical reasons that flaming is report-able even if you look at it purely as a game. i am with: 4 other players 1: a flamer makes my team play worse; 1 flamer=>3 possible reactionary flamers=>possible worse play=>annoyingly losing because of typing players=>drop in winrate chance because some people could not keep their mouths shut. you trashtalking is increasing my chances of losing, therefore it is reportable. 2:a player can be tilted by sentences before they mute you; muting is still reactionary, so you might already tilt the player with your first sentence. You know nothing about the other players. Do they have a horrible day? Do they come from a culture where trash talking is considered a high offense? Are your fellow players 8 years old(unfortunately that happens)? You don't know shit about the fellow players, how their days were or what they consider ok or not ok to see in chat. 3.muting lessens tactical conversation if a player is muted, the other player can no longer see his calls. the team preforms worse because of that, lowering my winrate chance. This makes it damaging to the in game win chance and reportable.
efol00 (EUNE)
: Should there be a player replace system in normals?
because it is extremely hard to implement for a system that not many people would want to use. 1. leavers are generally underfed, therefore not being fun for the one that joins(having to play a weak champ in a salty team). 2. leavers could come back causing the new guy to be trown from the game 3. A different reward system would have to be offered for people that join into the game to even have them join that game 4. a player that joins would be unable to lose/gain lp therefore making it even more unlikable for players to join. It would probably work for normals tho.
You want to proof that you were not afk record the gameplay and post it here(the last caith game where you did 185 damage to enemy champions according to You might be totally right and recorded evidence might get your punishment removed. also the terms and services you signed make it impossible for you to chase this legally, sorry.
Insάnitγ (EUNE)
: Name ideas?
Well it is yasuo... sooooo: fart the wind Its_justabreeze hatariowned windy walls (kinda a ripoff but) saltfree storms Yasupwnwed Balanced yasuo
: Braum/Leona mains - I'd like your opinions, please.
Braum is pretty strong right now(level 7 braum here), you take bond of stone. then go {{item:2049}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3401}} and then whatever you want, this way you can make your adc immortal. level method q/w/e/ q/q/r/ q/w/q/ w/r/w /w/e/e r/e/e /e your q for damage your w to give your knight's vow target even more armor and mr. E is ok to make your more tanky.
: Toxic Behaviour in privat Chat
1: 2: in top submit a request 3: select I have a question 4: ask if this guys behavior is allowed, include evidence you have now. I would suggest never to add salty people tho, they can get on your nerves,
Perilum (EUW)
: Still hard to read. This whole "u" thing is something from the SMS age. You can stop it now. Beside the sentences make grammatically mostly no sense and contain a huge load of mistakes. And capital letters exist for a reason. If you want that people take you serious, then do us all a favor and present a readable text. Not everyone is decryption expert.
I still only fixed most of the mistakes I directly saw, I am not going to take 10 minutes to correct a random text, I just tried to make it more readable. You are right about the capitalization tho. Just to clarify: I am not the writer of the post I just slightly rewrote it I wanted to help the original poster a bit.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Either i cant read or you cant write...
