Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Is it acceptable to report players who say "bg" for negative attitude?
lol become NORTH KOREA. you cant say anyting. if say, u get penalty
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Is it acceptable to report players who say "bg" for negative attitude?
i think that people soon star to report players for saying gg aswell? this is become too far. report for everything? wtf? why cant player say bg if he feel that way? just 0 logic.
dexc0re (EUW)
: i hope it will die soon
ritoto dont even know how to balance this dumb game. lets make one champ like a superman, and other like a grandma , and watch them fight. very balanced game. there is too many broken champions. and i u say go to hell to someone you can get warning for being toxic... maybe even ban client was broken for a long time, but atleast they make new icons and (not talking about NA) its a different game, there allways everything is working fine. maybe its better to fix gameand then do ur dumb skins and icons. AND THIS GAME IS NO MORE FOR SOLOQ players, this is for esport only. you cant even make your stats anymore like with old runes, and old mastery tree <3 back then you can make so many builds...for different situations etc etc 1000000 reasons why this game is not even close to good game anymore. and your ban system for toxic people :D its even more toxic player with years not less...wp hard. pls new skins <3... ill just go back to blizzard because rito is a joke. they care about their players, and they know how to balancing game.
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dexc0re (EUW)
: they will?
ffs atleast 1 guy understand irony :D
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Count yourself lucky, because your violation should have been escalated to a 14 day ban. There's 0 tolerance for racism.
because kill someones familly is better lol? RiToLoGiCoP
: Why dont threats get account banned?
i was in similar situation. get 10 games chat ban for N word ngga... while other players %%% ma mam and kill etc etc... and they are like level 100 players and still playing game... sYsTeMiSwOrKiNgJuStFiNe
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Stell (EUNE)
: Patch 8.19 Translated to pleb language
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: > [{quoted}](name=ClevelandlBhKl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AhEKFPgi,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-09-23T19:42:18.721+0000) > > Some people dont really know what true toxicity is, you will say wtf are you doing, and youre just gonna see 1 teammate say toxic, reported, buddy, do you really wanna see me be toxic ? like i dont think i ever witnessed a more %%%%% of a community then League and everyone that played league agrees at least most people that i talk to Idc what toxicity means for you. FOR ME PERSONALLY, it is anything that INTENTIONALLY mocks me, tries to tilt me, or in any other way affects my morale and/or gameplay. E.g. "wtf are you doing", which only serves to shove my mistake into my face.
: Afk's are a bigger problem...
yes . and it will be big problem because nothing has changed in years. in fact its even worse now
: Just another topic of toxicity
agree with : toxicity will NEVER end..Trolls will keep existing riot can ban as many they want but it wont help
Smerk (EUW)
: IP system was slower, it's undeniable fact
no. IP system was much faster. u get IP every game. now u get blue essence only when level up.
Kelb4n (EUW)
: Veigars R must look more dangerous and must not be so shallow
client is broken, but atleast veigar have update . wp rito
Escalan (EUW)
: Lol today someone said that my mom was %%%%ed by a dog and I was born lol
it is very normal everyday thing in this game :) it means that rito report/ban system working perfect because it is not lowering by years but increasing, it means that system rly work <3
Nidrio (EUW)
: Does riot actually love trolls/afk/flamers?
every 2nd game someone is afk. every 2nd game someone counter himself , get rekt lose lane , lose game. every 2nd game someone fck ur mom etc and NOTHING is changing <3 i wish this game was not free to paly... maybe then it would be better , because now it is toxic shit
: i am stuck in game after game finished
why do you think that rito care lol? and yes it is rito problem. go in NA server , there is no blackscreen
AsherUA (EUW)
: Because you're connecting to the servers with different network routes. ISP always picks the shortest route (so you would have lower ping), but the thing is, when they put a lot of users on the same route, the host are getting overloaded resulting in either you having high ping or simply high packet loss. Contact your ISP, they should be able to fix it.
i dont need to contact a shit, all others games running like OP...only fckn rito cant fix a shit.... afk,trolls,feeders and when i got normal team then there is lagg spike :) fck this
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M3chaDoc (EUW)
: 0 XP from a match
nope. but rito dont care
IceKind (EUNE)
: What is wrong with people
THIS SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING! idk what is working...client broken, toxic ppls is like never before...match making system is bs...etc this game is no more for soloq. it is esport every 2nd game someone is afk, because little sister eating pasta from box uncooked. every 2nd game there is someone who is f***ing ur mom int feeders etc etc, it is not playable
: why is garen allowed to be in his current state?
its not only garen...there are too many broken champs this game will never be balanced...allways stupid meta. why need to create 130+ champions if only 20 from them is in meta and is playabe...
: Boards should have a unique section for rotating game modes.
: And still they won't give a damn :')
because they give us new icons and skins...
Bαder (EUW)
: Arabic regions suffering from disconnects
they dont care...they have new event ;) as allways
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: >If i dont say bad things to no one in game anymore and after 2 years i say something bad to someone, they will perma ban me? The penalty tier lowers when you act positive (or at least neutral) in games. So in fact, you can still be negative (but not enough to get permanent according to system - and how does system exactly works no one knows) and your punishment tier would not drop even in two years, or it can lower way faster, as it all depends on your behaviour. To lower your chances to get permanently banned I suggest making some small goals to achieve as a step-stones. Let the first one be: honor 5. >Is there option where i can turn off my chat? so i cant write anything? You can't, but maybe try changing the Enter to something that is hard to push during the game (maybe alt+`)?
: >So next ban will be perma ban? Technically yes. However, you have the possibility to reform. This means you have to keep playing the game and not get punished and in time, your punishment levels will get lower again so you will not get permabanned. However, this takes a rather long time and if you don't play, you will not be deemed as reformed. Also, you are on the edge now. You can get a permanent ban for something you usually don't even get punished for. The system will pick up any negativity and ban you immediately after one offense. Not 3, one. So be careful what you say.
Thank you very much sir. This was what i need to know {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Opinion on drunk league players?
they are not drunk...they are adults wannabes
: Riot servers ATM
atleast there is new icons in shop...
: Well, first off, you can't show the guy's name; it's considered naming and shaming even if you are completely innocent and the post will likely get deleted if you don't edit it. Secondly, if you haven't made an in game report, you can talk to riot support; it's unlikely (you added someone you knew had flaming behavior so you should just not do that) they'll do anything, but maybe it's severe enough to be warranted. Either way, good luck in the future :)
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: I really want to apologize to my team from my last game
: no u
: I did cry. I was harassed and flamed both champion select and ingame. What's the problem with that? You are ok with bulling,sexism,homophobia, racism and life-threats? Cause you might be one of those who are doing these things for fun in that case..
i have option to mute them.
: {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} im not taking part on this deBAIT...
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Derelict (EUW)
: No more fun in this game, not even in normal.
Otivnaig (EUW)
: I Think Riot should fire Daniel Z Klein
Shamose (EUW)
: How to fight internal sexism by Riot Games.
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: Riot support is a joke
this game is trash since idk 2015
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Deadmake (EUW)
: random FPS drops & loooooooooong load screens since 8.17
same here...fps is ~120 .... cant play... before patch it was about 15
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Roxãs (EUW)
: drunk with tons of mathematics!
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