: why do people call each other gay?
Ill tell you why, they are kids confused about their own sexuality.
: Feels good!
Feedback pop ups are so gratifying bcs you know measures have been taken in order to prevent them from disturbing more games
: Unfortunately riot says that teemo with warmongs has 0% chance of getting banned... Why? Cause rito has given these kids the right to throw games... But its never gonna get fixed so pls dont spend your money on this low game
Tank teemo wins games
Díào ge (EUW)
: Baiting people to flame must be bannable too
Mate ,is this baiting when he is flaming me me, and say "thanks, kay , alright, noted, next we get them champ" :D This is being positive minded, if you think its forcing people to get more "tilted" that idea is stupid :D
Forte (EUNE)
: Submit a ticket.
I did, just to make sure they understood how bad this player was
CJXander (EUNE)
: Nah, it won't. People have complained SO MUCH about being banned over being toxic that riot toned down the tolerance of the system. As im reading across the boards people are discouraging you to report disruptive behaviour, this community loves flamers, to sum it up.
Then riot could to give my perma banned account back, since I was banned I did seriously try to make an effort to change my behaviour , and guess what it worked I know am a lot less triggered and I barely even talk negative things. Now I was banned with Around the same level of toxicity has he has mention less the cancer part.
: im assuming you reported him, in which case yes, as he was using 0 tolerance words
Yes i did in game and also send a ticket to riot , bcs he was much worse , he even told "player a" to kill his own mother(Mother of "player a") I
: And you care because?
I wanna amke sure he is taken out of the comunity until he elarns to respect others
Rioter Comments
xKYSxx (EUW)
: Why dd my acc get baned
x%%%xx: stfu %%%%% why ou not die in iraq hahahahahahha Mate you just wish him to diie irl
CJXander (EUNE)
: League of Standards
Mate has a supp main if i see my adc cant carry ill be doing the carry, zyra can pretty much 1 vs 5 the game so if the adc satrts goign Haywire on me i can just satr working has a midlaner
Kravixman (EUNE)
: You see... That's the point of Capitalism that rules the world (Also Riot). He spent a lot of cash on skins etc. and lost them forever. Since a lot of players are simply addicted, they will create a new account and buy some stuff again (While trying to be better player in behaviour) But we all know how competetive League is, and getting toxic sometimes is just more than obvious, so you make a circle of cash flow to Riot on a long run. Why do you think VERBAL ABUSE is the leading cause of perma bans? because its minimum job for maximum efficiency, I would not even be supprised if Riot hires Russian hackers to trigger people in games just to speed up the circle of cash flow. Depends where you live, but when Communism was ruling the part of Europe (Like in e.g. Poland) things like washer could survive 30 years without being repaired, now they are perfectly calculated to break down when insurance is out.
But does riot thinks they Gona score out of me?, Mate I said it in the support ticket when I was banned, I wouldn't ever again buy and advise everyone I know to not buy BCS it seems like a scam. The truth is i am just hoping for a small chance to show I love changed but for the moment it seems very unlikely
: I Got Perma ban for no reason
Mate either you fart out rainbows o In chat or you get reported by flaming
SoloAkise (EUW)
: a second chance
Well first i disagree witht he permabanned max should be a 1 year ban. Second i also have a banned account, i was flaming kid ir ecognize that but after that i almost reachin honor 4 in new account, i am tryng tio change in hope if one day riots gives chances i might be one of the ones to get it back , bcs its a account from pre season 2 with 800 euros of stuff in it
: I need help to not get this acc banned
: > I play daily and daily I see flame and harrass (silver2-3) So? That doesn't mean that all people flame. All you need is one flamer per game to have every game ruined. There is a difference between toxic players and toxic games. Just because most games are toxic this doesn't mean that most players are.
Mate, riots premabanned its the definition of trash, not only doesnt solve anything, bcs i can start a new acc, id say a year ban would have more effect in overall, if the player knew he would get is acc back ihe just might look to try to change the way he acts, but riot says, nope to that the facty its perma and you will never have the account back
Marissa (EUW)
: Don't main a role, main Teemo. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Oh no !!!
: Chat restriction Suspensions Perma Bans
Mate before you end up losign an account, Here some key stuff you can do: Always be positive. Dont let hate get to you, If you can dont mute, and take in has much info has you can so you can make a good reprot ticket. And The most important of all, If you think he has went really overboard send a direct ticket to riot in order to investigate is behaviour. Lost my account about 4.5 months ago, till this very day sometimes while logging in i use my old credentials :(.