already did this above but here ya go. **riot fix your game** You gave us poro king for 4 weeks now you are starting with ascension? Why are you hiding all the good game modes? U r gonna say u have schedule for all game modes, but I think it shit.I know you guys reworked the poro king gameplay because you want ppl to enjoy it, but its still shit. We need new maps, riot. it's your game yes, but I play the game. I am a fan of league but seeing it turn to shit isn't going make me or others think of lol as fun anymore. Am I the only one seeing champions that needs rework? We got kayle, singed, fiddle and annie(just because people play her doesn't mean she's not old and doesn't need a change). We still got tristina master YI amumu and aatrox. please riot don't just look at this as one of d comments u see everyday or as a toxic comment. I am only making suggestions to what people would love because I have gotten information from peoples about what game modes are being boring. Poro king, ascension and others i can't recall please take your time to read this and work things out thank you
tech360 (EUW)
rewritten it for it was hard to read **RIOT fix your game.** You gave us poro king for 4 weeks now you are starting with ascension? Why are you hiding all the good game modes? U r gonna say u have schedule for all game modes, but I think it shit.I know you guys reworked the poro king gameplay because you want ppl to enjoy it, but its still shit. We need new maps, riot. it's your game yes, but I play the game. I am a fan of league but seeing it turn to shit isn't going make me or others think of lol as fun anymore. Am I the only one seeing champions that needs rework? We got kayle, singed, fiddle and annie(just because people play her doesn't mean she's not old and doesn't need a change). We still got tristina master YI amumu and aatrox. please riot don't just look at this as one of d comments u see everyday or as a toxic comment. I am only making suggestions to what people would love because I have gotten information from peoples about what game modes are being boring. Poro king, ascension and others i can't recall please take your time to read this and work things out thank you
RedruM I (EUW)
: They might want to reconsider because when he does get banned he's not like: okay I deserved it. There's a video on youtube where he literally calls Riot %%%%ing pieces of shit for banning him. It's pretty clear that he doesn't plan on changing his behaviour, so just ban the guy already. But hey, that's just my opinion :)
the problem is that you then get people like tyler 1, who now is the leader of salty players. All this will do is give shaclone about 50000 subscribers and give a lot of salty players on the boards a reason to use the word draconian without even knowing what that word means. By perma banning his accounts riot says: WE DON'T WANT THIS and make him come off as a whining piece of shit. the moment they start person banning him he gains exactly what he wants.
RedruM I (EUW)
: That's exactly why I want Riot to do something about him. He does this on a daily basis, and if he doesn't get punished for it, all his bronze followers will think it's okay to int and flame for no reason. Because hey, Shaclone does it, and he doesn't get banned. So why would we not do it?
he's on his fourth account now, he get's banned quite regulary, they haven't banned him as a person yet as they usually don't want to do that.
RedruM I (EUW)
: Shaclone inting yet again...
shaclone flames, the sun rises in the morning and grass grows... what else is new?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: That's completely different. That was a mistake on Riot's behalf, those bans will always be reverted. If a player is found guilty for verbally misbehaving, then there's no unbans ever.
Yea but ever since then everybody hopes to be the next guy to be permanently unbanned.
: Hey, It's not possible to get unbanned. You had multiple warnings before you got banned and decided to ignore them. You should have thought about the consequences of consistently misbehaving before you got banned.
actually it is, I have seen 1 person being unbanned in the times I was on his board.
Xarxus (EUNE)
: Cant see my own club on old client check and uncheck this box, on new client I don't know yet. credits to this post :
BexXz (EUW)
: Yes yes riot suspend me for 14 days.. while you rig games.
It sucks when you lose as a group or get banned, but take a look at this my way. 1: you say this is not your banned account 2: you say this > while clearly if they had good matchmaking, stopped smurfs, boosters, trolls, afks, all that crap there would be a huge flame decrease. 3: you play ranked on this account proof: Conclusion you have 2 active ranked accounts and because of this you come off as a smurf yourself. I am sorry to say this but if you think that if you consider smurfing a problem you come off as 1: a smurf 2: a player with accounts on multiple servers. if you are a smurf, you come off as hypocritical. if it is number 2 sorry I insinuated as for riot ruining your games, you seem to be rather good according to your stats. If you keep playing like you do on this account you will be plat in no time. so calm down and don't rage at people, you might reach diamond in this season if you keep yourself together.
