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Sniekie (EUW)
: Looking for players for CLASH (PLAT+). Mid/bot/jungle
Hey, I'd like to join you, I have a friend that could also join. We play jungle and bot. I added you in game. destroyerofstuff
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: building a team
IGN: destroyerofstuff Rank: Plat 3 Solo/Duo. Diamond 5 Flex
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Arolla (EUW)
: Plat Support LFT
Hey Arolla, I just added you in game, and my team is looking for a support player to fill the last role we need. We are a gold-plat team that are looking to progress in flex queue but also in tournaments as we improve as players. I hope you can get back to me. Kind regards, destroyerofstuff
Kaan Baba (EUW)
: Midlaner Looking for a Gold+ Team
Hey Godfathér! I am currently building a team with gold/plat players in order to improve at the game and possibly start competing in tournaments, and I would love for you to be a part of it. I can guarantee that we are not toxic and our English is great too. I sent you a friend request in game and I hope to play with you soon. Kind regards, destroyerofstuff
: Looking for Players to make a team.
Hey SplitPush! I am a Plat V adc player and i'm looking for a team to play for, together with a friend of mine names TheRogueHunter, who is a gold IV top laner. I will add you in game in the hopes that we can participate in tryouts. I hope you can get back to me and I look forward to playing with you. Kind regards, destroyerofstuff
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: Central Esports now searching for players!
: Looking For An ADC in my Ranked team (Prefer Dutch)
Ik ben een adc main in gold III en ik wil best mee spelen, add me maar in game :D
Xaldarino (EUW)
: Creating Ranked Team 5v5 Anime Gamers United
IG Name- destroyerofstuff Age- 16 Rank- Gold III (Maxed at gold II) Role- Top Country- Netherlands What is your availability?(require around 10 games a week minimum. can work out times to suit you) - As often as you need me, I may need to take time off sometimes to work on school. Main Champions - Olaf, Riven, Gnar, Yasuo, Lulu What can you bring to the team? - A solid lane that will most likely not need help in order to win, also a strong team-fighter and a shot caller if needed. Do you have teamspeak3? - Of course :)
Ybruf (EUW)
: Recruiting members for team!!!
Hi guys! My name is destroyerofstuff and i'm currently in gold III, i'm 16 years old and i'm from The Netherlands but my english is fluent :D I can play any role but i prefer top lane so i can always fill if you want me to, i hope to hear from you soon <3
Lil Blan (EUW)
: Silver 5 Ranked Team Looking For A Top Lane And Jungle Main
I'm a gold III top lane main that can jungle if needed, my english is fluent and i'll send you a message in game when you're on!
: We want to create a new ranked team and we search 3 Members!!! [EUW] Gold+
-Name(Ingame ID): destroyerofstuff -championpool: adc: {{champion:104}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} top lane: {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:24}} Mid: {{champion:112}} {{champion:157}} Jungle: {{champion:254}} Support: {{champion:89}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:201}} -mainlane: Top and adc but i can fill all :) -age: 16
: Im posting feom my work but ill be all yours at 6o clock :p
Ok that's totally fine! I'll send you a friend request in the meantime, would you mind answering a few questions about yourself once you're on? Simple things like nationality etc. :D
: That actually sounds quite fine :) Playing a "bit" more on the Weekends is actually what i do anyway ^^ Overall i like how you dont force to play every evening (social life still is needed) :) Sounds good really. Btw i'm main Supp so if theres a spot i'd be glad to try it out for like a few days and then make my decision ( if thats fine ) Oh and i'm Gold 3 currently but i'm in promo and hope to get at least Gold 1 this season [ just fyi] Edit: Just realized Champion pool is a great idea :D Support: Janna ( my best ) Braum Leona Thresh Jarvan ( trust me it works ) Alistar Nami (still working on her) Bard Annie ( no not the full ap build) Blitzcrank Sona Warning tho: i like to try out new champs for supp like mumu and stuff soo.. just so you know what youre dealing with ^^ Otherwise i dont rly play anything else but: Corki Vladimir Shen So if u looking for an allrounder.. nope I can jump into other roles too tho and still be fine but i overall pref to supp
Perfect, Add me in game when you're on so I can ask you a couple of questions and then add you to our team!
: Hey there :) I've been looking for a good team gfor a while and I'm really interested in this position ! As it so halpens I mainly play jungle and support, and I'm not afraid of saying I'm quite good at it. Atm I'm gold iv, but I'm quickly riding through ranked , aiming for plat. I really love plating in team I especially love foong some great wombocombos and pilling off sick ganks :0 Here's a small idea of my champion pool: Jungle: Rek'sai Vi Shyvana Kayle (I played both of them even before devourer so I know their ins and outs) Diana Sion Maokai Sejuani Support: Thresh ( My thresh is madlife-ish) Alistar Kayle Braum Leona I play loads of other champions, but I mainly stick to the tanks and bruisers. I am very willing to adapt to your compositions if you have any, and I'm a very friendly guy and I talk (maybe a bit too ) much. :) The only thing I expect from a good leader is discipline and initiative, because I have tried joing quite a few teams, but most of them cannot sucxesfully take initiative to set up a timetable, practices and a solid roster, and after a week I barely hear from them. I look forward to playing with you guys, Reborn
I love your application! Your champion pool seems quite large too which is great. Could you add me in game so that we can talk for a bit and so i can maybe learn a little more about you and your style of play? Once we've gotten through all of that i'm sure i can accept you into the team!