Ðafke (EUW)
: Thank you Riot
Welp i do have to say support quality has fallen alot, so a game of this a guy start sayin to me to "fu" wich is shorten for (f..ck you) so i reproted it, but to be sure i sended a ticket asking if the system can verufy those or its will be overlooked i got the most, premade response ever, he didnt even answer my questeion , he just talked nonsense that i already reprot him ingame, no need for second report, and teht they can t tell whats gona happen like the most basic asf made answer form the premade answer file
: But almost every singe player in league community is toxic. People that scripted are not that much.
> [{quoted}](name=Pablo Patéra,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xQ2HVivE,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-22T12:13:28.136+0000) > > But almost every singe player in league community is toxic. People that scripted are not that much. Yes but, I had more games ruined by scripters than with raging team mates, when you cannot land one single skill shot , it gets your morale down your team strata fling you an you lose the game BCS of third party programs,
Era Teemo (EUW)
: Punishement
Nope, people would abuse it now, next time before posting an ideia actually think about it, and yes i saw someone of the examples, the ideia its "turd" so flush it and next
Cypherous (EUW)
: > excuse me , so im not allow to say "report bot lane" while they are the ones who kept spamming "report swain report swain" like 24/7 ?? what kind of justice is this! Its called you're not allowed to break the rules no matter what happens, you're not the one who needs to dispense justice and as i've said you're the ONLY person who needs to report something because the number of reports does NOT matter, if YOU think its report worthy then YOU report it, 9 people reporting someone is exactly the same as 1 person reporting him > i got frustrated and depressed from them to the extent that i cant even defend myself anymore? Learn the difference between the word "Defend" and the word "Retaliate" because you did the latter, defending yourself is pressing mute and ignoring them
And this is why the next generation to come out it's called snowflakes,
: excuse me , so im not allow to say "report bot lane" while they are the ones who kept spamming "report swain report swain" like 24/7 ?? what kind of justice is this! i got frustrated and depressed from them to the extent that i cant even defend myself anymore?
Note from drone who got permabanned, mute them and go on don't even talk to them. Riots way to deal with initial flamers trollers and inters it can be translated to shut up or get banned for talking
: what will happen to my account if i abuse bugs in tft or lol normal games? ( like demon bug on seraph's embrace{{item:3040}} bug that was 2week ago ) then if is banable so why those streamers/normal players who obviously abused bugs didn't get banned? i myself abuse wukong Q in pbe one shot everyone but i didn't think it will grant a ban and it didn't as i thought!
It's good na depend in impact on game if it's a game winning bug like Bork a few years back , you'll get reported , if you found by accident and doesn't seems like you're exploiting it won't happen anything
sbepuz (EUW)
: u will never be banned for abuse a bug bug is a problem created by riot game. noone stop u from abuse it, same for soloq, if a champ is bugged and u can use it (because they dont' disable him) welp, u will not be banned for abuse that bug
You might not know about it but there was a big/ exploit with Bork which it would stack infinitely until it killed its target, people found abusing said bug were banned
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Can we please make CS stealing/hitting by the support a reportable offense?
Can i reprot ma adc, i had to babyssit is stupid plays during the game only for him to then start crying like %%%%ing kid when he dies and i couldnt save bcs he thinks he can 1 vs 5?
: Be honest people, general question for everyone, what do u think?