: I recently account transferred from EUNE to EUW
> I used to be an EUNE ADC main who was really toxic and troll.I managed to get Gold V in season 6 from Bronze V in mostly soloq and finished the season with 588 total game and 52% winrate and with gold 3 mmr. After the placements in season 7 i got Bronze 1 (with fkng gold 1 mmr, fuck logic) and i managed to get out to Silver 4 promos where i got a massive losing streaks. > > I've always played very well and i used to play in a lot low plat game when i was just a silver 1 scrub and i always played really good so i know that I m not a bad player, but i still got a huge punishments from elo gods and suffered a lot and I've gained a big toxic attitude and i trolled a lot games because of it. I literally destroyed my 80% winrate Draven with perfect KDA to almost 40% winrate cuz i ran down mid in like 6 game in a row. > > i got chat banned for a while too. I had enough from the useless lux and annie support with their dorans ring starting item and with the nonstop lvl 7 yasuo player who went 0/9 in every single game. I managed to get a really good mmr but the EUNE elohell destroyed it. I moved to EUW because i heard its much better server than the other. > > Sadly since my mmr got destroyed i got placed in Bronze 2 in EUW but so far i had a really good experience on this server, i managed to get a 6 win streak and got b1 and im halfway to s5. on EUW everybody is just so friendly, when I got camped on bot and everybody had negative score i was about to afk or run it down mid but my 4 other teammate still wanted me to play with them and they wanted to help me get some kills to comeback. > > IT NEVER HAPPENED ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN EUNE. I'm still Toxic and i wanna change, new server new me. I was toxic for over 2 years or more now and i had enough, i had so many comebacks in the past and I'm so happy that i moved here. This low silver games in euw are like high gold games or i dont know but these guys take finally objectives, share informations use pings and they even GANK LANES OMG. > > I watched so many pro players on esport so i always knew these things and these things are basic game mechanics that u supposed to learn when u got lvl 30 but in EUNE its a whole different world. There are a lot good players there too but still there ar too many bad players, i cant even imagine an EUNE high elo game. Im not saying that EUNE only has garbage players but this server has to be one of the worst game experiences. > > If you can speak english normally, not like me i thing it was a nightmare for ya but i tried my best i hope you understand me. your english is actually pretty decent, but the block of text is hard to read, for people in this thread here is a version with paragraphs and some small corrections.
: Again. How to get out of bronz
My trick to get out of bronze was to find my biggest faults and trying to not be too bad on those faults. I for example fed a lot early and in the early game due to simple mistakes and my farm was awful. Furthermore I learned how to communicate with teammates and what to say in which situation. the way to get out of bronze is to learn what makes you as good as the players you play with. if within the scale of 50+ games you are not out of your current place you are probably in that division with a reason, find that reason to get out. also consider this: the game isn't going out of the way to troll you, they pick 9 players of "bronze" level and place them in one game. If you are better then the average player in your games you will rise over time
SteKnight21 (EUNE)
: No like, imagine a Bronze 1 player being in a game of Challenger players. It's the same a unranked player(consider it as a rank) with Bronze player. unranked players should play with unranked players,no?
well i was unranked at the start of the season and i got bronze 3, so unranked is around bronze 3.
: Guy scripting and admiting that hes booting accounts
yo, report him in post screen and send a link to if you think you have clear evidence, also you can check to see if their is a replay of the game.
Moon Moon X (EUNE)
: Why autism is an insult in this game?
Why they use it. 1. they hope to get around the report filter. 2. They hope to really hurt/annoy people with their comments.
Geohazard (EUNE)
: Trollng at it's finest
Greetings or whatever correct way to file ticket with report request: 1. go here : 2. In the top go to submit a request 3. Select the option you find the most fitting(probably I have a question about....) 4. fill in ticket and attach pictures. 5. hope you get the help you want good luck.
daNyanta (EUNE)
: Vote kick
This would give premades almost infinite powers. There would even be trolls that premade with 3 in flex queue just to take RP from people.
: can i make an account with the name of Gordon Ramsey
: Shout out...
I do that now after a troll used this to make me lose a game, sorry it happened to you tho.
: The Bots in Aram...
to answer your question. Yes, people are aware of bots and riot is trying to work against it. Problem is, with every bot you ban, bots return and ruin the shit again. It's a constant battle that neither side can fully win. the bot cycle: 1 Bots arrive in Riot games, go to 2 2 Bots start to ruin games, go to 3 3 Bot software update from league, bots get banned, go to 4. 4 Bot owners update their software, go to 1
Skroopy (EUW)
: Yes but all these hours wasted... could have been in silver 5 now if this system worked properly.
