: Logged in after a year and banned
Well the guy in support can t provide me with any chat logs whatsoever Very Rude I Even tried To Help Them With A Pretty Big Ussue They Have And Nothing Basicly He Said No Sign Of Account Comoromise Gg Wp Im Closing THhis Ticket Lol Even THiugh THe Ip Adresses Are Different And my Password WAs CHanged that is not a sign of compromise well I suppose that's me joining a new game what a disappointment these guys must be contracted through a different company for riot this can t be riot dealing with support its an absolute farce i challenge any rioteer to prove there was toxicity in this account and to prove there was no account compromise i have plenty of ti!e on my hands I'm on this all day everyday as of now the guy even said they will now ignore all emails associated with my ticket hehe
Shiwah (EUW)
: I'm not sure if anybody at Riot would overturn the support's decision. You can request your ticket to be reviewed by someone else, but other than that, I wouldn't raise my hopes of getting the account back =/
I just hope they can look at aint holding my breath we have all seen cases where there has been a mistake and there is no way of knowing without chat logs do you understand my point ? It could happen to anyone in trying to upload the ticket but it won't let me do it
Shiwah (EUW)
: It sounds like a security ban. That would explain the lack of chat logs. Try to sort it out with the support.
Hi thanks for replying its actually a toxicity ban according to riot support but no chat logs are available i assured them it wasn't me as my account was used without my authorization but the e not working with me at all and I do think I have a right to a review but they said because of the time it has been since the account was logged in they can't give me a review seems like it might be good bye account i really need someone from riot to look in to it and not just support
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