No its not fair, because many time you can lose things you unloacked with actual money, and sometimes you really need to get some stuff out of your chest? Just had bard in a rank game, run down top to get killed by enemy yasuo (So i was 2/2/0 fiora ves 3/3/1 Yasuo was holding lane pretty nicely let him push and last hit under turret, even after i said dont gank bard(supp) comes top yasuo had ward so retreated to the tower, bard then proceeds to ult the tower dive in like and idiot gets caught by enemy jungler and yasuo dies and then, flames me and treathens to run down to top to steal exp and feed some kills. Tell me am i not allowed to say he has no brain hes a %%%%ing ape and should be shot to death, i should , he just trolled me a ranked game and is gona get away with it, but if i decided to flame him id get 10 chat games restricted, honor level drop to level 1. I did got banned once an account with 800 euros worth off stuff in it, i did say some barbaric things some of those i didnt knew the meaing but i knew they were bad words(One of them falled under the zero tolerance policy and i didnt know what it meant) i was revolted , riot is ransacking my money, on said moment i felt like riot was stealing from me. Now i am just hopin riot changes the permabanned system one day
dino0 (EUW)
: A team of 5 has 250% of winrate chance how so? You have 80% winrate chance player1 has 55% player 2 has 50% Player3 has 45% palyer 5 will have only 20% winrate.Why? because riot will try to balance things out if you win a lot you get matched with people who lose a lot because in order to maintain a fair game you gotta have around 50% chance to win (250%divided by 5 players) understand me basics Yeah so the better and the more games you win the worse will be the next team you get :D Or this might just be a comnplete lie i dont know i just think dats how the game works. But i seems logical
I probably goan get some hate tho. If its not like this please tell em how is match making done then
Xplosion101 (EUNE)
: Why do I keep getting players who feed a lot in my ranked teams? How can I carry better? [No names]
A team of 5 has 250% of winrate chance how so? You have 80% winrate chance player1 has 55% player 2 has 50% Player3 has 45% palyer 5 will have only 20% winrate.Why? because riot will try to balance things out if you win a lot you get matched with people who lose a lot because in order to maintain a fair game you gotta have around 50% chance to win (250%divided by 5 players) understand me basics Yeah so the better and the more games you win the worse will be the next team you get :D Or this might just be a comnplete lie i dont know i just think dats how the game works. But i seems logical
: Funnel comp
Its legal, and name shaming your the one who needs 14 days vacation, and perma for what abusing a playstyle? My advice is do the same, no one is stoping you from picking yi or kaisa een karthus and do that and abuse a game
: is it trolling to play zoe/annie top?? (in ranked)
No, i usually play annie top when my team has no ap and i am last pick, why she has a great clear outsustaining most toplaners in mana, and she has cc wich can be target or aoe, meaning you have a effective way to stay safe in toplane if i a gank were to happen, plus her base damage is nice, she can get really tanky on a rod of ages, rylais( and if the enemy is a tank a liandrys torment)
Uruburus (EUNE)
: People constantly ban my Main in solo ranked for no reason even if im first to choose
Well if it's a champ that popped up recently I pro play simple has that, other times when I struggle against a champion like kled or tham kench top, I banned them so I don't have to face them. These are my main ban: kled and tham top Jungle: rammus and nunu Mid:Yasuo and Zed ADC: Draven and caitlyn Supp:Yummi and zyra
: What Is It With Plat Players?
Because in that elo everyone knows the basics of the game and thinks they are gods incarnated
Hansiman (EUW)
: It can be a bit explained through the unban experiment they had years back, where players who had shown good behavior and submitted a personal application were given the opportunity to use their old permabanned accounts again. The result was a rather massive failure, as nearly every single player quickly reverted to their former toxic selves after the consequences of their actions was removed. For these players, it simply seems that the constant reminder of what their past behavior causes serves as way of keeping them sportsmanlike.
It was years ago ,a nd it was NA only why is it always Na to have this special events ? tell now whyis na special and we arent
: Riot is on crack
Teemo one You cant talk shit, if i want to nami top ill nami top, you cant reprot me for taking a unusual champion next neither do i have to take the champ you want. Jhin Alright taht guys deserved to be run over by a freaking airplane Blitz one, i dont really understood
: Best Behavior
Gregory Mate welcome to the club :D Of people who got permabanned. One day we will be many and we will ovbertrown the dictatorship of riot headquarters. one day well retrive our accounts, and when said glorious day come well all be free from the shackles of riot. Yeah youre screwed i dont think riot will pardon you if it does pls explain to me how did you do it. I am just hoping riot will change the permaban policy wich i think its shit
: Lifetime ban because of this?