Yes I agree, I really hope the fix is not just a reaction but also a fix for people already screwed up. Even challenger players got stuck in bronze this time so they almost have too.
Skroopy (EUW)
: How damn broken is this flexible ranked system?
all I can say is that riot is currently working on it, till they fix it you have the fullest right to be mad tho.
proliarides (EUNE)
: Worst day for ranked
Man we all have days like that, fucking sucks, good luck in getting to plat next season. May the tides of rng be ever in your favor.
Zero Elo (EUW)
: I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to go over this for me and much appreciate it, i'll just go over a few of the points that i have knowledge of being incorrect in this from what i've look at here ( and from a ticket response that i was sent by the support team. I would also like to preface by saying all these games are ranked games and they are at about plat 4-5 level, which is lower than my usual which is d4 (peaked at d2). so for game one, i ran into a 3 man premade which consisted of jungle, support and i think adc also. But my opening statements i'm talking about the status of high elo on the turkish server as there was a turkish person in my game first we were just joking around about how aggressively they all play then i was talking about the fact they had no ban system in place when i played so there were a lot of scripters/drop hackers/disco nunu's ect so i was just saying like i felt bad he had to have higher ping to play on a better server. Zero Elo: so i should afk then (Yea the system might screw you over on that and tribunal might forgive you) Zero Elo: lol so for this i wish it had timestamps with it i said the lol literally right after i said that but as i have realised humour is not something a bot can detect. with the whole bit about complaining and whining tbh in that game i was being bitchy as hell however i expected them to understand the game better, it was a fault of mine to get angry at this but they came died mid because of a terrible gank then when questioned the blame started coming from all 3 of them towards me, so i was there in a ranked game where i knew i wasn't as good as i once was that i should be able to carry getting smashed in lane even tho i was 0-0 and not receiving blues which is quiet annoying, thought i see this as me being a whiny kid i don't think i'm being directly offensive? correct me if im wrong but with the comments about not getting blues ect k i was pissed at it and complaining where i probably should have just shut up and muted them but i was losing elo at an alarming rate and then this was just too much suppose you could say i went on a bit of a tilt here. and the things about the muting thing(for all cases) this was said to me by a member of the support "there's generally speaking no need to taunt or announce when muting someone" though from reading that it's not against the rules. Also from what i'm reading on the reporting players support page im reading(for the 1000th time) i'd say it was a mixture of the tactical disagreement where they wanted to take the buffs for themselves and me using strong but non-derogatory terms but that's just my opinion i've said in a reply here that i've reported like 20 people in 5ish years of playing so my standard for a report is inting basically. Zero Elo: hahaha(The tribunal specifically would be triggered by this one, they were pretty sensitive. laughing at others was a no go in that time) this one rather shocked me YOU CAN'T LAUGH?!?!? holy i know riot think we're robots when we play but damn this ones harsh. Zero Elo: troll premade or something?(yea this is just plain toxic sorry) this yeah i was being a dickhead here but they were a 3 man premade who were going hard on me in chat which old tribunal would have probably seen. for game 2, i was playing master yi jungle and my support took my big golem(krug or w/e) which really hindered me and as mentioned before on a losing streak, playing with lower elo players than usual though still pretty highish elo so i don't really expect this but mistakes happen. so the bit about afk farming, i don't know how others view this but everyone i've said it to i believe understands that afk farming is basically just killing creeps/jungle minions and nothing else, to me this just meant that they shouldn't be expecting