: It would be great if u could estimate how frequent you look to play. Like, i'd like to join a team but i might only be available in the evening. If you could gimme feedback on that that would be awesome
Just the evenings is fine, as long as its around 2-3 hours and maybe a little more over the weekend? We can always adapt to what the players want and i'm sure we wont be playing every evening either!
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: Gold 1 Support Looking for a serious ranked 5s team
Hey English! My ranked team is currently looking for a strong support to help us climb through the 5v5 ladder and although the team isn't what i would call "very high level" we are ambitious and definitely have room to improve with the right resources and the right mentality. Having an analyst and possibly a shot caller (seeing as you have experience) on the team would make a great addition. I hope you consider this invitation! Kind regards, destroyerofstuff
: Silver Player Looking for a Ranked Team
Hello sir! My ranked team is looking for a solid jungler that can help us climb the ranks of the 5v5 ladder. If you are interested in joining simply add me in game and we can discuss the details and schedule of the team!
: Silver jungler looking for serious and often connected team.
Add me in game and we can discuss the terms, my team is looking for a jungler around silver lvl and you're the perfect fit!
: Aangezien er al een reactie is van een toplaner en dit dus al bezet is, zou je dan jungle willen?
Ja hoor! Alleen is dat niet mijn beste lane
: Silver support LF team any
Hey demon! My team is currently looking for a solid silver support with a lot of potential and the means to help our team climb. We have a lot of potential and are also aiming for that gold 5v5 rank. I hope you consider this invitation and if you have any further questions you can add me in game and i will gladly answer them!
: Starting new Ranked Team (Dutch)
Ik main top lane maar kan ook jungle spelen, Gold III soloQ
: Top and Middle Laner needed for 5v5 ranked team EUW
I've been playing league since season III, have a lot of knowledge on counterpicks and champs in general and i've been an adc and top lane main. I'm Gold III in soloQ and am fluent at english, i would love to join your team and i look forward to playing with you
: Hi. I need a good team :P
I'm looking for a solid support or jungle for my ranked team. If you are interested in joining our team we'll firstly start by practicing some team comps and then going into ranked if we're good enough. Our team has a lot of potential i'm sure we'll work well together. Msg me in game if you want more info!
: U want someting Flex or at least see my mechanics?
Sure i'd love to play a practice game with you, just add me in game and i'll inv you to a game when i can!
Bokstav (EUW)
: support is one of the least played roles i got, top being the absolute least goes like this Jungle > ADC > MID > Support > top in terms of what i know
That's perfect too, we're actually missing a jungler too so you fit that slot perfectly!!!
Besswynn (EUW)
: (=Bronze-Silver=) LF duo and team 5x5
Add me so we can duo, gold III rn
Da Guvnor (EUW)
: silver 3 adc/jungler looking for a duo Q partner or 5v5 team
My team is looking for both and adc and a jungler and i believe you fit those roles perfectly. It is a silver team with some real potential, we play seriously but we also have lots of fun while we're at it. Add me in game if you want for information or if you want to be added! I hope to see you around! Regards, destroyerofstuff
Riioll (EUW)
: Team United Fury is recruiting Silver/Gold players :DD
I'm an adc main with a wide range of champs, add me in game if you are still interested <3
BlackFoo (EUW)
Hi blackfoo! I am actually looking for an adc to play for my team. We are mostly a silver team but we have the potential to do very well with the right players. I am a fellow dutchman and i'm 16 years old so i feel like we have a few things in common. I hope you will consider this application and i hope to see you join my team. Kinds regards, destroyerofstuff
: Searching For A Top Laner For A New Team! (G5-G1)
How old are you ?: 16 Where are you from ?: The Netherlands (Holland) What's your english skills (from 1 to 5) ?: 5 What's your main champ ?: Garen and Darius (Noobchamps yes, but look at my match history :D) What are the champions you can play on lane you are applying for (keep in mind that we might require you to learn a new champ) ?: Garen, Darius, Wukong, Fiora, Volibear, Maokai. I learn very quickly so if you need me to play something else i will gladly do so. What's your last season division ?: Silver I What's your division now ?: Gold II Are you interested in participating in tournaments ?: Definitely! A little word about yourself: I've been playing league since season 3 and i've never really been into ranked until now. I feel like i've got enough experience to be a good asset as a top laner and i hope that you will consider this application. I rarely get mad over gaming and i consider myself a fun guy to be around. Kind regards, destroyerofstuff
Bokstav (EUW)
: Crappy midlaner or marksman lf team
Hey Kapten, My team is looking for a strong support playing to help us the team out. We are a silver team but we have potential to climb with the right assets. We hope you consider joining our team, if you want further information you can contact me in game! Regards, destroyerofstuff
Hey Rallo, My team is looking for a player that can play as our jungler, but a good support would also be a nice addition to the team. Although our team is silver on average, i feel like we have a lot of potential to climb and i hope that you see this potential too. I hope you consider this invitation and if you want more information simply add me in game.
Numno (EUW)
: looking for Team Ranked
We would like to recruit you for our team, add me in game and i can invite you. We are a mostly silver team and we need a jungler so i hope you can join, skype communication would be nice!


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