Not only you called for reports, you were a negative influence in team morale. Yes you did deserve the reports, but I am from the opinion there should not be a permaban in game only because of chat. Simple getting reported for things you wrote riot ban system is simply awfull . But yes say good bye cause if you contact supp they won't care,your banned your banned get anew account
: what to do in "those" situations
Id say it depends on team comp if you have a team that scales well into late game , veigars,Kayle, Vlad and so one you might as well fight for it and in said situation I'd say no , but if you don't have any good late game I'd wouldn't even try
: yes i know i can relog and go in game but it is annoying, dont like that at all, whats wrong, even support have no clue at all of what happen all solution they gave not working
It's obvious problems are for riot part but until someone can prove it,the problem they will keep saying it's the players fault then proceed to give 1350 Rp to NA players
Xalin (EUW)
: Let me pick soraka adc then and I will report every single person that says 'report soraka he picked adc he is trolling'. They are report calling me and thats toxic right ? I got reported for that and I will make sure everyone will get banned for saying report to me. Picking soraka adc going infinity edge is so good that nobody can say its trolling. I'm sorry you are right :/
You can do that simple as long has youre truying your hardest to win, you wopnt be reproted
6Pac (EUNE)
: Indeed, I understood that much. That's how I ended my ticket: "So griefing is allowed is what you're saying. Don't mind if I do!" To be entirely honest, I got more tilted by the replies of the riot employees. One tells me that when he gets tilted, he "yells at his display" like that would be a normal thing to do. The other one didn't even read the ticket through. Just like 2-3 lines and gave me a reply that has nothing to do with my issue. The way these employees treat you makes me want to puke - like you're not even worth an answer. I don't think any of my previous tickets got any on-point answers, to be honest. Probably the only reasonable reply I got, was from Blitzcrank bot (who's an actual bot replying to tickets, if the matter is not too complex). But yeah, I'll probably take on this attitude from now on regarding riot employees: They don't give a sh*t about us, let's not give a sh*t about them. It's just really sad, though. League could be such an amazing game, if their staff would listen to us, for once!
Maybe for him it is while is home alone screaming at the pc. Well some of us have family wich then makes you look like a goddamn psyco.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i hope that long break is perma, we dont need toxic kids like you
Well it isnt its chat restrict, now i hoep you and your negativity can go suck on a candy bar, cause boards is sfilled with people like you, who wish others bad luck and Harm.
6Pac (EUNE)
: Here's a solution for riot: Remove ingame chat. Replace it with pre-written lines people can use. People will have less tools to react to each other. Insulting won't be possible anymore, so they can focus all their attention on the trolls. Keep pre-game and post-game chats. Sample examples: *Group for baron! *Invade bot! *Push top! etc. You can easily win and coordinate games using pings only. Having a few extra pre-written lines you can use ingame, would permanently solve the issue with toxicity. OR Leave chat and let people express themselves freely! Punishing ONE side when there are multiple people doing the same thing, is, and will never be fair. You either punish all, or you punish none! If you listen to me, less people will have criminal thoughts against your company.
Yep smite has those and the announcer just screams at you, defend tower, defend fenix , go to the jungle and so on :D
6Pac (EUNE)
: Time for another long break. This reply from riot support is incredible!
Do you think riot cares about trolling people, nope they want the flamers bcs they can insta banned them and say they are working wich in reality they doding shit, and youre suppose to take that abuse from other players SIMPLE Just bend over and let it go. Thtas riot aproach on troll, lol you can report them. But it will resuslt in little to no harm agaisnt the troller, but damn you if you called him a boosted ape you deserve hell for it
: I am unable to reconnect
Disable ipv6,doesnt work Dont use skype or discord(overlaping program) Disconect from hamchi network if you have. I say truthfully probems is from riot, they say its not but it is. The only thing that has worked for me, was having task manager at hand, if i see the game isnt gona start terminated league and relog
: i disabled ipv6 and still the problem remain
Then i can only say keep, task manager at hand
: is your rank iron?
Nope silver one, got myself today a yasuo and alisatr in botlane, i understood what they wanted to do ,but guess what, they sucked :D
: I got tricked by a troll on champ select.
why did you left? You could have played and trolled him all game, i would full ap stick to him and ks everything he tried to do what are her q stats ? if they are hight you could make him rage and flame, then you report him for flaming :D if you catch my drift
: How do you guys deal with tilt.
Well you can 1 troll a game yous till wanna win but take something like janna top, do your best have fun if you win you wn if you lose you lose. Nobody gives a shit really, when i am tilted i actually love taking nami top, i still in it to win it but if i lose well, i go for another one :D
: yes my last game has been remake cause i couldnt log in loadscreen didnt load 3 weeks like this, and when i load, game is remake it is really annoying and riot say nothing about it, 9.15 didnt fix this;, it is like they ignor the situation totally and all support solution didnt fix it the issue at all , now they say me they contact the special team for this kind of issue
So gotta have task amnager at hand I for once dropped it in my toolbar so i can click has soon has i see the game isnt running, stop league (the loading widow only) then you can reconect well the solution was to disable ipv6 and so other, okay for lol works then i try to play any other game and couldnt get in game, so ill stick with task manager shutdown and reconecty i have preobbaly before doing task maneger been, stopped from playing about 3 times
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