a whole lot of ganks since im going to be heavily farming, easily misunderstood i suppose. so then this entire game my top was getting constantly 1v1'd in a favourable match up and just blaming me for everything they could think of and i was ignoring them for 30 mins, i just tried to keep calm and win since i was doing alright but i believe the fiora got caught then again came in with the blame towards me and at that point i just had enough and started pointing out their mistakes as they were doing to me though again from that report a player support page the only toxic thing that i said that was a derogatory statement was the get off your own dick part which i suppose was unnecessary but they were speaking to me for 30 mins like they were jesus and i was a piece of shit stuck to the bottom of their shoe. for game 3, oh boy another premade one who was doing something at the same time or something as they were constantly afking next to turret as support(i was playing adc), as refered to in the game one statement by support standards saying you're muting people is not suggested but not a reportable offence, then there is the dickish thing i say here which is you're painful to talk to this is because they were defending their premade who was afking next to turret and leaving me 2v1 and saying it was my fault for it yeah it was not really needed but somewhat justified. so just to sum up after reviewing this all and looking at that report page there are only 2 lines that fully fit into their reportable offences category imo, however as i said in about 5 years i've only reported about 20 people, i don't tend to get offended easily. I think the fact it was ranked does influence it, and i would never int, or troll in ranked because i REALLY care about my elo in the couple of cases i deem as toxic they were in moments of high emotion under a pressured environment they were random outbursts which do not happen often but when you're spamming games as much as i am these are closer together in a time period as i sometimes play 10-12 ranked games a day when i have nothing else planned. Also i really wish we could get the cases as we did in the old tribunal system because if you saw what they were all saying to me all game you wouldn't even question anything i said, i get the whole don't fight fire with fire thing they all say but at the end of the day if im playing ranked and my account will be permanently changed depending on if we win or lose people are gonna get emotional.
tnx for the response as for you getting reported, when the tribunal was still up I would have never voted guilty based on these logs. I do believe I was somewhat vague on one point so let me be clear: >Zero Elo: hahaha(The tribunal specifically would be triggered by this one, they were pretty sensitive. laughing at others was a no go in that time) the bots would never report you for this. Back when there was a human tribunal the PLAYERS that were still use it were often oversensitive and even reported things like that. Not riot, actual PLAYERS. So glad they removed that system as it often just voted everybody guilty.
Megumìn (EUW)
: IS that possible that an account is cursed?
2 options: 1: holy cross, pray over bucket of water, place water in front of pc and drip some on screen(not enough to crash it). say the power of christ compels you.(christian method.) 2: put a circle of salt around your pc, it keeps the ghost out. Btw your account isn't cursed, just bad luck
OwOlaire (EUW)
: Stealing roles in ranked.
report, screencap and send screencap to riot support directly.
: Suggestion: Implementing permanent mute/Chat restriction.
They tried perma chat restrict and found out that people who were chatrestricted often started intentionally feeding instead.
Zero Elo (EUW)
: I believe my perm ban to be unjustified and undeserved, opinions?
It doesnt look like you intent. I get that you didn't mean it or was joking about but, sarcasm doesn't carry over well. But I have studied the system and have lived with the tribunal so i'll copy your text and see what players see when they get your raw game data. ill put my comments in () so you can diversify. LET IT BE NOTED THAT I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS DESERVES A PERMENT BAN, I think in specific cases like yours a permanent chat restrict would be better since you dont look like the type that starts intentionally feeding when he cant type to get attention. That is the reason they don't continue with more chat restricts btw, they discovered that many chat restricted people started int. feeding instead. Zero Elo: btw pal Zero Elo: this was before tr got tribunal( Zero Elo: so it was generally a more toxic server Zero Elo: as no one really ran a risk of getting banned unless they knew someone at riot Zero Elo: i did stop because drophackers were getting away with it because no one cared enough to stop it Zero Elo: was quiet sad actuall Zero Elo: im just saying tho i feel bad for you that your server is like that (did you say this in the game or is this an extra comment) Zero Elo: cass w Zero Elo: ground Zero Elo: cant use displacement Zero Elo: no abilitys that move your champ Zero Elo: basically Zero Elo: laning vs 4-0 cass Zero Elo: "just win" Zero Elo: so i should afk then (Yea the system might screw you over on that and tribunal might forgive you) Zero Elo: lol Zero Elo: this is so over Zero Elo: ff20 please(it is considered by riot games to be toxic, i disagree its only toxic if you keep repeating ff 20 throughout the game which you dont) Zero Elo: cass gets first blue at 5 mins Zero Elo: i dont get any at 13(yea tribunal would consider that blaming the bots from riot wouldn't) Zero Elo: sure not your fault i didnt get 2nd blue(passive aggresive) Zero Elo: beause you're greedy(actual accusation again, (i understand why but it is an accusation)) Zero Elo: ? Zero Elo: cass got their blue Zero Elo: i died because she spammed me out(this is non reportable btw, it doesn't just trigger on individual words like died) Zero Elo: no 3rd blue btw(blaming, maybe justified but still blaming which is considered toxic by riot games(and the tribunal did see it as toxic too btw)) Zero Elo: probs no 4th(blaming) Zero Elo: and she gives kill to cass early(blaming) Zero Elo: vi is trolling me(blaming/accusing) Zero Elo: wtf Zero Elo: was that engage(making fun of other player. Just saying what the system and other people see when they review this case) Zero Elo: hahaha(The tribunal specifically would be triggered by this one, they were pretty sensitive. laughing at others was a no go in that time) Zero Elo: no but like Zero Elo: dont walk upto them Zero Elo: and just press r Zero Elo: hahaha Zero Elo: you fed cass first(blaming) Zero Elo: and no blues for me(blaming) Zero Elo: xdxd Zero Elo: ikr Zero Elo: giving a kill to cass(blaming) Zero Elo: then not ganking(blaming) Zero Elo: and no blues Zero Elo: right thing Zero Elo: now this sona is trying to take my cs(blaming(probably justified tho)) Zero Elo: walks mid to farm the wave Zero Elo: haha Zero Elo: troll premade or something?(yea this is just plain toxic sorry) Zero Elo: for what you all trolling me(blaming) Zero Elo: vi giving kills never ganking and giving no blues(blaming) Zero Elo: sona walking mid to farm my wave(blaming) Zero Elo: yeah report me for that(report calling is also not allowed actually) Zero Elo: talk about feed(actually this is allowed because you didnt target anyone) Zero Elo: when there is that cait Zero Elo: wtf Zero Elo: but vi didnt mute me Zero Elo: no because i can still see what shes writing(this is literally not how muting works, you can still see what a person that muted you writes down) Zero Elo: malph = lee lol Zero Elo: that's why he's 1-5 Zero Elo: malph higest skillcap champ ever game(haha lol) Zero Elo: made in game* Zero Elo: 1-5 Zero Elo: he gave first blue to cass Zero Elo: so he put himself behind early Zero Elo: but he needs xp Zero Elo: do you really think giving first blue is no big deall Zero Elo: im actually muting you wow(weirdly enough mute calling is considered somewhat toxic by many players, I consider it somewhat important so that they know that they cant communicate with chat) Zero Elo: i like how the only ones who die Zero Elo: are the oens i killed In short you come of as toxic in this game to other players even if you really aren't that toxic. both the tribunal and bot would vote guilty on this one. Game 2 Zero Elo: fuck me(allowed) Zero Elo: im afk farming(allowed but just keep out the afk part) Zero Elo: all game Zero Elo: ffs Zero Elo: tank it Zero Elo: maybe Zero Elo: ffs Zero Elo: my q Zero Elo: makes me untargetable Zero Elo: fairs i got kills anyway Zero Elo: so npnp Zero Elo: np Zero Elo: im over it Zero Elo: forget guys it's fine ^^ Zero Elo: don't linger on it Zero Elo: woah im good Zero Elo: i have just started playing again Zero Elo: after like a 4 month break Zero Elo: 3 days ago Zero Elo: im not up to scratch yet Zero Elo: and my elo has dropped alot Zero Elo: fio Zero Elo: u what m8 Zero Elo: flame me then pull that off(actually allowed too) Zero Elo: nvm tho suppose you were blaming my decisions not my mechanics Zero Elo: RUN Zero Elo: ? Zero Elo: no one was there Zero Elo: not just me Zero Elo: fks your problem Zero Elo: 3-5 Zero Elo: flaming me Zero Elo: ? Zero Elo: and you have same cs as me Zero Elo: and im jungle Zero Elo: wtf Zero Elo: no you just got dumpstered in lane(accusing) Zero Elo: and 70cs down Zero Elo: wow Zero Elo: # Zero Elo: what Zero Elo: 5v5ing vs baron Zero Elo: isn't a good decision Zero Elo: you're not good(accusing) Zero Elo: you're not better than me(allowed) Zero Elo: stop talking(just mute him) Zero Elo: stfu Zero Elo: get off your own dick(insulting) Zero Elo: ? Zero Elo: why are you flaming me Zero Elo: im watching you play# Zero Elo: and you're terrible Zero Elo: and you're actually trying(this is saying that you are not trying which implies that you are feeding even if you don't) Zero Elo: like you can't use w properly(accusing) Zero Elo: at all Zero Elo: you just use w randomly Zero Elo: your q's are only for damage Zero Elo: not position Zero Elo: you ult wrong targets Zero Elo: xD Zero Elo: have you used your w properly once all game? Zero Elo: you have the mechanics of my nan(my nan is actually decent at league) Zero Elo: and shes dead Zero Elo: get carried fio(kinda dickish but fair enough) Zero Elo: carrying this fio was hard Zero Elo: watching them w's Zero Elo: ruined me This game seemed like a fight between 2 players more then anything, the tribunal wouldn't convict you for that. bot would however. and while you said you were seemingly toxic in this game you really weren't you seem fine in this game. Game 3 Zero Elo: 140 Zero Elo: for bg Zero Elo: bf Zero Elo: btw leo you should not be afraid to go in(actual useful advice) Zero Elo: was oo Zero Elo: oom Zero Elo: idk why leo walked away from me Zero Elo: instead of towards m,e Zero Elo: me* Zero Elo: ... Zero Elo: you could have done that sooner Zero Elo: 'sleeping' Zero Elo: getting bot turret Zero Elo: no Zero Elo: oh god Zero Elo: all muted(toxic) Zero Elo: painful to talk to(yea... no excuse for this, this is just an asshole thing to say man) Zero Elo: nty Zero Elo: you just took like 3 waves(blaming) Zero Elo: lol Zero Elo: says that leo Zero Elo: that went in once Zero Elo: in 7 levels Zero Elo: good one Zero Elo: the supports are so different. Zero Elo: that one Zero Elo: yeah Zero Elo: imfking 2-8 Zero Elo: she is 8-2 Zero Elo: how the fuck am i suppose to win that Zero Elo: with janna there Zero Elo: what the fuck Zero Elo: muting you all tho(really you said before that you were muting them this is kinda toxic) Zero Elo: get carried I am actually quite surprised that the bot blamed you on this one, but a tribunal would definitely ban you for this. In short: you weren't really that bad and I dont think this is perm ban worthy. On the other hand you never suggest anything and instead put it in steel rules which is really annoying for the people you played with. If i was jungling and you start getting mad at me for getting the second blue buff I would literally not give you any buffs that game because you are being an ass. You are also mean to your fellow teammates and even if you think think that you are in the right you are constantly blaming others. banworthy or not, you were toxic.
: i cant play
have you tried reconnecting to the game, or are you in the normal client and the game says you are already in game?
: Based Eambo - some questions
"browning marrow" might be caught by the filter. "I hope you go bald" will probably be fine. "Do you kiss your dad with that mouth?" yea, standard insult algoritm will catch that probably. suggestions: "curious underdog nope tracking bowling apbuild gratuation" and then in next line "read the first letters of every word, (offending player)" "you are not nice" this is tilting enough for many people believe me "my cat is purple" after that, mute them they'll be confused. "you are next, (name)" rather childrish but it works.
: "ez,easy,izi" Another way to say "I am arrogant douche."
I am saying no because if i am with a 5 man premade, we always spam izi when we die ourselfs as a joke. And just banning words is going to lead to people getting banned for no reason. What i am a fan of however is introducing a personal filter that allows you to filter out words like ez and put a row of ***** instead like normal cursewords in lol.
NLG Aero (EUW)
MMR on websites is a guess at best
: Iam thinking creating a rock band - I dont know yet the name!
Edge hamsters Deed of Destruction Tale of stories told Pact of the nosferatu The lord has known metal
: How do you deal with camping?
pink ward is holy, only last hit, turret farm, ping when he is there so team can make plays on other lanes build defense. This isn't 100 percent success full but it will block alot of ganks.
: So you disable it in 50% of the games? wut?
: Tbh, you shouldnt care if your team gives away firstblood, the game is ALWAYS winable... The only time i might actually feel bad when team gives firstblood is when theres a long lose streak going for no reason... Then it actually is a bit frustrating
I agree it doesn't lose us the game, but I start tilting sometimes because of all chat so i am self aware enough to disable the all chat. It prevents me from saying ggwp or seeing an ally doing so.
: It doesnt, but yeah i enjoy watching enemies cry when i kill them lol
I re enable when my salt levels are back to normal. when my team gives away first blood I usually disable it again.
: > [{quoted}](name=3mam4me,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LL6k5LTZ,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-29T19:23:31.592+0000) > > How am I a hypocrite? Please explain. I want some more people get banned they way I did, that's just being fair. Being fair by acting like a total cock to other ppl and screwing their games up,for the sole reason that you got a ban you obviously deserved from ur quotes alone,and you even have the audacity to SUPPORT your reasoning with stuff like that: 1 ) (Don't worry, I have plenty of other accounts and it's not a perma ban on this one. On one of them I already trolled one game and said in chat "Riot Games send their regards". I will keep on trolling games for people and laugh at them as they call me names since I know doing so pushes them closer to ban.) 2) (A person who is that stupid/bad as this Blizcrank or Fiora is and is in Diamond elo deserves to be banned, not a person who's speaking the truth.) 3) (First of all someone who's NEVER roaming as Blitzcrank to mid lane and is in Diamond 5 somehow DESERVES to be called names/"flamed" because his account got boosted or/and he has no clue how to play support whatsoever and still picks that role.) For the 1st one,i will only say that you are a far worse human person than even cancer wishers,because you want to openly provoke someone to breach that limit. That just shows how disgusting is your behavior to act like that. I dont have words to describe it further. Now,for 2) and 3). Who the fuck are you to judge him? He may have had a bad game,this may be the strategy he follows to win,who in the fck are YOU to judge HIM about diamond? You clearly act like a bronze anyways,so what makes you worthy to judge anyone? My cousin just started this game,he fucks up most of his games because he is learning. Wanna ban him too for being too noob for the other smurfs? Tl;Dr: You dont deserve to play League. You dont deserve to be in Diamond with this behavior,so maybe riot which you flame,has the kindness to introduce wood division and send you there. Being with @ssholes with which you belong with isnt a bad idea after all. You dont deserve to judge anyone with such a mindset. And finally,delete this post because its another cry topic with no real thing to offer. To end this,i will only say to you what Aonivar said oh so well: ***Grow the Fck up and learn how to act like a human being instead of an lowlifer.*** Have a (nice) day.
could i add something to that... mr op. you are an hypocrite because you see something happen that you hate and then do hateful stuff yourself for no reason. You are that kind of %%%% that bullies a kid because other kids of your class do this and then complain when you get into shit you don't like. that is text definition hypocrisy. you didn't answer that for our social butterfly board host. For the rest of the comment, you are pretty on point, upvoted.
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